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I was diagnosed with sarco after lymphnodes biopsy almost a month ago and its really frustrating to have an illness which can involve many parts of your body!
I cough since many months and get swollen eyes from time to time.
I was reading about natural immune suppressors to reduce the activity and forming of granulomas? Has anyone any experience and knowledge about this?
I found a paper of curcumin in combination with resveratrol but would this help against sarco its another question???

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Many members will tell you they have benefited from curcumin. Others, like me, will tell you that they had adverse side effects from it which made symptoms worse.

Natural remedies when taken in dosages that exceed normal dietary intake are not natural. They are drugs and as such have contra-indications, side effects and drug interactions.

If you decide to try 'natural' remedies please so under the guidance of a medical professional who understands them. Get baseline bloodwork done so you can monitor the effects an, if necessary, adjust adjust or cease intake.

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I have taken curcumin for 4 days now and not sure if it works or not. I will stop using it now and see what happends.
My cough is still continuing even though my breathing is back to normal. I hope that it clears by itself after some time and remain positive.


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I tend to lean towards more "natural" approach as well, vs blanket immune suppression. I didn't have much response one way or the other to Curamed (curcumin) when I used it.

There is a study that shows people with Sarc have low levels of antioxidants in their blood, so it seems likely that an antioxidant would be helpful. It also explains why a "cleaner" diet would be helpful by reducing oxidative stress. I also believe that insulin resistance plays a role in this disease, possibly related to a stress (with possible genetic predisposition) induced serotonin deficiency. Many of us find that stress, diet and sleep are key factors. I take CoQ10 as it helps my leg pain, ALA (alpha lipoic acid) for my sciatic nerve pain and neuropathy, and melatonin daily...I have tried a lot of stuff that I couldn't see any benefit from, but these three do keep me fairly active within the limitations of my new Sarc reality.

Some members have previously posted that NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) has been helpful with lung/sinus issues associated with Sarc...I believe its used for cystic fibrosis as well, so may be helpful.

Please be sure to discuss the supplements you're taking with your physician, especially if you are on any medications. You may also want to get his/her take on LDN (low dose naltrexone).

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