Sarcoidosis after surgery

Hello Everyone! I am new to sarcoidosis. I was just recently diagnosed with sarcoidosis for a couple of weeks now. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of getting sarcoidosis after having surgery? I went in for a routine back surgery on April 5th, everything went well even went home that day. 2 days later I started have problems breathing and they thought I was having a pulmonary embolism. The CT scan showed sarcoid. I was perfectly fine prior to surgery. I ended up having a bronchoscopy and the biopsies were positive for sarcoidosis. I was just wondering if anyone else have heard of this?

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Sorry to hear your news, no definite answer to your post but a couple of thoughts.

1. Sarcoidosis is found quite widely amongst medical professionals e.g. doctors, nurses etc. Probably due to exposure to the causative agent, which to (personal opinion) me infers an infectious agent, virus or bacteria. Possibly you may have been exposed to the causative agent while in hospital. Nasty unhealthy places full of sick people!!

2. Again personal opinion but I would think it is more likely that while you have been asymptomatic the disease was already present, the stress of the medical procedure could have very well induced a 'flare' of the sarcoid symptoms. You have to remember that medical professionals are not generally looking for sarcoid and many know very little about it! Reading on here you will find lots of stories of people who went undiagnosed for years despite a variety of symptoms.

In my case I ended up in hospital with kidney failure due to hypercalcemia,due Vit D, due to sarcoid. Without knowing it I had probably had the disease for years, I even (excuse the information) had a testicle removed due to a cancer scare and was not diagnosed as sarcoid, although subsequently at my insistence the histology slides were reviewed post sarcoid diagnosis and sure enough sarcoid was present.

Did you have a CT scan before the back operation? It would be very interesting (from an academic point of view) if the sarcoid could 'flare' within 48 hrs as you say.

I think the first few weeks living with sarcoid, or any new disease, are the hardest, all those 'why' questions running around your head. Particularly so with sarcoid, which is so little understood, I have learn't a lot more here than from any doctor so far!

Take care

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I have not heard of that, but would think that it was NOT the cause and that you have probably had Sarcoidosis but were asymptomatic. Had you had a chest x-ray or CT in years prior?

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I too would very much like to see the pre-surgical scans to compare, as the stress of your procedure might have brought on your symptoms, not your disease. Gene

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After many years of back issues. alot of stress from workmans comp. ended up in hospital ER and back surgery two days later. cage. screws and titanium spaces L4-Sacrum. I believe workmans comp stress started my flairup. did not know I had Sarc. until after surgery. had low grade temp so they would not release me to go home post surgery(7 days) later I get released. I always tell everyone to get all copies of procedure's, notes and test results after any hospital and Dr. visits. Well, the X-ray they took when they thought I had post surgery pneumonia, the results said chronic lung disease. In disbelief, because I never smoked a day in my life. I was angry at my parents, I thought second hand smoke??? Well, No. The hospital did not even show me the results, I found them on my own, when I read the Labs and tests. Chronic Lung Disease?? WHAT?? So I had this cough and sputum that would not clear up, so I went to my PCP and he started the ball rolling..Pulmonary Dr did Bronc.scope biopsy.Test Positive for Sarc. and also a bad strain of MAC Bacteria was found in the biopsy by CDC. Which when I look back i think asymptomatic previous. and now after reading on this site. I believe the 9 1/2 hr surgery, under anest. woke it up. but before surgery I worked in nursing for 14 yrs. and 7 yrs of hell with workmans comp (STRESS) my cortisol level before surgery was off the chart. Many say STRESS can mess up your true. Bad pain and not a good productive life now. So I think procedure woke up what was sleeping. Many prayers and sad to hear you are the sarc wagon.

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Yes, I believe your sarc could have been triggered by the trauma our bodies go through during any surgical procedure. I was given an "all clear" to proceed with my surgery last July 2010, and in started have what I now know were sarc symptoms beginning of this year.

Also, I believe that a bacteria, virus or fungus can trigger it. So, make sure they tested you for those in your biopsy!

I'm sorry you are going through this...but you are at the right place to learn. Doctors are few and far between that know a lot, more know just a little about it. Seems like you have a great PCP!

Be well,

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not in that same instant i got surgery for a mass in my spinal cord and the mri have said i had inflammation in my lyphm nodes then i need a biopsy done on my lungs that when i found out that i had sarcoidosis

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