prednisone and chest pains

I have been on prednisone for about 4 months and have started to experience chest pains. The pains usually occur when I am relaxing. I am only on 15mg but am wondering whether anybody else has had similar reactions to the predninsone and what approach you took. I am also on atenolol as well to slow down the heart to counteract some of the prednisone symptoms.

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Hi Steererfan,

I was diagnosed over 17 years ago for Sarc. I not only get chest pains, (tightness), but also get shakes, total craziness...including "needing" to clean every corner of my house with alcohol using a Q-tip and vacuuming the air for dust....Speaking patience at all. The doctor finally gave me a script for valium....I only use it "as needed" and 99.9% of the time before bedtime. It has been a huge help. The problems with valium have to make sure you are aware what you are is very addictive. Using it for so long, I have a routine and can make 30 pills last for 3-6 months. I have submitted a case to Hoffman-Roche to try to get valium on the "acceptable" list for patients using prednisone, such as Sarcoid patients. (Medicare will no longer cover it unless Hoffman-Roche puts it back on a list for specific patients). may need a cardiac stress test. They recently found that I have pulmonary hypertension. This will also cause the chest pains with doing lifting or exerting. Hope this helps!


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Hi Steelefan,

Chest pain, or more specifically epigastric pain is a very, very, very common side effect of prednisone. I used to get it most often after breakfast, but occasionally after tea also. It used to last about 20mins each time. I knew it was a side effect of prednisone so it didn't bother me. I just put up with it.

I suggest you bring it up with your PCP. I am sure Somac, Zantac or Nexium could probably help. It is extremely painful when it is happening.



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Hi Gloria,

I have tried to get the stress test and the cardilogist saw me for 5 mins and threw me out of his office knowing I had severe chest pain. Many drs want the stress test but will not tell the cariologist. The drs just tell me to go for a visit and cause another dr hasn't said anything it will not be done. I wanted it done to see how I breath during activity and just aft cause they check that too. And to see if something was going on besides pain.

may need a cardiac stress test. They recently found that I have pulmonary hypertension. This will also cause the chest pains with doing lifting or exerting.

You where lucky to get yours. I'll have to wait it out.

Take Care,
Gone Natural

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Thanks for the info

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Hi Gone Natural,

First....get a new Cardiologist.....I can't believe he wouldn't give you the stress test! You may have to go to your GP and ask for him or her to give you a script to have it done. Second....knowing you have pulmonary hypertension....the Cardiologist should be caring for that! My doctor said he will address mine as soon as I'm done with the surgery coming up (sinus...granulomas).....they can treat it with medication...sometimes it does require a stent if really bad. I would stay on it....get that stress test done even if you have to go to another doctor....maybe he just didn't want to do it with you having pains in your chest at the time. Call and ask a ton of questions and let the doctor know....if he doesn't explain his responses to are looking for another doctor who has better bed side manner.
Keep me posted...feel better!


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I have had the same pain, and even thought it was my heart. It really fills like arthritis pain in stead of sharp pain. I have been able to control this with Advair 250/50 inhaled directly into my lungs every morning and every night. I had been on oral steroids but had too many side effects. Started on 40 mg per day and tapered to 20mg and was too taper to the dose you are taking, but every time I tried to taper to 15 to 20 mg the pain would come back.
Give Advair a try, it has helped me greatly. My internist put me on it my pulmonary specialist had no clue!!!

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Hi Gloria,

I don't know if I have pulmonary hypertension but drs where wondering if I had issues esp w/ so much chest pain. I do have inflammation of my chest caviety.

At this time I am giving up unless a dr calls a card then I will go for a stress test. I am tired of going to drs and fighting. Sometimes I give myself a deserving break. And my van just broke down at the bank so it is being junked tomorrow cause I can't do anything else but that. I am under enough stress. And heart conditions are in my family.

I am going to try to relax with my dog. I just walked 3 miles in the cold. Will have to sleep sitting up tonight.

Gone Natural

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Sorry to hear about all that gonenatural, will be praying. My main symptoms were shortness of breath and chest pain and I'm on 40mg of prednisone and am a lunatic. Yes, I was up till 4am ironing and sorting clothes, but my breathing is better, no pain. I also try not to worry about my job, I haven't been there a year and this sarcoid has made me quite the unreliable employee due to not breathing, so if I call in at all for a year, then I'm am automatically terminated. No pressure here. All I can do is pray and take care of myself and hope for the best.........this has been so crazy.........take care and always praying........Dawn

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