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My husband was diagnosed with Scaroid about 7 months ago. I am just learning about all the problems that come along with it. He has sarcoid in the lungs and I am not sure where else. His liver enzymes are extremely high, we are having a sonogram on Monday. My questiion is can anyone tell me about the Boston Medical Center's Scaroid Clinic. I have not done much research on any ot this until the past few weeks. We are seeing a primary care and a pulmonary specialist, but I am not feeling very comfortable. It seems when I ask questions and suggest we go to a "Scaroid Dr." I get the feeling that the Doc's think I am over reacting, which makes me feel the same way, that maybe I am trying to make a big deal out of something that's not. But when I read blogs, like the one I read the other day about Dan Stoddard Passing away, makes me think I should be more aggressive.I know my husband and he never sits still long, but lately he just does not feel well, looking back on health issues he has had, I am thinking he has probably had this for at least 2 years. He has been on 60 mg of prednizone, and has been cut back to 10 mg's a day. Does anyone have sarcoid of the liver as well? I would appreciate any input that someone might have.....

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