Significant Arthritis in Cervical C6 & C7

I need help! I do not know much about arthritis. I just went through three more MRI's and four neurological tests. One Dr. who administered one of the tests where he poked needles in my muscles in both legs and my right arm told me I had arthritis in my neck. I told him that my neck didn't hurt and they had just done an MRI of my neck. He retrieved the report and told me I had significant arthritis in my C6 and C7. He said that my Neurologist would answer questions on my next visit.

I was visiting this neurologist to get a confirmation on Neurosarc. I have full involvement of stabbing pain and tingling all over my body. I have headaches and pain behind my eyes. I also have lost some of my voice. Nevertheless just about everything that goes with Neurosarc.

Could this be Rheumatoid arthritis and not Neurosarc? My symptoms get worse every day and I am getting desperate for some answers and some treatment to relieve the progression of pain and fatigue etc. What I read about Rheum Arth usually only describes tingling in one arm and not the whole body like I have. My stabbing pain can be anywhere at any time. It even wakes me up at night. I woke up Wednesday at 3:00am with pain in my right knee that was pretty bad and that wasn't the first time.

What do you think?

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Thank you for the response. Sorry about your father. I lost an Uncle from RA. It was ugly.

What does the calcium in the forearms look/feel like. I have bumps on both forearm bones and assume I am feeling veins and muscle. It is like BBs under the skin. Just curious.


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Thanks, Gardener.


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I have been going through this also for 5 weeks now with the same tests and the same answers. I posted it in my journal. They are telling me that it is the same location C5 & C6. My neck doesn't hurt either. I had severe pain in my head behind the eyes and also pain at specific points behind my right scapula and elbow on the ulna side of the arm. The result is that I have limited use of my right hand and complete numbness of my ring finger and pinkie. The doctors are not listening to me. The gave me a perscription for PT w/neck traction. What a joke!!!

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belikelynn i was diagnosed with the same symptoms as you but by a pt not md was given several arm excersises to do. i was happy at least he figured it out. he said some kind of inflammation at the c6 c7 .
never did say sarcoid or not . got more satisfaction from professional massage therapist. couldnt lift a coke most times and definetly could not twist my fore arm at all and my small and ring finger were dead asleep.

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