Painful boils

Hi everyone, I have not been on-line in a while as we had no computer. Back on line again and enjoying reading The G's posts ( they keep me grounded!)

I am currently taking 7.5 mg of Methotrexate a week and 5 mg of Pred a week (tappered down from 20 mg)

I am getting very very painful boils under my arms and on my abdomen.

Any ideas as to whether this is sarc related or med related?

Mani from Canada

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I am glad to hear that someone is talking about boils. I two have been pleged with boils.
I am not on any medication at this time. I will be going to a Tuberculoses clinic on Friday
to have a battery of test done before I go on prednisone. Since I test possitive for TB. I
was exposed to as a child.
The boils where the beginning of my sarcoid diagnoses. I had one that was so big on the
highest part of my thigh that I was not able to sit for days. The second one was not so big
but big enough to hurt. I have been getting smaller one always on the thigh area around
the back. I have suffered for a year.
My doctor has given me antibiotics for them but they do not go away. They just stay purple
and the only good thing is that they are not full of puss any more. The pain only come when
I would accidently sratch one.
I can say that bathing suits are completely out of the question for me now. I look like I have the worst acne in the world. I wish the purple color woud go away. So much for vanity.
So I do not wish boils on anyone, that I do not think medication is not the problem, since I am
not on anything. I would have to blame Sarc.
I am sorry, these boils are very painful. Good luck lets pray that yours do not go dark purple

Sandy from Bristish Columbia

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Boils, Boils, Boils.... ICKKKKKkkkkk!!!

Since I have been diagnosed with sarcoid I get at least 3 or 4 a year in places that isn't lady like to mention- Yes, dark places!!! They are the most painful thing I have ever encountered! I was told by my pulm. doc and my gyn. that they aren't sarc related. I think they are! I have been in the hospital with them. I have had them lanced, squeezed and removed. They SUCK! I have been given antibiotics for them also. NONE I have tried work. I have even had them given to me through an IV for 5 days in a hospital. I can't tell you about the color purple because they are always in dark places (sorry for being so graphic). Anyway, I had been wondering this same thing if anyone else with sarc. has had them I just got my answer I love this website! Also. I am sorry for your pain Mani !

Hope you are better soon.

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Oh my gosh ! I knew this was related to everything else - I am so glad this was brought up. I have noticed two so far both on the upper inner thigh. One just developed this weekend, this was the worst one but it was directly across from the first one that developed about 3 weeks ago. It is so painful..( another reason to hurt when you walk)..I've never had one before I got so sick. This disease is like hitting the jack-pot...I thought about going to the Dr but frankly I'm going broke paying her. I'm so sorry anyone else is going through this. I too was wondering if this was a common symptom. Thank you for bringing this to light. I wish you all better and I'm sorry for what you're going through. Lindi

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Painful boils for over a couple of months now. I have been diagnosed with Sarcoid back in 1991. I have recently been experiencing painful boils on my legs. They come and go but they feel as if they are attached to a nerve. I get them on my knee and lower leg areas.

I used to get them on my arms but now they like my lower extremities.

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Wow! I hadn't mentioned these to my doc because I couldn't think of a way it could be related, but a couple of your descriptions are right on target. Has anyone gotten an explanation for these? Is it skin sarc?

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yes, I too get these. I get them also on my stomache, and they do leave the nasty purple scar type mark.

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