possible sarcoid causes

ive been thinking about causes of sarcoid since diagnosis two years ago and ive posted a few letters on here trying to find out about possible causes a lot of people have been told its hereditary and others like me have no relatives with the disease so im wondering if medication could be the cause as from all the conclusions i have come to this is the most obvious it seems that no matter who we are or where we live we are all given medication all the time as sarcoid is an auto immune disorder it looks like the most probable cause could be an antibiotic as we are all given these everyday from birth for infections and somewhere in our genes we could have something missing which is why we now have sarcoid ive been told by several specialists that sarcoid is more common than asthma and we all no asthma is caused by a lot of envirionmental things ie dust mites pet hair etc so if sarcoid is more common and not connected with any of these i think were looking at a possible cause in antibiotics i would like as many replys as possible to this email to see if we can come to a conclusion to this i have listed some of the antibiotics i have taken previously and would urge as many people as possible to do the same because if we can find the cause we may beable to find a cure and also prevent the sarcoid virus spreading to others
i have also been allergic to penicillin and all other medications containing it since i was 8

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I'm surprised by the "more common than asthma" comment. I've never heard of Sarcoidosis before getting it - but I've definitely heard of Asthma. I know people with it - but don't know any other Sarcoid sufferers (personally).

I do wonder about the environmental trigger. Hearing about the ground zero workers and volunteers at the world trade towers getting (and dying from) Sarcoidosis seems like a strong link.

I personally got my Sarcoid in the lungs fairly shortly after having our washroom in our new home torn out due to water and mold damage. I was exposed to the dust/dirt/mold/ceramic tile dust/drywall dust.

Maybe that was my trigger.

The one concern with trying to single out antibiotics is that they are almost too common. It's almost like trying to link Sarcoid to drinking water. I bet all of us Sarcoid patients took antibiotics during our life sometime - but we all drank water too...

I do hope the medical community finds a ground breaking discovery.

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Thats funny that you say yours came out when you had mold in your house. I was first diagnosed after having mold in my house for period of time while I was pregnant. I have heard others say they were exposed to mold and later was diagnosed with sarcoids.

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Mine started with an infection/cold. I had a cough and sore throat along with my middle daughter. She got better. My cough stayed and then got worse.

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I was told about 10 years ago that it could be caused by something in the environment, in combination with a certain genetic make up. That being the case, we moved our family out of that area. No one else in my family has ever had this disease. I was exposed to drywall and drywall dust and kerosene heaters as a child. My dad worked in construction and we were always going in the houses he was working in and helping to clean up the drywall dust. In the winter, my room was an add on and I had a kerosene heater for heat. I lived in the country on a farm and was around several different animals and probably some mold.
Not sure why - would love to know - now just learning to live with it every day.

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i think were all seeing a connection with mold when i was pregnant we moved into a flat with a lot of mold i had a few chest infections whilst i was there then my kidneys failed and i was rushed into hospital in premature labour my son was fine they kept us infor a month as he was in intensive care he was 8 weeks premature my doctor then got involved and got us moved out of the flat the council were made to get rid of the mold by environmental health before anyone else was allowed to live there we dont no if this is connected but it looks likely as my health got worsefrom that point on

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I've copied you on this email. Interesting, huh? :)
> I've made more progress on the possibilities of having Sarcoidosis for many
> years!
> The connection between, the symptoms of Depression and Brain Fog, lack of
> sleep and Fatigue, date back to 1984 when I lived in South New Jersey. The house I
> was renting , was severely infested with MOLD
> AND MILDEW! This is when those symptoms started in my life and I've always
> attributed them to Psychiatric problems and not eating properly! Though,
> they could have made it worse, there is a pattern of consistency. Every
> time, I lost my job due to depression and what I thought was Psychiatric
> issues. I was either living or working in an environment where MOLD AND
> MILDEW was out of control. I believe now, that, each time I was exposed to
> M & M to such high degrees, my Sarcoidosis came out of remission.
> And, in 1991, I was working at Resorts International, in an office that had
> mushrooms growing in the corner of the room! After, a few months of
> exposure, the symptoms returned and I was experiencing a Psychotic Episode due to
> a big issue of sleeplessness! > I haven't had a major breakdown, since then. Until, I was diagnosed with Hepatitus B, which I believe activated the auto-immune system. I started experiencing depression, brain fog, and fatigue. Until, now, I've always thought it Pyschiatric. I thought,I was experienceing new pyschiatric issues and I ran!!! I sold the house and moved back to NJ, when I moved into an basement
> apartment . Where the mold and mildew was out of control and I
> couldn't get the landlord to buy a de-humidifier. Then I started working
> at a retail store and the exposure to Carbon Monoxide and Sewage gas, combined
> with the exposure to M&M, where I was living, brought on the latest symptoms
> of Sarcoid!
> > Thanks for listening!
> Bob

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I was diagnosed after a tour in Iraq and am convinced that I got this from being exposed to all the toxins in the air over there but I will never convience the government of that. I have never lived in a house with Mold nor is mine hereditary as no one in my family as far back as my great grandparents ever had a autoimmune disease.

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Dr cass Ingram has concluded that Sarcoid and moist AID are related to and caused by black mould. Dr cass Ingram was the first doctor I know of to report on sarcoid and black mould. I moved from a house with black mould after getting very ill and then had pneumonia the same year or so I thought it was pneumonia, it was Sarc.Then I found Ingram's study.

That is what I am researching now. I have been implementing his techniques and my own more vigorously in the last two weeks and I am seeing some minor but important improvements.

I am sleeping with no cramps or spasms the whole night through.

My muscles are not locking during the day. I dont shake as much, still a bit at times.

My feet are pain free my toes are no longer curled up.

My mouth is wet this is huge. No more dry mouth. I relate this to magnesium directly.

Coffee interferes with all of the above for me.

My Sarc is no where near as bad as most of us here. I think because I have taken Oil of Oregano since I was first diagnosed 8 years ago.
Again I have reported before my first big break through was with Oil of Oregano "not one cold or flu for 8 years" with at least 100 signs of a cold or flu reconized by me over the 8 years. Now i only get signs or symptoms of a cold once or twice a year and Oreganol kills it.
My second now is with magnesium and elimination of taking any calcium witch causes magnesium deficiency or at least blocks it. Horrible for diabetics because calcium is killing the magnesium they need so badly to regulate glycemic levels and insulin.

Mega doses of vitamin C 9000mg daily are next. I studied Linus Pauling on Vitamin C in high school. He won a nobel prize and was then banned and ostracized by the medical profession, no doubt because of the huge greedy profits they would lose if drugs were eliminated. Now the Medical profession has admitted they were absolutely wrong about Pauling and Vitamin C. read this link here one of many I found about Vitamin C and Pauling.

Now other doctors are reporting huge benefits of mega dose Vitamin C in particular powder form. It is curing and reversing CHF and any arterial blockage problems but is amazing in cardiac patients. So Sarc Cardiac people here should pay attention to this for sure. And a host of other AID related diseases including diabetes have been treated successfully with mega dose Vitamin C.

So Vitamin C is next here we go.The dental causes appear to be very important as well as the mercury in fillings and lack of proper root canals have allowed fungi to propagate through are mouth.
This book explains Vitamin C and tall the other connections very well

However like all Sarc patients I am incredibly skeptical and until it cures or even alleviates something significant for me personally I will not beleive it.
That doesnt mean I wont try it adamantly after researching it to be at least viable.

I strongly beleive now Ingram is right ,Sarc is a bacteria from black mould and so are most of the other AID diseases.
What I like most about Oreganol and Magnesium and Vitamin C is they all are natural and non invasive against any other medication I have checked so far. Pregnancy as always is an exception although I strongly and categorically state, check with your doctor first no matter what you decide to take including the vitamins I am mentioning here.
I know were all adults and we need to decide for ourselves but if we can at least push each other in the right directions then each one of us can decide which one of these actions we can take. I have seen so many cases where one thing cures someone else and harms the next person.

After years of so many wrong treatments and diagnosis I am very tired of new information but that is the battle I am in daily.

I will let you know what I discover that is beneficial to me.

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i believe that black mold could be where you dont see it like in your walls in your house. so if someone thinks that they have not be exposed to black mold they might want to think about that again.

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i have discussed this with former roommates before i went to taiwan back in 96

was in a 3 bedroom apartment and going through things and tossings things out

one of the items which i opened and looking back at the event was i should have not but i opened a plastic cylinder

this mold from me jerking open the lid was this fungus flew up into the air and into my face

needless to say i did breath some of it in through my nose and mouth and also into my eyes (was this the start of sarc)

well when i was in taiwan they had a sanitation strike over there and everyone says the chinese mafia was behind the event

they had trash and wasting food in huge large piles and the stinch was very disgusting and always hard to breath (was this the start of sarc)

they thought i had tb because of the xrays at the hospital over there but i refuse and was on the nexgt jet back to the states

went to a dr over here in socal and the diagnosis was sarc

another time a tenant in the complex had all of this milddew and mold growing in here apartment

we both think it was from the excessive watering a lady did on her balcony of her plants with the runoff into the apartment below her

all of her stuff was totally trashed and the stinch again was pathetic

the lady took pics and tried to sue but sure would like to get intouch with her and give her this info about sarc

now the va doctors think i should have a lung transplant which from the xrays and other things they have also observed along with an enlarged heart

anyone out there who have been advised that they should get a lung transplant sure would like to know

also any super doctors in the los angeles area that are extremely knowledgeable about sarc and have found success in putting it into remission

i feel that i will always have sarc even if it goes into the dormancy phase and never have complications with it

i am also on pure oxygen now 24/7

so this is where i am at for the present and teaminspire is a God send tyvm

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I always thought  it came from mold. I  would like to know if it can come from rat,mouse ,droppings.  We helped a lady clean out her house,that had just enough room to walk in. We had to shovel our way in. We didn't wear masks. It was shortly after that i found out through bloot tests,that i had sarc. amoung other things. I would like to hear from people who have constant pain in legs and hip.

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My husband found some links on the web today that you might find interesting.

This link shows research on environmental and occupational risk factors for sarcoidosis:

This link is for a 27-year study on "Trends and occupational associations in incidence of hospitalized pulmonary sarcoidosis and other lung diseases in Navy personnel ":
http://www.mdconsult.com/das/citation/body/94222243-2/jorg=journal&source=& sp=15123032&sid=0/N/15123032/1.html?issn=0012-3692&issue_id=16258

It's all pretty technical to me, and my brain is not operating a full capacity at the moment, so I haven't read it yet :).


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