Natural treatments for Sarcoidosis

Has anyone out there tried herbs and/or other health suppliments to treat their Sarcoidosis?

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Hi there! I have tried several things over the last several years. I do take liquid chlorphyll every day. My naturalist says it helps to oxygenate the blood. I also take Umka every day. It is a plant from Africa, I believe. I researched it before I started using it. They both seem to help with my breathing. I also use Aloe Extract Juice instead of Prilosec or other stomach pills. It helps tremendously!! My primary doc is very supportive of natural aids and lets me know when he thinks one is just bunk or not.

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Hi Laura,
Thanks for the information. I'll try those. I figured that aloe vera juice might take away the scarring in my lungs from Sarcoidosis, but not sure. But worth a try.

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I use all natural cleaning and washing products for my home, hands, clothing, etc.

This has been highly recommended but many news reports if you have an auto immune condition.

I don't care what they call sarc, auto immune or not, no one knows. All I know is my home and clothing is healthier for me and my products last longer and some even work better then the stores junk.

Aloe vera juice tastes ucky but you should get use to it quickly. Having it chilled is best.

I have to check into the other products Laura mentioned.

I know my drs push Omega 3 and I take 2,200mg 2x a day.

Hope this helps

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I take oil of oregano that someone on this site suggested as well as MSM that a dr says reduces inflammation. I also take magnesium at night. It helps with sleep and strenghtens bones. I also started taking fish oil again and I have alway taken flax seed oil.

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Hi TheGardener,
Thanks for the tips...Haa-. I can imagine what a free range cheeseburger looks like! Once I asked my young son who seemed artistic, to draw a wildflower...Well, he drew a stickfigure with a flowerhead and a crazy look in it's eyes running aimlessly.... Ya have to laugh to keep from crying. I'm always soooo stiff and sore all over, and I forget how much I grunt and groan just rolling over from one side to the other, but my husband mimicks me, but it still doesn't make my aches go away. So I just bought a plane bottle of Glucousime/Chondroitin, to see if that will help. I used it a couple years ago and it seemed to help, but it's so expensive. I also make myself a 'tea' with 20 herbs for lungs and cancer, because, hey, anything to help with the Sarcoidosis. Right. If anyone out there wants a list of the herbs in my tea, just let me know....

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I tried many natural anti-inflammatories to reduce the pain and inflammation. Many worked for some months & then the inflammation would win. Many did nothing at all.

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Yes I have tried many natural remedies and sometimes they help and sometimes not. Right now I take vitamines A [for dry eyes], B 6/12 etc, C 2000 mg, absolutely no D, E for my skin. Bronchial teas [for my lungs] Potasium [one banana a day suppose to help for my kidneys] Magnesium and MSM glucosamine sulfate 2 capsules a day helps the aching bones quite well for me. This all seem to help me, I have been taking it for several years now. I also take green plus powder in my drink with juice. Right now I am on 5 mg of prednisone for the past year, my lung situation is stable but I have lost almost one kidney because of reoccuring kidney stones for the past 25 years. We still have not figured out what could help me to stop this. [After 25 years] Otherwise this regime works quite well for me. But for everybody it is different I have experimented for many years to see what works best for me. And also I watch my food intake.
I hope this helps a bit for you.

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You could try Serrapeptase I guess. People take it for rheumatoid arthritis and some other other autoimmune diseases. Could be good for Sarcoidosis?


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Hi Akasha,

Thanks for sharing. What type of bronchial tea do you drink?

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I take Breathe easy herbal decongestant & expectorant, by Traditional Medicals and of course caffeine free. I am allergic to caffeine so I stay away from that.

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Thanks Akasha I am going to try it. Best Wishes to you all.

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Melatonin is commonly used to help with sleep and sarcoidosis. I generally take 10 mgs a night, and sleep rather well.

Breathe Easy tea helps allot due to the herbs they use in it.

Serrapeptase is a good resource also for us, I take 1 40,000 ui of it 3x day.

Omega 3 is always good for inflamation and for your heart, I take 1 tab 3x day.

Liquid/tabs chlorphyll help oxygenate the blood, and now you can get them in tabs from Herbs Etc. I take 2 tabs 3x day

Geranimin, is another good oxgenator that I take, I take 1 tab 3x day

Since I am not on predisone, been off it since 2005, I have used herbal solutions, and vitamins to assist me in my fight against Sarcoidosis, currently my Pulmonary Doctor says I am in remission, but... I was stage 4 since 2004 so, anything that can help me, I am good with.

Baruach HaShem, Adonai Refurah (Bless the name of God, my Lord who heals the sick)

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To jkouzes,
Thanks so much for the information. I made note of what you and everyone else is taking and I'll try to start taking some of those. We're giving each other much more information than we got from our doctors.....Right?

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I would like to hear more about your course of treatment going from stage four to remission. What meds where you on for how long and what natural treatments did you do, dietary and/or suppplements? Thanks! That's also encouraging to know that it can eventually burn itself out eventually.

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I have to share my experience. I went to a naturopath who specializes in autoimmune/oncology. He immediately tested me for food allergies. Like 90% of autoimmune patients, I was allergic to gluten. Dairy as well. He also gradually ramped me up to FORTY mg of melatonin. Not just a sleep aid, a great antioxident. Mega vitamins, and tumeric pills were added. The idea with finding hidden allergies, is allergies ramp up your immune system. by eliminating them, your im sys calms down. Instead of using pred to calm I was on board with this idea!

So, I was dx with sarc June 30th after a month of terrible joint and tendon pain and a chest xray with lots of granulomas. Had lymph node biopsy end of July to confirm. Was on 40 mg of pred for about 3 weeks, then began to taper. Aug 11th, I went 100%..I mean 100% gluten/dairy free. With gluten, you can't just "cut back". You have to be 100% for your small intentine to heal. 5 months later....just last week. I had chest xrays. They were COMPLETELY clear. I was expecting some scarring...but no..completely clear! I am still on 1.25mg of pred. The naturopath is VERY slow to taper once I got to 2.5. He said he has seen too many people "crash and burn" jumping from 2.5 to zero like my rheum doctor wanted. He will then have me go to half of 1.25. I am excercising hard 6 days a week, and thru all the pred, never gained an ounce....think the gluten free helped with that. I am overweight and an emotional eater, so if I can do it, anyone can. There are lots of naughty substitutes for gluten free food! Dairy, not so much.

OH another big finding. I was low on DHEA. It is a hormone that REGULATES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!!! What a finding! The ND was giddy finding that! SO I have been on prescribed DHEA cream for 3 months. Makes sense there is a hormonal connection, when you read about so many women getting relief while they are pregnant.

All in all, I don't know if the diet change, the DHEA or the melatonin or what was the big hep, but to have clear lungs and be almost off pred with no symptoms in 5 I am not changing a thing! Even my Rheum Dr is a bit speechless.


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Glad to hear you are doing so well. I also tested low for DHEA and take it everyday.

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Hi there Snoobie,
Thanks for the great information. Will check all of the recommendations you and the others posted. Hope we can all figure this thing out.

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pls giv the list of ur tea herbs

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no but Iam taking tons of vitamins to try and help

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do you want a list of the herbs i use in my tea? I'll list them: Angelica Rt., Barberry Rt., Burdock Rt., Chaparral Leaf, Cleavers Leaf, Comfrey Rt., Dandelion Rt., Elecampane Rt., Irish Moss, Myrrh Gum, Parsley leaf, Pipsissewa, Poke Rt., Red Clover Blossoms, Sage, Shave Grass (Horsetail herb), Sheep Sorrel, Spearmint, Thyme leaf, and Turkey Rhubarb. I buy pounds of each and mix equil amounts of each and make capsules, teabags and just loose tea. If you would like some free, just let me know, I would be happy to send you some of either form, capsules or the other choices.

You can buy lots of combinations of some of these herbs at the healthfood stores, also. There are many combinations of herbs and supplements good for the lungs and respiratory systems.

Anyway, if anyone wants to try some, let me know.....

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