sand in my eye

my left eye always feels like i have a grain of sand in the corner i clean it out but it comes right back, any ideas

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Yep, Dry Eye----

Hi, I have sarcoid in the lacrimal gland (tear duct) which causes dry eye...My opthamologist gave me restasis which I used twice a day and Systane during the day if needed. They help a great deal. This grain of sand feeling will drive you crazy.

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My eyes always feel like I have sand in them. I too have dry eyes but the restasis burns so badly it is hard to use it regularly and that is the way it is suppose to help. I use optive throughout the day and I am down to once a day dose of a steroidal drop. It is very annoying but at least I still have my vision.

My brother is going for 2 corneal transplants this summer so at least my eyes aren't that bad. I pray his are successful. Has anyone here had to have corneal transplants?

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I always felt like I had sand in my eyes but it was from the sarcoid. If you haven't already I think you should see a physician who deals with this sort of disorder. My opthamologist treated me first with prede forte (sp) Then I saw a retinologist who sent me to a rheumy who diagnosed the sarcoid. The three of them work together to keep me going. I don't know what meds you are on but if it is from the sarcoid, your eye won't get better until you treat the sarcoid.
I don't mean to alarm you but I've had four surgeries to repair the damage done to my eyes from the sarcoid. And that was the prevailing symptom sand in the eyes.
Good Luck

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Fake tear drops(gel).It works for me.Ask your doc.Good luck.

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I am also troubled with sarc involvement in the lacrimal glands. As stated earlier by someone else, if my sarc is reasonably under control, that "gritty feeling is under control. The extreme dry eye, however is a daily struggle. Restasis and systane burn my eyes so terribly, I cannot find words to adequately describe. I use artificial tears several times daily, and I have to use the preservative free tears as the others irritate my eyes even more.
I am told that I will soon need a corneal transplant. I would also be interested to know if anyone has had one and wouldnt mind sharing.

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Goodnight Everyon:

I went to see an ophthamologist about 3 months ago to see if my eyes were okay. He checked them and said that he couldn't see any sarcoid in the eye. He told me that my eyes were very dry and he gave me two sample tear drops called "Genteal". I tried one, which helped for a minute. Mu eyes are very sensitive to light, and i noticed recently that my eyes seems very unfocused. This weekend and last weekend, after i finished work and was heading home, my eyes seemed kind of blurry. I could understand if i wasn't wearing my glasses (prescription for seeing from a far), but i was wearing them. It was scary as hell and nerve racking.

I haven't mentioned it to my family doctor but i will next week. Has anyone experienced that sort of thing? If so can you, can you relay the experience? I don't know if It was due to tiredness or what, all i know is that i have never experienced that kind of disorientation in my eyes before finding out about Sarc. Is this all in my mind? Personally I don't think so.

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Hi AngleGirl

My eyes will get very blurry for a while then come back but it hasn't happened yet when my eyes where being checked. I go again tomorrow for an eye check. It has been forever. I have been putting it off. Sounds like yours may be worse than mine though.

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Hi Pippin

My eyes where so sandy for a while and I put off going to the dr cause I was seeing enough already and not feeling well in other ways. My eyes are not nearly as bad now but my cough has slowed down and the chest pain and tight bandage around the ribs is less so maybe that is why my eyes are feeling better too. I see an eye dr tomorrow, finally.
You have been through a lot. I don't care much about surgery of any type on the eyes, ucky.

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I just went to the eye dr yesterday. I have been having a slight cornea problem also. The dr. said my cornea should be clear and it is not. I also have dry eyes. I wake up in the night and I can hardly open them! I also get that feeling that there is something in my eye when there is not. The dr. said this is from the sarc.

The dr prescribed restasis which I will start using. She said it should help a lot, and should even help my vision. I hope she is right. I have read your posts about side effects. Previously I have been using an over the counter med called soothe.

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HI! My eye doctor checked me last year and diagnosed dry eyes; said it was probably from the sarcoid. Prescribed restasis, which has helped some, but I don't always take it twice a day like I should. Also Optive, and this year she gave me a different eye drop for during the day, along with the restasis. No corneal damage this year, so it has helped to some degree. The only thing I really don't like is having doctors say probably, and not making a definite diagnosis - the lungs are the only definite I have, but the probables are the heart, eyes and skin. I'm also being referred to a rhumetologist. Hope one of them on the team is experienced with sarc.
Blessings! Great-Gram

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Restasis is a good option for many people with dry eye but unfortunately, it doesn't work for everyone. It's supposed to work best when the dry eye is due to inflammation. (per the rep)

I've had dry eye for years, don't know if it's from sarc or just age, etc.

Because it can take up to 4 months to see the desired effect with Restasis (if it works),most people have to stay on artificial tears at least 4 times a day if possible. Apparently by the time your eye feels dry, it's too late, the trick is to "get ahead of it." Unfortunately, once your eyes are dry, almost everything you put in your eyes will sting.

I was lucky, the Restasis worked for me within 6 weeks but despite the best of intentions, I don't always get it in twice a day. And it's not a cure. And there's no generic. :(

My favorite artificial tear prep right now is "Blink Tears." For me, it seems to stick to my eyes better, so it lasts longer but it's not sticky like a gel. I have to put drops in before I go to sleep or I can barely pry my eyes open in the morning.


Wish there was a cure....for dry eye.....for sarc.......for the world's ills..............

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Hi I also have the blurry vision. My eye doctor told me it is caused by my eyes being extremely dry. He put me on restasis twice a day (i sometimes forget to do it twice on days) and told me to use systane during the day. It's been two months since I started this and I can't say it's really helped a lot. In fact the last week I often feel like there is an eyelash stuck in my eye but there's nothing there and on top of it I feel like I have a gob that makes my eyes blurry and keeps passing over my eye yet again nothing to be found. It usually lasts for a few hours at a time. I havent seen my eye doctor to tell him of the new things happening but I will next month when I see him. So far he says he doesn't see sarcoidosis in my eyes and that this problem I have is commen with sarcoid patients.

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Aw chuck the rascals out then you don't have to worry about weight gain cause you can't see it and you don't worry about moon face and buffalo hump cause equally you can't see them so they aren't there. Sarc can't be so bad if you can't see the lumps and the crap you cough up and maybe I have an idea here a brand new therapy for sarc patients gonna run right out and patent it damn it must be past 3 in the morning. I just use the saline eye drops no fuss and no mess or goo see how I can use all that scientific nomenclature.

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When you describe the glob passing over your eyes, that is a very way to put it. I had that often. At first it would clear up then come back but eventually it stayed and I had to deal with that all the time. It felt like I was trying to look through the uncooked portion of an egg white.
My was caused by the sarcoid which was causing swelling of the macula. When the swelling would go down, I could see a little better but it left a pucker or wrinkle in the membrane and everything I saw was like a reflection in a cracked mirror (with the glob passing over)
My retinologist preformed vitrectomty surgery to repair the retina and replaced the fluid in my eye that was filled with debris from the inflammations in my eye.
I am happy to say "I can see clearly now".
I would encourage anyone that is having vision problems to google and order Dr Stephen Foster's "A Guide to Ocular Inflammatory Disease"

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Through the years have had iritis caused by sarcoid more than once. My chief symptoms: very red eye, excruciating headache, opthomologist saw the little devils with a special piece of equipment, prescribed pred forte -- told me to think of it as putting out a fire, several drops for a few days then decrease. Good news it went away, usually happened to me when I was decreasing oral pred for lungs. Hope they figure yours out soon.

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The eye dr said the dry eyes were from the sarc.

Well, I have now been on the restasis for about a month, and although it does not burn, I donts think my eyes are any better, and blurry. I know you are supposed to use it for awhile. I try to use it 2x a day as prescribed.

Sometime I wonder how much is going in my eyes when Ido it myself. It dribbles down my face!

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Hey justflorida, I have Sarcoid in both my Eyes, Lungs, Joints, Skin, In my Nose, and little in my Liver. Every place but my Heart and Brain. The eye does feel like sand paper, because they dry out fast, try to stay away from wind blowing directly in them like the fan, air condition or bike riding and motorcycle riding with no glasses. Get you some eye drop called tears, it helps a little. If you start seeing stuff in your eyes like black lines criss cross, they call them spider webs. The inflamation in your eye has gotten bad, and the white cells are ganging up in groups and they get powerful and they can take your eyesite. I take prednisone drops, but when they gang up in groups the medicine want get exactly where its needed , so they inject the shot where they see the most gang and bust them up. The inflamation will also cause your head to hurt so bad, it is worst than any migrain. you feel like you want to throw up. Even when you laying down with the headache you feel so sick. Keep your eyes check, the scratchy feeling is a indication something is wrong. Even when my eyes look calm to my eye doctor, but I'm having to many symptoms, I have to take an injection, I lost my sight for three months in 1997 and God blessed me with it again and now I stay on my eye doctors.

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Hi, I wanted to let you know, that Sarcoid can cause Uveitis in the eyes and after a period of time it will cause you to have a cateract that will cause blurriness and they removed mine because they didn't want the cateract to get worst. I had the surgery on my right eye now I can't read words out of a book with my right eye unless I put on some reading glasses on or hold the paper far back. I wish I had my original sight.

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I have the sand paper feeling but I also wake up every morning with nasty, crudy eyes, yellow dried crap! Any one else have this problem?

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Pippin-you described it PERFECTLY. I'm copying your comment and bringing it to my retina specialist on Tuesday. I CAN'T STAND IT AND IT'S INTERFERING WITH MY JOB.

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