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Dear Friends. Does or has anyone have any knowledge or experience to relate in regards to the Sarcoidosis Center at MUSC in Charleston, South Carolina? Recent posts have mentioned negative experiences at Mayo Clinic, which is very close to me in Jacksonville, Florida. But I would go to Charleston, especially if I can get some positive feedback on their sarcoidosis specialty center. Anybody know anything?

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I have been to the Mayo Clinic in MN. I couldn't recomment it more highly. I have been there 4 times in the last 6 months. They really know their stuff. I couldnt walk or breath before I went there. Treatment is working! Yah. G.

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isn't marc judson at musc? pretty well known sarcoidosis physician.
there used to be a gentleman on this site who had care at musc and he was very pleased, recommended it highly. once there is a search, you could try searching on the site.
in the meantime, take a look at this:

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I used to live in Charleston but I never went to the sarcoidosis clinic at MUSC; I think it had a lot to do with my insurance...
Now I live in Fernandina Beach, FL and see Dr. Bajwa at Shands. He is the director of the ILD clinic. I have been very pleased. My doctor in SC told me nothing about my condition and never ordered anything other than CTs.
I feel that Dr. Bajwa has been very thorough and informative.

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Dr. Marc Judson, at Music, is one of the doctor's the speaker, Dr. Wonder Drake, from our support group reccomended. She told us Dr. Judson is trying to develdope a scale for fatigue evaluation in sarcoid patients. I think pulmonary sarcoid is his specialty but I am not sure.
I don't know if you read my entry but Dr. Drake, Vanderbilt University, is conductiing research on sarcoidosis, finding the cause and hopefully a cure.Thre are two doctors that she and her team stay in constnat contact with doing their research. She stays in contact with Dr. Judson and a Dr. in Cincinnatti, which I failed to write his name down in my notes. I will try to find his name and post it.

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There is a "Search" at the upper right part of the page.... doesn't it work? At first I could not find it either but one of the Help people pointed it out.

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I don't know about the sarcoidosis center at MUSC... but I probably should! I was a grad student there for 10 years, then moved away for a couple of years, and am now back living in Charleston. Since I just got back I haven't gotten a rheumatologist, etc, but when I do I'll check into the sarcoid center at MUSC. If you need 'feet on the ground' to research anything for you, or go stop by and pick up any information, just let me know. I'd be happy to do so. One thing I can ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend is Charleston as a city. What a gem of a place. Really great. You'd feel very welcome as a visitor. I'll give ya a free tour!

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Hi Newruss:

Thanks for your reply and input. Yes, I have been to Charleston many times and look forward to making my appointments at MUSC vacation time as well. I even drove from Florida to Charleston to buy my car there! Also, yes, if you care to go to the center and poke around, that would be terrific. One of the MD's, Dr. Marcy B. Bolster, is indeed a rheumatologist and immunologist. Go to the MUSC site:

All the specialists' bios are listed there and you can get the phone #'s and address of the center. I would be excited to hear anything you find out. I expect to travel to MUSC in late June. Good weather then, huh?

I hope to hear from you soon!


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i cant say enough nice things about dr. judson and his staff...the hospital is great too. i have been wiwth him about a year now and i have no signs of sarc now but i do take predisone and methotrexate and have had the ugly weight gainside effects from the pred but i do look better and feel better i say he is worth the trip to see him if you can

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I recently met Dr. Marc Judson at a Sarc Seminar in Columbia, SC. I have an appt with him in November 2008. He helped me understand more about Sarc in one day than all of the drs I had met over the past 2 years. He explained things so that my family could understand how badly I was TRULY suffering. I hope that he is able to alleviate some of my problems.

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