Prednisone side effects?

Question to all of you who have taken Prednisone. I started taking it last week, 70 mgs daily a week then down. I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Is this normal? Is my body adjusting? I have to say, the sarc pain is gone but I'm left with this? I'm a tough girl and can handle it but just needed to know if it was common. I've only consented to 3 mos. of Prednisone then we will see how things are. If some of you could comment on your experience it might make it so I'm not CUCKOOOO!
Also, I've recently be diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and it's never been an issue before either...any comments on that as well?

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Hi Shelly,

You're not nuts. It's the drug.

There's a decent concise list of side effects at:

70mg is a pretty aggressive dose. The question is, how quickly are you coming down off the burst, and what is going to be the dosage for the duration? The nuttiness seems to coincide pretty closely with dosage, so the less you take, the less nuts you'll feel. You also can't just quit taking it without risking severe consequences, you have to gradually reduce the dosage (down 10 mg every three days is about the max).

I've been known to say some pretty embarrassing things while under the influence. :)

Balancing symptom relief with side effects is what Prednisone is all about. For me, it has become a solution I loathe and avoid. But that's another story. :)


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I also have been on prednisone . Thankfully have managed to wean off. I also developed hypertension and a weight gain of 30 lbs. The weaning process was the worst. I also felt like I had been hit by a mack truck for about 2 days a week. I was on 60 mg at one point. During the last part of the weaning I could only wean 1 mg per week because of the symptoms of fatique and muscle pain. The doctor I see said he never wanted me on prednisone again. I agreed because I never want to take it again. I could deal with the pain from the sarcoid better that the withdraw from prednisone. Prednisone has so many side effects and can be very dangerous to be on. Prednisone can cause hypertension. Keep monitoring your blood pressure it could return to a normal range. Please read literature on prednisone and it's side effects before taking it again. Sometimes the treatment is worse than the disease. Take care, Sue

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I too took 70 mg and then reduced it in about 3 months to 10 mg daily and know for about 2 years I have been on 5 mg every other day. During the mega dosage phase, my blood pressure was elevated, I gained weight and had the "moon face" look that is common with that type of weight gain. I also had severe insomnia and had to take a prescription sleep aide. Since I have lowered the dosage, I have discontinued the blood pressure and sleep aide medications. I went on a diet to lose the weight and starting an exercise program. My breathing is only at about 70 percent. However, recently the Sarcoidosis flared up a little and the doctor increased me to a daily dosage of 5 mg. Last week he informed me that the Sarcoidosis has stablized and that I should continue the 5 mg daily.

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I was on Prednisone for almost 2 years. If never helped that much and cause all kinds of problems; the increase in growth of fibroid tumors that resulted in my having to have a hysterectomy, rapid weight gain I have never been able to lose; inflammation of ankle ligaments that needed physical therapy; increase in formerly low blood pressure to high BP; decrease in my thyroid level; moon face; going from feeling extreme highs to extreme lows; tender red skin and those are just the beginning. All of these symptoms are still with me although I have been off the stuff for over 10 years.
When I changed doctors because the one who had prescribed this for me quit practicing to go into research my new doctor had a cow. We discovered that a higher dosage over a shorter period of time helped more than the lower dose over a lengthy period of time helped my breathing much more and did not have side effects.
This is dangereous stuff and should be carefully moitored and removed at the first sign of any symptom.
My advice when a doctor prescribes Prednisone; wait and see if something else like inhalers for breathing problems can make it better. Experiemt with dosage. That stuff is sheer poision. And if your doctor is like mine and won't acknowledge your symptoms, run do not walk to another doctor.

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I was on Prednisone for almost 2years, and I feel that it helped,but I did suffer many side effects. I had the moon face, high blood pressure, neuropathy in My feet, depression, acne,fungus infections, but My cough cleared up. I started to breathe better. It was like a double edge sword. I am having joint problems now and the last thing I want to do is go back on the Prednisone. I always say I have a love-hate relationship with it. Kathy L.

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I started taking 60mg of prednisone for neurosarcoidosis in 2000, this was prescribed by my neurosurgeon after three weeks of intensive tests including MRIs, lumbar punctures, full body scans and many other tests which I I have now forgotten, the prednisone was slowly tapered down and I am now on 5mg a day. I had a lot of side effects including a moon face, weight gain, hearing loss, swollen ankles, pain in my joints and muscles, nereve pain in my feet, fortunately the sarcoidosis has not affected my breathing, I go regularly to my pulmonary doctor but have not seen my neurologist for over a year as he does not seem to know anything about this disease. The first neurosurgeon who diagnosed my condition was from the Neurological Hospital in London which is one of the biggest hospitals in London and I was very happy with his care of me but I had to come back to the States and have not been able to find a good neurologist since then.My symptoms were dizziness which was very severe as I would suddenly fall and could not get up for about five minutes and all the doctors I went to did not realise what was happening to me, I pray that it will not happen again that is why I am still taking prednisone as I feel that if I come off it I will have the same problems that I had before. I hope everything goes well for you and God bless. Hester

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I have been on Prednisone,for 5 years, i Can't get below 5 kidneys start to shut down. I have gone from 60mm a day to 5one day 10 the next day. I am going to 5mm and try to stay there for awhile. My biggest complaint is my skin is so thin,its like tissue paper. The least bump,i get makes a purple mark,then the skin comes off. My advice to you would taper off it as soon as you can

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Prednisone can cause you to retain salt and lose potassium, which can raise blood pressure.
A book that I recommend is:

Coping with Prednisone (and Other Cortisone-Related Medicines): It May Work Miracles, but How Do You Handle the Side Effects? by Eugenia Zukerman and Julie R. Ingelfinger

I read this book and it was very helpful when I was on high doses on prednisone.

Peace, Love and Healing

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It is very normal to feel the way you are feeling! I started taking 100 mg a day for 3 months. I was diagnosed with neuro sarcoidosis and developed double vision. I was totally out of mind and myself. I did not know who that person was. I was weaned down from 100mg to 50mg down to 20mg once my vision got better but at 20mg I developed severe joint pain (i could not get up and down the stairs). I am back to 40mg a day and will start weaning down in about a week.

Your not CUCKOOO!!

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Everything you're saying sounds quite normal. I found myself very short tempered, I would fly off the handle for no reason. I also could not stop eating, we would eat dinner at 6, by 8 i was asking my wife what there was to eat.
Hang in there Shelly, it gets better

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Everytime I am put on prednisone I have poblems with elevation in my pressures. I have had high blood pressure for over 20 years now. My doctors always have me to inform them when I am put back on prednisone because it always causes my pressures to go up by telling them they can adjust my blood pressure medications while I am on the Prednosone. I also have Sarcoidosis in left eye Glucoma in the right. When on prednisone my pessure goes up to low 30's in my eyes which causes blurred vision real bad head and eye aches it has also bursted blood vessels in my eyes. So I have to let my Opthometrist (I mis-spelled it didn't I ) know of changes in medications especially when I am put on Pednisone. This way she can be more agressive with my eye drops and monitor my eye problem until I am taken off Prednisone. I learned today 2/12/2007 from my Family Practice Doctor that medications like zeretec-D and Mucinex-D the (D standing for decongestant) also contributes to elevated pressures. But the regular Mucinex is okay. Remember when in doubt ASK better yet when in doubt do the math yourself (reseach it) to be on the safe side. Good luck. I'll be praying for you.


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I've taken prednisone before now for my asthma now i'm taking it for my sarc. it pulmonaryand yes your body is adjusting so dont worry. i am currently taking 40mg. daily and it makes me extremely hungry do you have this problem if becareful what you eat because it will cause you to gain weight if they have not already told you. i've been taking it now for two weeks and i have a few odd feelings like chest pains,etc... but if i feel anything completely out of the ordinary i call the doctor and talk to him. just be patient and see what the outcome ends at the end of your prescription period. GOOD LUCK! MOMOF3

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I had to go on prednisone before Christmas. For the first time I started on 40 mg. I usely start with 30 mg. Well anyways it drove me nuts. I became depressed started to eat more , gained weight, became confused and argumentive and many more negative reactions. But the good part was I got a tremendous energy burst and no more exhaustion issues. I had not felt like that for years. Now several month later I have reduced it slowly to 5 mg. I tried to do that every other day but the side affects of the sarcoid started acting up again so I DESIDED to stay a bit longer on the 5 mg since I feel so much better on that. My energy level is so much better. 40 MG was to high for me and after a week I started to reduce this, I could feel the tension leaving my body. No more pain or sleepless nights. I am not sure what 70 mg can do for you what 40 mg can not do. I am a small person and weighted 102 pnds. Now I am bag to 125 pnds which I should be. Thankfully I have no more rimpels in my face [ moonface] So hang in there it gets better in the long run.

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kuddos 4 u putting a time frame and taking control..please be aware i dont want to candy coat but if they put u on 70 from the getco you have issues and it may take longer and more aggressive meds OR happily the can taper you down. having myself been on pred for years ..i can safely say pred is can be happy and giddy as a school girl the next you "can" be suicidal and moody..there is NO rhyme or reason.. i was reading early in one of the discussions of someone who lost their friedn to sarcoid bc the person would NOT take pred. i AM truely sorry for this person's loss however, as another room member stated...Pred is a personal choice- there are more aggressive meds , doctors just know that Pred is a quick fix..i too have made the personal choice NOT to take pred ever again. i know that there are two forms of sarc that only pred will help quickly or i will die. i will not say which ones and leave that up to you my sarcoid buddies to figure out and ponder. my side effects where TOO tragic i did want to kill myself daily, i cryed daily and at the time my child was just a young one...there were times i laughed so hard i nearly pee'd myself and di not care if i was fat or had that MOON face. its one roller-coater ride i choose NOT to ride again..does my family agree NO and do we argue YES, but in the end isnt it about what i want??? how i choose to live or die is up to me unles that is i get hit by a mack truck. i do have ALL my final arrangements in order, NO DNR. i have my advance directives in order and more important my docs are aware to use other methods of tx..NO PRED for me ever again

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i've tooken 5mg and 10 mg only. my lung doc told me no more predizone. too many side effects and it just covers the problem. i have to go to the disease specialist still and get on the recomended drug of the lung specialist. as soon as i know what it is and how the effects are i will let you know about it.

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4ever-let me know. I've often been curious if that drug Lyrica which is for fibromaylagia would work on Sarc patients who have alot of pain. I've been on Tramadol 3 x a day for years now and Ibruprofen until I developed high blood pressure. I really don't think after the side effects I had on pred. I will do it again especially at such a high dosage. Let me know what you find out, afterall, we all need to help each other!

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hi shellyrue

i went to the dr and he put me on methotrexate 2.5 mg. i was talking to another lady and she said she to took this and it did not work for her and she takes immune and it seems to be better. all i know right now is i get sharp pains in my stomach and right hip. i also have a yeast infection. don't know if this is due to the meds or something else. i'll keep you informed. good luck!

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