Shakes, nerves and the brain?

I was wondering if any of you suffer from constant shakes.
My wife has difficulty putting on any makeup or doing anything that requires precision because her hands are constantly trembling. Some days minor others quite severe. In addition to hands shaking I have noticed at times her whole body shaking as if she were shivering but she is always burning hot.

In regards to the shakes, I was reading about nerve, brain and heart damage and wanted to know if the shakes are due to some nerve damage or underlying brain damage. Anyone out there dealing with this?

We're still waiting to see the hear, lung, and blood doctors so we're still in limbo.

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A vitamin B deficiency can also cause shakes. Make sure that the dr has looked at that.

I have had tremors triggered by a nerve in my spine affected by osteo-arthritis. There can be many causes.

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I shake all the time. I am on 6mgs of steroid and blame it on that but you never know. I drop tweezers when I try to pluck my brows. I wake up at night shaking a little. Like I am cold. My body temp has dropped to 96.2 most nights and we don't know why. Thinking about a thyroid test.
I thought it was parkinsons at first but it is not. Tell her she is not alone.

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Hi, I feel for her because I know exactly how she feels! my hands & head shake constantly & more so when I'm sad, angry or nervous. I have a very hard time applying makeup, it's so bad it takes me awhile to apply mascara & eyeliner. I have to drink using straws or I'll spill the drink. I wasn't always shaky, which is good because kids in school can be cruel! I started in my mid twenties. I went to a few neurologists, one diagnosed me w/ SCA (spinocerebral ataxia) & said I would end up in a wheelchair & die at a young age. The 3rd one diagnosed me w/ essential tremors. he said the tremors was something hereditary for some unknown cause. he wanted to test my father since he had tremors too but it would've been inconclusive since my father was shot in the head when he was only a boy. a few yrs later I was diagnosed w/ Pulmonary Sarcoidosis (stemming from an abnormal chest xray) & I'm learning it can cause tremors too. I have to deal w/ people staring, asking invasive questions & my favorite question is "are you cold?" I get so tired of it I just answer yes. any way I was prescribed a medication called mysolene to control the shaking, I'm not even sure if that's a generic or brand name for it. I try not to take it though because a half of one makes me too tired & loopy & I have a 6 & 10 yr old to care for. Hope my reply helps you! good luck...

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I too suffer with the constant shakes. My doctor has placed me Ativan and it does help some. My sarc presented with a skin lesion, then lung and now has gone to the eyes. I am currently at 50 mg pred, just weaned from 60 mg this last week, and I am also on Methotrxate. I am currently not working since my job as a surgical tecthnologist requires steady hands, clear vision and not to mention.....the brain fog... arghhh... My heart goes out to each and every one of you that deal with this complex disease. Best of luck to all of you!

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I too shake. Every morning my head and chest wake me up because they are shaking so badly. I have been diagnosed with essential tremor. But I strongly feel like it is related to the sarc. I shake so much it effects my walking, it is really jerky and I have a hard time walking. I get muscle spasms in my neck, shoulders and upper back by trying to hold my head still enough to see, eat or concentrate on looking at something. It is the weirdest illness!!! I have been prescribed large doses of xanax. I can't take beta blockers because I have severe broco-spasms and esophogeal spasms when I take them. They seem to work better if I could take them, but the xanax helps some.
I hope you have a better day!

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Go to the vitamin Store and get some . Unlike the most of you I have no medical coverage. After hearing all that you go through ,I am not sure I want it. I have to read and use. Vitamins. I also eat the food that are healthy for me. Plus I cook the old fashion way no process foods. Not to say I can not have. But it is easier to cook my own plus it taste better. Herbs, I use them,read what they are good for and try to cook with them. My shaking has been gone for a long time now G-d Bless. I can not say just what made it go away. My life is much calmer now. I gave up fighting the illness and started to live with the illness. So far I am doing fine.

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My husband has neurosarc (brain, brain stem, spinal, and peripheral nerves), and he definitely shakes as well. Some times it is mild like a Parkonsonian tremor. Sometimes, it looks like severe tourettes. Laying down makes it worse. I some times wake him to make sure it is jerks and tremors and not a seizure. It also causes him to studder, which is really strange to me. It is like his voices has tremors. It waxes and most other symptoms. Everything cycles. I can't say what is normal or usual, but I do think his symptoms are fairly severe in relation to what the majority deal with.

Good luck to you. I hope it helps to know you are not alone.

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