New Symptoms - coughing - salty tasting mucuous

Hi! Just wondered if anyone experiences salty tasting mucous draining from the back of the throat and coughing up from broncial tubes - clear, sometimes white or foamy - no fever - so sinus headaches - causes a tickle in my throat and a lengthy period of coughing. Worse at bedtime. Have the sarcoid, which supposedly is in remission, and also heart problems. The coughing gets so bad I can't catch my breath - the atrovent helps. When I start it kinda scares everyone around me, especially my husband. When Isaw the pulm last week, my lungs were clear; pulse ox 97 -next day the symptoms started back up again, but inbetween times the lungs feel fine? Just another jigsaw puzzle to put together. Thanks! Great-gram

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I've had this at times but have always just attributed it to allergies or sinus-guess I will start watching it more :) The thing I've noticed most is every once in a while I will cough up little balls of something-they almost look like a plaque of some kind-they're hard & have a foul taste & odor to them-of course I've never had this happen when I'm at the doctor's office for them to test & since my doctor is over 3 hours away from me, they "die" before I can get them to her. Have you or anyone else had these things? I can feel them in the way back of my throat & when I cough or sneeze they will come out. I know that sounds nasty & I apologize. I've started attributing most everything to sarc even though officially I only have it in my lungs.

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Hi! Thanks for the response. I don't know about the placque, but when I was working, and teachers would tell me a child had "foul" breath, when I would check it out it was either tooth decay or sinus infection. Most of the times it was verified by a doctor that the child had a sinus infection. I know that when I wake up in the morning and have an awful yucky taste in my mouth it is usually sinues. When I take something to loosen it up,, yellow mucus, sometimes really thick plugs will drain. Ususally it is viral and once it drains, I'm ok. If I get a fever I go to the doctor. Of course now, that I'm on coumadin I need to notify the nurse for everything that I take, even the OTCs and any supplements. I had my INR done today, to determine the blood level for the coumadin, I mentioned the coughing, the other symptoms and let her know that I had aspirated my vitamin into my airway about a month ago. She said it might be from that. I'm thinking it is somekind of allergey or a reaction to one of the meds. Either that or I'm not in remission for the sarc any longer. I see the pulm again in Aug and will have a PFT study done, but if my lungs are good on a particular day, nothing will show up. I see the heart doctor on the 17th of June. Think I'll try to set up an appointment for a physical with my primary. See how long that takes. I can handle most of the symptoms, except for when the coughing gets so bad I can't talk and can hardly breathe. I know that doesn't do the heart any good.
I tend to link other symptoms in with the sarcoid, but I used to do that after I had cancer. I know there are other causes of symptoms, but not knowing for sure is difficult.
One of the things the cancer doctor told me, was to get checked if I get a new symptom that doesn't go away after 2 weeks. That helps a little.
Are bodies are so complex and the sarcoid, and other illnesses and diseases are so tricky, it's hard to say what comes from what.
In closing - signs of infection - foul taste, fever, yellow discharge, no matter what kind. Another red flag is severe or frequent nosebleeds. Keep a diary and if it appears to be an infection, get seen, and let the doctor decide.
God bless! Great-Gram

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Thanks for the reply-hope everything goes well with your appointments. Hopefully you're still in remission & it's just something minor. :)

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Sarcoid symptoms are so WEIRD that I sometimes wonder if anyone believes me besides those of you who have it. I have a constant raspy throat that if I cough will bring up a whitish or clear mucous stuff. If I have an infection it changes color. If I am with other people, I will go to the restroom to try to cough it up so that I don't sound so gravely voiced and so that I don't accidentally cough and spit that awful stuff up in someone's face-so humiliating. But the worst part of the coughing is when I have to cough harder or longer and this pain happens in my chest and back that feels as if a thousand needles and pins have exploded from the center of my chest. Sometimes it is scary. So I tend to suppress the cough when I can to avoid that pain but I don't know if the fluid that is obviously in my lungs is causing any damage by leaving it there-you know how when you are in the hospital they always want you to cough any fluid up. You mentioned the little hard things that you cough up-I have that also but do not know if it is the same as yours. About 3-4 times a week it feels as if something is caught in the back of my throat, kind of like when you have a cold and you need for the mucous and junk to clear, except with these things, I have to cough it up into a tissue or in the bathroom as it is hard like plaque and gags me until I manage to be able to cough it up-it is a terrible feeling when it won't dislodge easily. Like others who talk about this part of the symptoms, they are yucky and sound gross but it is the way it is and if we don't explain it to the doctors or to each other, how will we ever know if it is serious or if there is something we can do about it. Not to mention the effect on our love lives-thank goodness I have an understanding husband, but the loss of teeth from sarcoid of the salivary glands, etc, and the constant mucous in my throat definitely change the way I feel about myself. Kissing will never be the same. I do hope that your own situation and those of others who replied improve along with the overall quality of your lives. I don't know if any of you ever feel this way, but since I was diagnosed with this in 2004, the symptoms have been many and vary in severity -I think the worse part of it is the loss of quality of life and the inability to do the things y ou w ant to do, the fatigue, the mental fog-all together takes you to another place than the normal life you once had. Having said that-Since 04 I have known several people-some very close to me and others from my church or friends of friends, who have been diagnosed with more serious diseases that have taken their lives within months. That is when I put things into perspective and see that my chronic illness could be so much worse. My first cousin died of complications of sarcoid 3 years before I was diagnosed, in the days when I would hear the word and ask for the spelling of it over and over because I had never heard of it. Now other people do the same with me as most do not know what in the world it is. Sorry to take so long- I am thankful for the support that this site provides-it is the only place where people know what I am talking about.

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I have been having coughing spells where I almost pass out, seeing stars. I also spit up mucus constantly. At times I have had hard small chunks of a yellowish stuff that is bitter, but don't know what it's from. I saw the Doctor today, he said that he doesn't know of a "sarcoidosis" specialist anywhere. All they can ever do is treat the symptoms as it progresses. I have had this for about 13 years now, and am currently on oxygen. I thank God each day for another day. Hang in there.

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Hi Haymaker and muddle - glad to hear from you. Still doing the coughing and such - using inhaler; I get a tickle in the throat and wind up sucking on lots of Halls during the day. Not coughing quite as much. Heart doctor said the coughing might be from the lisinopril and to get back to her in 2 weeks if the coughing doesn't subside and she'll give me another type of b/p medication. She is trying to keep my b/p and pulse rate down as low as possible to keep the heart from working too hard - she's trying to stall repairing the mitral valve until it is really necessary. I don't really have a problem with that, just as long as my lungs don't get worse and the surgery gets too risky. Blood work will be done in 3 months and she'll see me back in 6 months. Still have to schedule the pulm appt for Aug or Sept. Time to get a rheumatologist as well; getting pains I've not had before. I don't get too embarrased with the coughing - I just reassure people that I don't have an infection and apologize to those who phone it. Work hours are down to 12 hours a week - those are the paid hours. Worked until 7 p.m. on Monday. It was 8 before I ate something for dinner. Went in this morning at 7 and stayed for 3 hours to help get 26 children ready to leave for camp. I'm working tomorrow, but will try to make it a short day. Unless they cance music and worship arts for Friday, I'll go in late, so I will be there for that, Lord willing. I get tired, but can usually push through - it keeps my mind off of the things I don't need to think about. I'm enjoying America's Got Talent, because it gets to be funny, and also enjoyable. Haymaker - have you tried asking for those in your area of the country who they have tried. Sometimes it's helpful. My doctors aren't sarcoid specialists, but that's ok for now, because everything isn'nt necessarily related to the sarcoid. I've told my primary that I feel fragmented in my care, and she told me she would like to see me more frequently. She does advocate for me, and I can share what I think; I also find that most times she is really good at her assessments and tries to stay on top of everything. Muddle - you're not the only long response writer -- so no need to apologize - I think it shows up with me because I'm ADHD - and at my age & with the sarcoid and anything else - it's the only way the H shows up -- that, and talking! Ouch! Don't even talk as much as I used to - that's when my throat act up and I start talking. Blessings! Great-Gram

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