Open Neck Lymph Node Excision for Dx

Hi out there. I am new to the forum, and mistakenly, uneducatedly made mention of the M_______ Protocol. Sorry about that previous post.....won't happen again.

The reason I am writing is because I just had an open neck biopsy with excision of 2 lymph nodes. I have had chronic neck pain and "fullness" for about 5 months. Along with a host of other difficulties that I have been (strangely) able to relate to all of yours that I am reading.

Just wondering if any of you had horrible swelling, neck pain, and paralysis of the face after an open neck biopsy. This has been sheer hell. I cannot believe how much pain I am in. I had it on Saturday morning, its now Tuesday afternoon, and I can barely move still. I ended up in the ER lastnight because the swelling got so bad it was pushing on my airway and I was drueling because of the numbness in my face.

Any info? I should have the results by Friday, lymphoma or sarcoid.

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Hi CathyF,

I also had a biopsy in my neck area. The incision goes from around the clavical area and goes upward. I also remember it being very sore. And, I was also told that I had lymphoma before I had the biopsy. They removed several of mine....can not remember exactly how many but on the pathology report it says;

"Sections reveal lymph nodes virtually replaced with granulomas. All of the granulomas appear to be the same age. They are all non-necrotizing. Special stains for acid fast bacteria and fungi are negative."
** Daignosis, Sarcoidosis

Just as a side note, try and not worry about it being lymphoma (easier said than done I know) because during the surgery, before they even close you up, what happens is they will look at a piece of the biopsy to check to see if it is cancerous cells or not.

I hope that you get to feeling better soon.
What did the ER do for you last night?? Perhaps you should give the surgeon or your gp a call if the swelling is so bad that it is effecting your breathing.
Keep us updated

Take Care,

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they said it was "normal" post op swelling. I cannot believe that, because It is hard as a rock, and the size of a baseball. They just sent me packing. I still feel terrible. I am just so tired of all this. I'll keep you updated.

Thanks for the info. Cathy

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I am sorry to hear that you are still feeling so bad.
I DO NOT remember having that 'post -op" swelling when I had my biopsy. Was it that large to begin with? Before you had the biopsy?
If you are not feeling better by tomorrow, perhaps you should give your gp or the surgeon a call. Can't hurt, might help. How is your breathing today?

I know what you mean about being tired of all of what we have to endure from the medical field. Try and hang in there. I have you in my thoughts and prayers.
Do you have to work while going through all of this or are you on leave? Stay at home mom?
Take Care,

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Yep...I'm a stay at hom mom of 3 kids under 6 years old. Its exhausting. It wasn't like this pre surgery. I just had a whole bunch of painful smaller like dime and quarter size lymph nodes. this thing is like a baseball. After surgery, my ent told my husband he didn't think lymphoma, but honestly after all I've read, its like I'd almost rather have it be that so that there is definitive treatment. I know that sounds crazy, but, its true. I have been sick for 2+ years. I am sick of this. I constantly feel like a bother to everyone I love, including my husband, parents, and kids. Anyway, I am so sorry for unloading on you. I probably will call my doc tomorrow, I just feel like I've been bothering him because the hospital called him when I went in the er and I called him for stronger pain meds. this just doesn't seem normal. Its hard as a rock.

I'll let ya know.....Cathy

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Oh my dear you are NOT unloading on me at all.
Cathy, you know your body better than anyone and know what is normal and what is not.
Uummm, as far as feeling bad bothering him (the dr)........."NO"! He works for you. That is the profession he chose. And with that being said, "call him". If it does not seem normal for you...then it probably is not.

You are truly blessed to be a stay at home mom!!
I was also very blessed that my husband was able to provide for us comfortably so that I did not have to work. We have (5) children. I did however, take college classes in the evening when he was home to sit with the kids. It worked for us.
Let me know what thr doc says tomorrow.

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My prayers are with you.. I guess I am pretty lucky. I do not have any extremity lymph node involvement. It is in my lungs and spleen for now!! I am sure my eyes are involved also. Please do not wish for Lymphoma. My sister died 10 years ago at the young age of 34 of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I personally am going down the same path as you when it comes to pain and confusion. Treat or not to treat. My disease started in 2004 and I was not told about it. At the time it was very limited and only in my right lung. Why did they not tell me. Now it is at least a stage 3 and in at least 3 organs.. I am very confused and I will be praying for a fast recovery for you too. Hugs!!

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Cathy,when I first got diagnosed my doc actually said it would have been better if it had been lymphoma. I too had the same open neck surgery and I was not ready for the pain I was in. They got started on me very late and I was the last one out of the surgery center that night. They rushed me out. If that wouldn't have happened, I might have stayed over as the pain was very bad. I know it lasted that way over 2 weeks. When is your post-op appointment with your doc? If it's not soon, I'd call him. Especially if it's still swelling and gets harder. Have you taken the bandages off to look at it, if not maybe do that and see if it looks like it's clean and healing.

Feel better soon!

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Do they have you on any sort of antibiotic since doing the surgery? I'm wondering if its that swollen, could it possibly be infected? Did they even look at the incision when you went to the ER?? I hope the pain eases up soon.

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Doc said my incision is good, and the swelling although rare and painful is somewhat normal. It doesn't happen alot but it does happen. I just hope goes away soon. No sarc found in those two lymph nodes. I just wonder if that rules out sarc? (oh, no lymphoma praise Jesus!) I just don't know what it all means. they told me they are sending my nodes from our local hospital to the Mayo clinic for pathology. Why, I don't know, guess they just ain't smart enuff in these here parts. :)

Anyway, thanks for all the info. You guys are soooo nice. I needed some lifting up. Check in w/me anytime.

I'll write when I hear something.


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Hope you are feeling better and well into your recovery and the swelling is going down.
Have a super week.

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