Sarcoid in the Lymphnodes "?"

Hey everyone,

I was diagnosed with sarcoid of my lymph nodes in my chest, but lately behind my left ear there is a lump which I believe to be a swollen lymph node. I have also been experiencing tenderness underneath my armpit and on the side of my ribcage. Is is possible sarcoid is in my lymph nodes throughout my body?

Thanks! =) Carrie

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I am no dr and a newbie myself but from what I have read...yes. It can be anywhere in your body. Esp in other nodes if you already have been diagnosed with it there.

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I also have lymph node enlargement and it moves around not only in my chest but my spleen and I have little lumps that appear all over the place from my stomach to my legs

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hi. swellon lymph nodes was how i was dianogsed with sarcoidosis. i have a small bump behind my left ear right behind my ear lobe. i also have swellon nodes that they saw by a cat scan in my chest too. do you have sarcoid in your lungs too? i also read too that your nodes thru out your body are affected too. including your armpits.

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thanks for your replies everyone! I had a biopsy done on my lungs and they found no traces of it there, only in my lymph nodes in my lungs.

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Hi Carrie, I was diagnosed in 2000 after a few years of battling severe Uveitis in my eyes on several occasions. The eye doctor was baffled at first, but began suspecting an auto immune disorder. My internal medicine doc thought that I was a total hypochondriac, which was quite disheartening. Eventually, my husband noticed a growth on my back that was suspicious, so we went in. The doc said it looked like skin cancer and biopsied it. Three weeks later it came back positive for Sarc. Then in 2006 I hadn't been feeling well for quite some time, and had gone in for blood tests. The blood tests showed extremely high liver enzyme levels. Normal is under 35 and mine were up to 387. They did a liver biopsy and that is when I found out I had auto immune hep. This is what I've struggled with the most over the past 2 years. I'm now on 20 mg. of prednisone and 150 mg. of imuran. I've got diabetes now too because of the extreme weight gain from the prednisone. It will be nice to have someone a bit closer to communicate with about the Sarc. and other health issues. It's very nice to meet you and maybe eventually we can meet up sometime for coffee or something. Chat soon.

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Yes, I have swollen sarcoid lymph nodes. I get wheezy when the lymph swelling is bad too.


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