Prednisone and Surgery

HI friends,
Just wondering how many of you have had surgery while taking prednisone. I have one coming up and was wondering what might happen.
I did have a small surgery 2 years ago while on them but my dose was only 3mgs. I am currently on 6 and may need gallbladdder surgery.


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Hi there, Bunkie,

So sorry to hear you are having gallbladder problems. I have no idea about having surgery while taking prednisone, but I wanted to give you a bit of advice.

If the cause of your pain is your gall bladder--Do Not put off surgery if it is recommended; the sooner, the better!

I delayed it for 2 years, and boy, was I sorry! I had developed stones in the duct all the way to my liver. A 2 hr. surgery turned into 5 hrs. with a 10-inch incision! The recovery was long and difficult.

Hopefully, if you need surgery, it can be done microscopically. Good luck and feel better!


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Bunkie -

6 mg of prednisone shouldn't affect your surgery should you need it. On occasion, you may have some low blood pressure which would require some extra steroids for a few days after the surgery, but that would be unlikely when you're only on 6 mg daily.

Also, 6 mg a day of prednisone should not interfere with healing after surgery - usually we get worried when you're on doses of 10 mg a day or higher.

Of course, these are just generalizations - I cannot tell you what you should do over the internet. Just giving you some information.

Hope this helps.

Eric S. White, MD

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Hi Bunkie,
I too am having surgery on March 21 and am still on 15mg every other day. I've been told that the surgeon will give me a dose IV at the time of the surgery.
Right now I'm not feeling very well because of a cough and fever so surgery doesn't sound very appealing to me. Hopefully I will be feelling better by then!
Good luck with your surgery. I am sure that it will be done through laparascope as mine will.

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Thank you for the replys..especially Dr White. I am part of the U of M team for my lungs.
I was very concerned. Hopefully it will be done the easy way.
I am always afraid of Sarcoid acting up when you disrupt it with surgerys and procedures.
Marandie I hope it is not as bad as yours. I get some pain when I eat and keep to a low fat diet so far. This has been going on about 6 weeks. Thought I could eat my way through it but not so.
I am currently looking for a GB doctor in Grand Rapids so wish me luck. The one here in Lansing can't travel and I need to be at my step sisters to have surgery so the search is on. I have an endo appt there on the 9th of Feb that will give me a referral if I am lucky.

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Hi, Bunkie. I am sorry that you are going to have to have surgery. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I agree, though, not to delay it too long, I let mine go for over a year thinking it was an ulcer, but it turned out that it wasn't. Ended up with a stone escaping and blocking my pancreas, so actually ended up having 2 surgeries in 2 days, one to remove the gallbladder and the other to get the stone removed. Ugh. But am happy now that I had it done, cause the gallbladder can be really painful. Take care, and let us know how you are. Blessings to you!


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Are you on a restricted diet of any kind?

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Hi, Bunkie. No, am not on a restricted diet. I try to watch the fried or fatty foods, because I was told that the stones can also form without a gallbladder there, and I certainly don't want that to happen. I will tell you that right after surgery, I had a problem with fatty foods and roughage, especially lettuce, so be careful with those. Your body will adjust. I now eat just about anything I want to, but I am still cautious with the "greasy" foods. I will be thinking about you, and praying that your surgery and recovery are easy ones. Blessings to you, Bunkie. Take care, and I hope that you are feeling better quick!


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Good Evening

I have had several surgeries being on prednisone. My pulmonologist required that I be on increased amount of prednisone to ensure that the sarc stayed in remission. I had no complications from the surgery.

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