Red Tired eyes :(

This week I have been so tired. I have been sleeping really great at night, but when I wake up, I feel like I did not sleep at all.
I have bottles and bottles of visine, because when I am at my wonderful job, people always say, "you look tired", or "you look stoned". My eyes feel so heavy, and glassy all of the time. Does anyone know of something else I can do besides the visine? Is there another drop that will have an all day affect on my glassy, tired, looks like I have been smoking pot all day eyes? What do people do when they feel like they can't even lift their arms they are so tired? I have so much to do, and I don't know how I am going to get it done with being so tired! It aggravates me! Have a great day!

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are your eyes dry? try 3 gm/day of flaxseed oil, liquid or capsules. it takes a while, but helps.

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Hello, I had the same problem about 6 months or so ago. I went to my eye specialists and he told me not to use visine. He suggested that i get the natural tears and use them. I did and it took about a week and a half but my eyes got much better and i only have to use them about once to twice a week now. I had been using visine but to me it was only drying them out more.

Wish you luck.

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My eyes tend to get dry, then burn and get red. I was advised by my opthal that I should stay away from saline (for contact lens users) which I thought may help as my eyes also feel gritty, though they are not. Used to rinse with saline. Boy do they hurt and them also promote a big bear sore head and make me feel even more tired than I already am. Opthal recommended the 'natural tears' for when I feel my eyes are not quite happy. I use it intermittently though as it is not always a practical use for me, what with pots of makeup and driving all round to clients.

Be well.

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I've also had alot of trouble with my eyes. They are very dry, tired, and red (to the point that I was concerned it might be Sarc) but the Dr. says no Sarc . The Dr. told me to use Systane it's an over the counter eye drop. Up until then I'd been using Visine tears, Systane worked so much better & he told me I could use it as often as needed. Try it, I hope it will help you too
God Bless, Brownie

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Well, for Brownie and me it's as likely that our dry eyes are menopausal. For others though, I don't think it can be assumed to be sarc - could be using pc/laptop, central heating and consequent dry air, artificial lighting, eyestrain etc. It's worth a visit to the optician (think you call it optimetrist in US?) to find out what is causing this. Also, there are some conditions where tear flow is impeded, so I think as it's your eyes, it is worth having professional assessment.

Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon. The tiredness is as much part of the sarc, so rest up if you can.

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I had the same problem, red dry eyes and my doctor told me not to use Visine but to use Systain instead. My eyes are much better now. Take care. Gloria

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Dry eye is SO common but it's not simple because it hurts. In the eye care industry, it's become the most common condition we see.

Redness relievers and allergy drops are ok for occasional use but every day use actually causes dry eye by disrupting the natural chemistry of the tears.

In our clinic, we recommend preservative-free artificial tears 3-4 times a day, especially at night before bed. There are a lot of good brands of artificial tears out there, you may have to try a few to see what you like best. Systane, Refresh Endura and Blink Tears are some of the ones our patients report success with. I personally use Blink Tears because it works best for my eyes.

Good luck, I know dry eye is frustrating. Hang in there!

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I personally don't get too dried eyed...or I just don't pay it any mind. But when I do go out in the general public I am asked EVERYTIME have I just woke up/am I sleep/am I feeling bad/what am I on.....I start thinking DANG I mUST LOOK BAD!!! I do notice that since I have started wearing shades (to flee from the sun rays) that my eyes don't look as tired...or my shades are doing a great job of hiding it....who knows....I think they look better...but then again I thought they were looking good when I was being asked all the questions....

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Hi there,
You need to get checked out by a doctor as you mention lethargy also in your case, hence you are not getting a restful sleep. Perhaps you also have anemia or low blood count. Again, there may well be a viral infection that you need to be treated for and hopefully this will improve your eyes and sleep..


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Red eye can be related to dry eyes, uveitis, episcleritis, scleritis, conjunctivitis with different treatment required.
with sarcoidosis any of the above can occur. it can attack the lacrimal gland resulting in keratoconjunctivitis SICCA. the topical eyedrop,
RESTASIS is prescribed to treat the inflammation of the lacrimal gland. it takes about 6 months in many people before it works to stop the inflammation and often tears are once again produced. it is also suggested that when one has chronic dry eyes to use preservative free single use vials of a lubricating eyedrop because over time the preservatives can cause an allergic reaction in the eye.
anterior uveitis called iritis can cause a red eye too. corticosteroid eyedrops are used to treat this initially and then if it is chronic or recurrent, other systemic treatments are used to get one 'off all steroids without inflammation'. with sarcoidosis the DMARD drugs are used. Methotrexate therapy works very well in sarcoid uveitis patients. Uveitis is the third leading cause of preventable blindness in the USA. in a sacroidosis patient this inflammation can be located anywhere in the eye. vascularization of the retina can occur with potential blinding consequences. Cystoid macular edema can occur as well as optic neuritis.
dry eyes can lead to corneal inflammation, ulceration and infection. dry eyes can lead to ulceration of the sclera as well. this is also a potentially blinding disease. Scleritis is also very serious.
anyone with Sarcoidosis needs an opthalmological evaluation about 2 times a year to make sure none of this is occuring.

wish you all the very best,
Mike Bartolatz

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My eyes are so much better, I thought I had just dry eyes. When I went to the eye doc he found Sarc granuloma in my eye. He said he could tell I had Sarc just from my eyes. I'm on Methotrexate and Pred. I also got punctal plugs after reading the post from Mike who does give some great information. I am using Restasis. This is very serious, please see your opthalmologist ASAP!!

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I'm so glad your doctors are agressively treating you for your uveitis related to sarcoidosis as well as the punctal plug implants and the restasis to hopefully correct your deficient tear film.
did he do an optical coherence tomography to look for signs of cystoid macular edema or neovascularization of the retina? how did your optic nerve look? any sympoms of optic neuritis present?

stick with the Restasis as the burning sensation will eventually go away once the thin spots on the cornea and conjunctiva heal.
are you using preservative free lubricating eyedrops?

are you using any corticosteroid eyedrops? if the 'generic' is used it has to be shaken for THREE MINUTES (from a person from Allergan the manufacturer) or it will not get evenly distrubted in solution resulting in bad control of iritis.
wait about 15 minutes before putting in the dilating drop or lubricating eyedrop, restasis etc so that the first drug gets absorbed by the eye. also press in over the drain located on the inside corners of the eye after putting in each eyedrop so that the eyedrop is absorbed.

wish you the very best,

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