Saroid seems to be everywhere

I am pretty on top of this disease but now to my amazement have been told that sarcoid can make any scars you have become raised- I say oh great its on my face - this was per my dermo man who is knowledged with sarcoid- I went bc I was have an weird episode of erythema nodosum on my legs- he did a punch biopsy and until results come in wants to treat as EN if somethng else its the sarcoid in liver in kidneys- its already affected lungs and no means am I looking for pity but I am wondering has this happened to anyone else??? Thanks

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ps. in the meanwhile he told me to contact my sarcoid doctor...thats not so promising huh?

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Hi Steph, yea ole sarc can raise scars. I found out after my surgery it raised one of my surgical cuts but left the other three unaffected. Good luck with your treatment and be sure to stay on top of your sarc as best as you can.

Report post would think i would be used to- I have had since 1994...i new twist at every turn.

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