Sarc and high arsenic levels in drinking water

Does anyone know or have heard if there is any correlation between high arsenic levels in your drinking water and sarc?

The reason I ask is that I live in a newer development; there are 15 homes on my street and since we moved in, three people have had sections or complete removal of their bowels; I've developed sarc; my sister-in-law who lives with us has a severe case of RA. There are others in our development who have also developed conditions or have died since we've moved here. Seems a bit too coincidental.

There's an NY Times article that lists our area as one of the worst in the country.

The article: ater&st=cse

The graphic (We live in Richland Township, which surrounds Quakertown Borough in the graphic)

Any thoughts would be helpful.



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Hi Todd,

It sounds to me like you live on a toxic dump. It may not be just the water but the ground too. Someone on this site talked about a testing kit to test for molds etc. You might want to look into that and test for chemicals too.
It sounds like the neighborhood might have a class action but then I am not a lawyer.
The chemicals might have triggered your sarc. Chemicals triggered mine. (Potassium Chloride and Tricalcium Phosphate).

God's speed with your quest for triggers.


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Thanks for the info, DJ. Actually, about a mile and half from my house is a small development in Quakertown Borough on Brookfield Circle. It was built in the early 70's and has a high cancer rate.

Our development was started in 1999 and built on open fields that were primarily used by hunters for decades, hence the name "Hunter's Crossing."

I know of at least on house across from the end of our street that had high radon levels when they sold it 5 years ago.

I think I'll get some test kits and see what's lurking in or under the house.


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Oh, believe it or not, but about 3 - 4 miles from here is a stinking Superfund Site--the Watson-Johnson Landfill.

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Last yr. I went on ebay and purchased a portable water purifier called a Big Berkey which is perported to be used by the Army Corps of Engineers. It filters just about everything macro and micro, bio and chemical including Arsenic. They also make shower head versions. I got mine for water main breaks from sudden earth sinkholes and flood caused contamination (fits easily in the trunk if you have to evacuate).

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While your environment has real problems with ground water and soil contamination, remember that no one has found the cause of Sarcoidosis yet. Studies are leading towards some trigger that sets it off but there are also families who have some disposition towards sarcoid.

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Thanks. I'm going to look into that. I was also thinking of adding a whole-house arsenic filter to my water softener too.


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I understand that. I'm also leaning toward the hereditary-trigger issues myself. My mom, her two brothers and their father all died, supposedly, from complications from COPD. I contacted my mom's doctor about this with my symptoms with sarc. What leads me to the hereditary issue, is that when they did my mom's autopsy, they found her organs had calcified. We sarkies do have high blood calcium levels after all. They all had, what I believe to be triggers that got them sick: my mom spread moldy hay on her garden; one uncle raised show pigeons; the other uncle was a grocery store butcher going in and out of the cold meat room all day long; my grandfather used solvents in a relatively ventless room in his basement. Even though they smoked, they all had the tell-tale cough, which I have, and I never smoked.

Regarding the arsenic issue, I still think it's highly coincidental that so many of my neighbors have gotten ill since we all moved here.

I'm just still looking for more info on the subject.


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I'm sure you have google searched arsenic removal, there are a lot of options out there that would easily take care of your problem.

Also, many counties will analyse your a water sample for free, otherwise you should be able to find a dozen water filter vendors willing to do it for free in the hopes of selling you thier filter.

check out this link ...

I worked in various aspects of water treatment over the years, and know that there is nothing that can not be removed.


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I dont know how i got sarc but i use to live near a fly/ash land fill.THEY didnt even cover the back of their truck at first becuz the dust would come in my house.We made them cover them, plus all the disel fuel we smelled. Im happy yo say we dont live there anymore but its proabley too late.

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