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I live in a remote town in the Pacific Northwest. I've been looking for some type of (live) chat network for fellow Sarcoidosis sufferers for some time now. Does anything like this exist?
I've been the new member who joins every Sarcoid site, but never makes a post or joins a discussion, until now. I've heard Sarcoidosis called the lonely disease, the quiet menace. I believe what is said to be true, and I think a little networking and fellowship can be a major part of the cure.
Please come visit me on my Sarcoidosis, but Surviving! blog, ( I have never had a blog before) please leave some comments on how I can get more involved in the Sarcoidosis community, let me know about upcoming events, notable news, things like that. Thank you!!!
My blog: Sarcoidosis, but SURVIVING!

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I went to your website blog. It was great. I am sending you a friend offer so we can have a private conversation.


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I read your story on your other website. Hope that we can chat again sometime. I think everyone should read this.

Best of luck.

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All I can say is WOW! You have done a lot of work. I just went to visit and immediately added it to my favorites so I can log on any time. I can't wait to visit again when I have the time to really read everything you have posted. For a "first timer" you DONE GOOD!

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Hey, I found it.

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Hello.....I will chat.
I too live in the Pacific Northwest......Oregon to be exact. A town of only 55,ooo. I did live in a town of 23,ooo when diagnosed and my family Dr. was actually excited about my sarc as I was his first patient with it.
Take care

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Hi Pammy,
Is your sarcoid in remission? If so, that's fantastic. Are you a member of a support group in your area? I know there's one in Albany.
How did the doc make the diagnosis? I had a series for doctors for several years before I got mine. Should have gone to an ear, nose and throat doctor in the beginning. The fancy cancer doc's had no idea what they were looking for.
I'll chat almost any time, I'm currently doing a medical fast so I can get better. I won't take prednisone, so I have to try something. I'm stage III and holding.
I really hope the next 30 days of fasting can let my body detox and heal. I'm not claiming it will heal the sarcoid, but if it makes me feel better in the long run, I'm all for it.
Send me a message any time, I'm home full time for a little while yet.

Report post It's a new chat room on Paltalk. Please stop in and say hello!

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The paltalk chat room gravyjob set up is GREAT!

I'd suggest if you go there to setup your screen name to be the same one you use here...just a thought.


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Great to hear from you on this site. I just put a request in to a person from the "team" to start a regular chat site here- so that we have the option of doing this- or chatting live. - Good luck Joyce

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I would like to talk to others who have been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. I have been diagnosed with it and no wonder they call it the "longely disease" lol. Thank you for all your comments in advance,

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