Pain along the jaw line /under the ears


Have any of you been bothered with a pain that starts along the jaw bone line and goes up under the ears. I have had bone loss in the gums, but the last time it was checked it had not changed much.

Another sarcoid present to accompany my chest and stomach, must have felt like I needed another ache.

Chris Neisel

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I do. It is this kind of dull ache that makes you just want to stretch your mouth and it feels as if your throat is tightening. It comjes and goes but seems to get aggravated if I get a little anxious. I thought this might be a side effect of the drugs but I am not sure. So at least I know I am not making this stuff up. It seems everyday there is a new ache or pain to contend with.

SO take care.

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Hi Chris
Is your neck swollen at all? Could be the pesky lymph nodes! They are everywhere and the ones in the neck I believe are closest to the ear/jaw area. Those lymph nodes can be a funny thing. They can swell and put pressure on nerves causing pain to radiate!!!
Hope you feel better soon!!
Be Well

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Sounds like your having a rough time of it. Believe me when i say

i feel your pain!!! sarcoid affects the lymph nodes (swollen lumps), in

such areas as the neck,chin, armpit and groin, although not usually tender.

Do you experience excessive dry mouth? swollen cheeks? if so you may

have the same complaint that i do. Sarcoid causing enlargement of the saliva glands

( these are just below the ear, behind the jaw line), with a painful inflammation.

I have been prescribed various pain killers by my GP, my dentist advised sugar free gum and

plenty of water to counter-act the dryness and prevent dental problems.

Stay chiled.

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Hi Chris,

I have had jaw pain for the last month I thought it may be from the Methotrexate but now reading about everyone else's pain not so sure. Mine is along my jaw line and radiates to my ears, my neck feels swollen too. I have percocet but hate taking it. Along with the jaw pain is the stomach problems although my Doctor doesn't think it is Sarc related? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

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Hi Pam,

Thanks for your insight. I had the sarcoid (lymph nodes behind the lungs) diagnoised last April. The jaw pain has only been present in the last six weeks. I do not have a dry mouth although sometime when I start to drink something, I want to pucker. I am not on any prescription medicine at the moment so that could be ruled out. I, too, have stomach problems. While the sore chest has been my constant companion ( not necessarily painful)since the beginning) when my chest hurts at all, the indigestion is immediately back. I have what they call a lazy stomach, the nerves in the stomach don't communcate with the brain to tell the stomach that it 's time to move the food on down the line. I take at least three laxatives a day and would not go without them. This I think was due to having an adrenal tumor that produced too much cortisol for six years and did a job on my stomach plus sarcoidosis.

I am seeing some arthritis (mild) in the back part of the thumb and at night in my ankles, never was aware of it before. Just enough uncomfortableness to give you a restless night of sleep.

When I was in a lot of chest pain (after a biopsy on the lungs and lymph nodes), I took morphine as I am not ready to do anything with steroids at this stage. I had no trouble getting off it and would not hesitate to do it again.

This sarcoid business sure puts us in a quandry and we surely don't like not knowing what to expect next. God must smile when he sees us human beings trying to figure out the unknown.



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Thanks for your input. Yes, it does come and go and settles under the ear. As my chest has been somewhat more sore this week, maybe it could be from the lymph nodes?

Glad that I asked and that I wasn't having illusions.

Chris Neisel

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Hi Dawn,

Your theory sounds logical. While my neck doesn't seem to be swollen, it is a touch sore. I guess this wild thing can go wherever it wants and drive us to think we are the mental cases because we don't know what to expect next.

Thanks a lot.

Chris Neisel

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Hi Chris
It sure can. I went to the ER a few weeks ago because both sides of my neck were so swollen I could barely move my head. And pain??? UGH. The ER doc determined that I had pulled the muscles in both sides of the neck, although the pain had started in the middle of the day with no injuries. She gave me 5 days flexeril and sent me on my way. It can be strange. I didn't even sleep on it wrong but I finally had to go in after several days of not being able to turn my head right! She believed that I was holding tension in my neck from the joint pain everyplace else and it just caused too much lactic acid or what ever damages muscles to build up and voila! pulled muscles.
Good luck and be well

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I also have this pain along jaw and very sore neck, The only things I am taking at the moment is my advair, soma for the sore muscle in the legs, back and arms now and pain pills as needed and of course ibprofin, when I went to doctor to complain of this new pain of course she couldn't give me an answer expect now all my new symptoms are now being called fibromyalgia and they want to give me lyrica which a side effect is sore muscle? hum I thought I already had that so now I wonder if this lyrica will make it worse??????
good luck to you, I am going on 3 years with sarc, and seem to get new symptoms all the time

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I have had jaw pain too and this morning I could hardly open my mouth. I struggle to drive sometimes as I can't turn properly when I reverse as the pain in my neck can be awful at times. When I came into work everyone thought I had 'slept awkward' and to tell the truth sometimes I can't be bothered to explain what the real problem is as they just shrug anyway! I have just had a flare up after 9 years of being in remission and it has affected a lot more this time. Lungs, as before, eyes, joint and muscle pain, very tired and feeling quite depressed sometimes but I am and always have been a positive person so onwards and upwards. I hope you are having a good day today, the sun is shining here so that makes a diference. Take care.

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I had that for about a month and just thought I did something like sprained it (maybe eating too much :-)). I am not sure but the pain finally lessened. It is still not back to normal but for a while it was hard for me to eat etc. I never would have thought it had anything to do with the disease. This is the first time I have had this to happen. Thanks for sharing your life with us it truly means alot to hear other peoples stories and have a sense of someone who knows what I am going thru. Thanks again.

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I too have the pain in the jaw and across the shoulders.. Sometimes it feels like my head is just to heavy for my neck to hold up! When I chew my jaw gets real tired and I have to just hold my mouth still for a few seconds before I can finish whatever I am chewing. I really never related it to the sarc, but now that I have read your post, I am rethinking.
This is such an interesting condition it be experiencing...

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