Osseous Sarcoidosis

Hi from France,

Does anyone has aver seen an osseous sarcoidosis like this? http://cjoint.com/?jnon52HbrO
I've been hospitalized for 3 months and I'm a little desperate. No one has ever seen that in France, so that they don't know what to do with my leg!!


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Hi Ben

Looks painful. I was googling to see exactly what it was. I thought bone sarc. All I could find for a good report was this from 1983 who has had success but I don't know how. I read 1st 10 pages out of 22. Now I know a little more of how to look at my x-rays. Sorry I couldn't been more help. http://radiographics.rsna.org/content/3/3/375.full.pdf
Best luck to you

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That x-ray looks a little like my x-ray of my hip....that was diagnosed as AVN....DEAD BONE....but the other lesion? is a mystery. Why are you in the hospital? What do your Dr.s say? My bone sarc lesions did not look like that at all. They were irregular shapes ovals, circles, like holes in my bones.
Very much like swiss cheese.
I don't think I have seen anything in the literature online that resembles that....and unfortunately I know of no dr.s that specialize in Osseous Sarcoidosis. If anyone out there does please post.
Bon chance....

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Hi, The bone is not painful no, which is painful are the liters of pu (i don't know how to call that purulent liquid) trying to escape from my calf for the past 3 months!
I have two drains now after trying during august to heal the wound that had been made in july to clean the calf.
I have a pulmonary sarcoidosis and took corticoids in june and july, I had to stop so that the doctors could examinate this "pu" which was sterile in july and to heal my calf.
The problem is: if it is an osseous sarcoidosis i I'll have to take a high dose steroids and I can not heal my wound, I have already caught a staphylococcus.
Thx for your answer, I knew this report but if I understood well, it never appears on shinebone.

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----> Fishmom
Hi, I do not understand AVN, what this letters stand for?
I know indeed that osseous sarcoidosis are like swiss cheese.
My Docs say "Great, we've never seen that but let me call someone I know before calling Nature Magazine......." who says the same thing.
In France, they never saw something like that, and the worst is: I feel good!
I'm sur that: It's not Cancer, It's not a Virus or Bacteria, It's not genetic....everything that exit from my bone is sterile!
Thank you for your message.

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AVN = Arterial Vascular Necrosis. It is when for whatever reason, the blood supply to a bone is resricted, cutting off the supply of nutrients to keep the bone alive....It dies. I was looking at the site that "gonenatural" suggested...it is very interesting but does not really address Sarcoid in the long bones, such as yours and mine.....I will keep looking further if I see anything I will let you know.

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Hello, here is the latest result of the change of dressing this morning, samples of the calf still do nothing. But under the microscope, my lesion resembling tuberculosis. My surgeon said that many of sarcoidosis are diagnosed as tuberculosis. So if the samples reveal the bacillus in the week, it will be a TB, otherwise it will be sarcoidosis.
Thank you again for your answer!

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hello benoit

you are going through a lot and i am sure it isn't helping since drs have no clue what is wrong. i am glad you are feeling well but your leg will not go with the program. i wish you the best and please keep us informed on your prognosis.
blessed be
gone natural

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