Neck and Shoulder pain

I have been having real bad neck and shoulder pain . It started with my neck and it felt like I slept wrong . I went to the Doctors and he said I pulled my Trapeze Muscle . He gave me some muscle relaxers to take and said to use Ice pack / heating pad . It has been a month now and it's not any better . But now the pain from my neck runs down into my shoulder. It feels like a deep stabbing pain in my shoulder . It also feels like pins and needles or tingling in the top part of my shoulder . I went to the Doctor Friday he did X-rays of my neck and shoulder and blood work. He doesn't know if it's my Sarcoid so I've got to go to the Lung DR next week and ask him . If the lung Doc doesn't think it's sarcoid related, then my Family Doc is going to do a nerve test and MRI to find out whats going on. I've also been having a lot of joint / muscle pain in my other arm too. Could it be Fibromyalgia? I just don't know .

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I agree with the MRI and - myself, had a chiropractor do lateral and oblique xrays to identify misalignment, spurs and shrinking disks pinching a nerve.

The chiro relieved the pain in one adjustment, but the degeneration makes it more difficult as time goes on.

Ice is my best friend - especially with lumbar and sciatic problems. I have sarc granuloma around the nerve roots narrowing the openings through which they emerge from the spine. The irritation and tenderness rises right to the skin surface in the whole saddle area so it's hard to find a comfortable chair - but the ice packs for 20min. three times a day really does more than any med I've tried.

Good luck,

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I was dx with fibro approx. 2 years after my sarc dx. My symptoms are burning, tingling, needles from the base of my neck down between my shoulder blades. As the pain worsens, my muscles begin to spasm. My PCP prescribed zanaflex, a muscle relaxer, which helps greatly. So I have been told this problem is fibro--not sarc. Who Knows??? I have not had an MRI or any other scans in that area.

Hope your pain can be relieved.

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Yes, my Rheumy also diagnosed the same type pain as fibromyalgia. I take Cymbalta for the fibro pain and rub on a nerve deadening cream called Zostrix (over the counter)which seems to help.

I also have a bone spur on my spine which caused left arm pain and tingling followed by numbness. Physical therapy took care of that. Good luck too you.

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Thanks so much for all of the input. I went back to the Doctor today and he is going to schedule an MRI and a nerve test . I have to call back tomorrow , as the pain increases it does feel like my muscle is spazzing from my neck down my arm. I hope they figure this out pretty quick, I need some relief. Thanks again

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