Sarcoidosis chat on Tom Joyner Morning Show

This morning on the Tom Joyner Morning show they had a 15 minute segment about Sarcoidosis and how it affects the black community. They did mention this site and urged people to become educated about the disease. Some famous people that have the disease are Angie Stone, Tisha Cambell-Martin, Bill Russell and his daughter. The word is slowly getting out about this horrid disease. You can listen to the interview on your computer at and click on the link for tjms if you missed it. The interview is for today 08/11/2008 or you can listen live today from the hours of 06:00 am - 10:00am eastern. Be blessed everyone!
Lekesha Lalla

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Hi Lekesha,

Thanks for this. Living in Australia, although we get the talk shows, I rarely watch them. I personally have educated myself (and my doctors on occasion) about this disease. Our population is only 1/10 that of the State, and we don't get the numbers of people with sarcoid. Your doctors know a lot more about it because they see it more. We don't have many African Americans out here either. I have often wondered whether any serious research has ever been done into comparing the physiology and genes of African Americans, Japanese, Scandinavians etc who seem to manifest differing forms of sarcoid. This would seem to be more helpful than trying out nicotine patches.


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Hi Priscurl

As a fellow Aussie and having read a lot of the other posts on this site, I would say American doctors don't know any more or less than Aussie doctors about sarcoid. American doctors don't necessarily see more cases - the incidence of sarc in Australia is about the same as USA, Canada, UK and others, per head of population. We have 1/10th the population, so we have around 1/10th the number of sarc-sufferers.
In fact, we're possibly in a better situation than our fellow sarkies in the USA - our doctors are more likely to accept us once diagnosed. I have read many posts from US sarkies about how they have been to doctors (post-diagnosis) and been told "you can't have sarcoidosis, you're not black". We're far less likely to get that response, simply because of the lower number of people of African descent.

I'm not sure the Tom Joyner Morning Show is broadcast in Australia, I think it's great that they have done a story on sarcoidosis, but I really do wish that the stereotype of sarcoid as a disease which affects African-Americans could be smashed, for the sake of all sarc-sufferers of other racial backgrounds, wherever we are!

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The best interview was that of ABC with the doctor Moller from Johns Hopkins I believe it was on Friday. He and JH's specialize specifically in Sarcoid and are considered the best in the country. Very informative.

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