Sarcoidosis (joint pain)

I was just diagnosed and have a lot of joint pain. Mostly knee areas, but sometimes a thumb or fingers or ankle or a wrist. I have ulcerations in my colon, so having trouble finding something I can take that won't cause other problems. Welcome suggestions

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There is a Sarc doc in Albany, is that where you were diagnosed. Since your doc didn't give you any drugs (since you did not mention this), try going sugar & gluten free for a few weeks & you should notice improvements in relief. Try NSAIDS for temporary relief.


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I got very good relief from Low Light Laser therapy by my chiropractor. Ins. doesn't cover it. but it was worth every penny.

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Another tip from IreneMarie-round about. I take serious meds for pain(Vicodin) and muscle soreness(Soma),as needed,but I had never tried her suggestion from a while back. I finally broke down at my local pharmacy and paid the $4 for a small tube of "Aspercreme" and used it as a "spot treatment" on several arthritic finger joints(I'M 66) that had eluded relief from the Vicodin.
Much to my amasement it helped very much! Thanks IreneMarie! Little things can mean a lot.
Bob/in IL.

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I've been on some supplements from this site that have helped enormously! MSM 1000mg twice a day, Curcumin 450mg twice a day (with food and increase to two capsules twice a day after a week or two), Hyaluronic acid 50mg twice a day (also increase to two twice a day after a week or two), of course glucosamine and chondroitan I use Osteo Biflex Triple strength at bedtime, Acai pill in the morning with wheat grass pill.

Don't know if its the supplements, God's grace or just the end of a flare up but I feel like normal with this regimen. Don't need a lot of ibuprofen anymore and can get around without a lot of pain.

Hope it helps!



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For the joint pain (and eventual swelling) I found cold packs and acupunture to be the most effective.

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If you can't take pain pills, see if you can get a prescription for Voltaren gel. Rub it on the affected joints. I swear by the stuff.


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Thank you everyone, going mad at moment just started new job and working long days, and living on a cocktail of panadol every 3 hours to get past it. Would prefer some of your suggestions, as I don't think the panadol is going to be good for me, but is the only pain relief I am not allergic to.

Trying some of your suggestions going today to buy the aspercreme, and get osteo biflex give them a go.
thanks again

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