my cat just died ,im in shock

my 9 year old cat ,i just found him dead behind me in the corner and thoought he was asleep,and 2 hrs,and inbetween me crying and want to kill myself,i have to write, im utterly shocked

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I'm so sorry you lost your cat. I've had cats in the past and the oldest died at 17. I had given her to my daughter and her husband and I know she was treated like the queen she was but it was still hard.

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he was in same position for 4 hours,and i screamed ,and hubby said oh my god,i fell to floor in shock,hes only 9,and some things seemlike odd now that i think, he slept more,want me more, and he went to corner of room where im always sitting,and he must of passed, what kills me, is why did he pass,?could i have saved him? i hate myself for not checking on him sooner.

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We lost a dog this year. It still hurts. We have a new dog and she is great. I feel like she is a gift. When we first got the new dog, I cried because I thought I betrayed the old dog. I am loyal like that. We were lucky to get the new dog.

Over 50 people asked for this dog, over thirty phone calls and over 20 emails. I told our story and the man didn't pick up the phone he just listened to my message. When the woman that runs the organization came home her husband told her to listen to only one message on the phone, my message.

The first dog, we picked it up from a rescue also, my partner is profoundly deaf and I trained this dog to be his ears. Willow would tell him when the phone rang, if someone one was calling his name, and if someone was at the door. She went everywhere with him. We were Willow's 5th home. She was a 1 1/2 years old when we got her.

I am telling this story, so everyone can understand how important Willow was too our family. When she died my partner went into shock, he tried to drive her to the animal hospital but she was already gone. He got pulled over by the highway patrol. The officer escorted him to the animal hospital. My partner could not come to terms with that she was gone. The morning that this happened, I have never heard that sound come out of a man before. It was a very painful wail. He sat in her dog bed and held on to her dog dish with her name on it and rocked.

I hurt so badly, but I knew one of us had to keep it together. I called and asked to have her cremated. Her vets office does not do that. They told me of a vets office that did. I went and pick up Willow's still warm body, wrapped so nicely with her collar taped to the top. My partner insisted on coming with me. As soon as Willow was loaded in the car, I told him to take the collar, it is his now. He kept his hand on her the whole way to the next town over. He carried her in and waited till they weighed her body. I had always promised Willow that we were going to give a forever home no matter what had happened in her past that made other people not like her. Forever is just what I planned to keep.

We were promised that her ashes and only her ashes would be given to us. We were able to pick them up a few days later. I bought my partner a box to put all the things of hers he wanted in there and the box of ashes. This helped more than I could have thought.

I still miss her silly goofy ways. The way that she thought my partner was the greatest thing and would stop at nothing for him. She did her job over and over again, even if you told her you understood the first time. She listened to every word and it was fun to try and trip her up in what you were going to ask. Willow never retired, she worked through illness and only stopped 24 hours before she passed away.

New dog is just starting to fill those big paw prints left by Willow. Willow couldn't stay forever, because Juliet might not gotten a shot at a forever home. Juliet needed a forever home. Juliet has been shocked so much, for a week she rode around on a magic anti-shock carpet, I made her, she was locked in a garage for almost all of her life.

Juliet tells everyone that there is someone at the door, outside, she is working, just not sure yet what the job is or which one of us the profoundly deaf. She is trying so hard, she will get it. She has only been training for a few months.

On Jan 15th, Willow died in her sleep.

Juliet will never be able to replace Willow, she just made space for her. It wasn't an instant opening. It took time for us to heal. For a months, I cried everyday and I am not a person that spends great deals of time crying.

I have Juliet 2 years old
Bru a dog, 10 1/2 years old
Emily a cat 13 1/2 years old

They are not replaceable, but when they travel over the rainbow bridge they have made space for me to allow another cat or dog to have a forever home. Forever, means forever. I have enough love to love them all.

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Willow was only nine, my partner could not have saved her. We opted for no autopsy because it doesn't always have answers. We wonder what could have caused it. She ate the best dog food. Her food came from the vets office. She did not frequent dog parks. She didn't make our other dog sick. The shared same water dish, dog beds and ate with each other. Two vets have said cancer. One has said heart attack. I realized that day, the autopsy was the same price as the cremation. I almost ordered both, I sat on the end of the bed and thought, what I came up with that autopsy was not going to bring her back. The cause of death might not be determined, they stressed this to me at the vets office. I could bring her home with the cremation.

The night before she died, she would not sleep with my partner, he knew something was not right. She always slept next to him. She fell asleep on the floor next to him, but at one point she went to the end of the bed, he knew she had moved. He knew where she was all the time. He blames himself for not getting up when she moved.

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Some never know the the unconditional love a furry family member brings. Unfortunate for us that do, the relationship and bond that we make never last's as long as it should.

I still remember the day I lost my first friend *gypsy* at the ripe old age of 17. I was in my early 20s. Since then I have nurtured and loved then lost my first Rottweiler Tasha, my wifes smelly eared CockerSpaniel chip (the only other male ever in this house) and I still hold back the emotion when I think of them all.

Now with another Rott, Cat and now a Boxer
I continue on knowing that I will give them no less than I did there previous counterparts.

I hope that you remember all the good things, and try not to dwell on the what if's.

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I know it is very painful to lose a pet as it is part of the family. But chances are there would have been nothing you could have done. We have a cat and the cat before her was sick for a few weeks before I took her to the doc, but it is hard to tell. They can't tell you that they feel sick. Chances are even if you had taken your cat to the dr there is not much they seem to be able to do. Our cat ended up with cancer and we had no idea until the last day. I was out of town for a few days to be with my mom who had lung cancer and when I came home but husband thought she was hiding since she missed me, but she was really sick. It is hard to loose a pet but blaming yourself or wanting to kill yourself won't bring your cat back. It is normal to grieve and be sad though. Hopefully in time you will get another cat even though it will never be the same cat as you had you will love it just as much. We had a burial in the back yard whe our first cat died and my daughter who was 10 at the time invited a few friends over for the funeral. It was very sad but meaningful. Now we have Juliette a much different cat but still the family pet. I am sorry for your loss.

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I'm so sorry. I have a 15-16 year old cat and I know it's coming. I just hope she dies peacefully in her sleep as did yours.
I know how you feel.

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I am so sorry for your heartache. Our pets are so special and hold such a place in our hearts and our everyday lives. And even more when they are truly a service dog; whether they were bred to be just that. I have been blessed to have many cats thru out my lifetime. I had one kitty from the time I was 12 until I was 34. The other one just shy of 15 years. Tells my age, huh?? I had purchased a rag rug several years before the latter one died. She (Josie) loved it and sat or laid on it every morning, as I got ready for work. One day, I came home and found her lying right there. Broke my heart. But, it was her way of being close to me without me being with her. Such good memories of those 2 kitties and many more I've shared my life with. I rescued my 4 yr old (Willy) from under a semi when he was almost 6 wks. old. He is my guard dog! He just meows!

Anyway, kind of turning this story to human values and just how precious life is and God's plan for each of us. I spent last weekend in the Hospice House with my dear friend, Sally. She had pancreatic cancer for 2.5 years. She was my hero! Only 2 years older than myself with 2 adult children, and husband of 39 yrs. - and a grandbaby (1st one) due in January 09. That's the sad part. Anyway, Monday 2:27am she left this earth. I did get to hold her, talk to her, pray with her, share with her family - and relate with other friends about the past 21 years. We know that death is part of life. It just depends on what you do while you are living. We all need kind words, good deeds, and lots of hugs and kisses. So, consider yourself hugged and kissed and I'll share my tissues with you. God's speed. SarasotaSandy

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ty e1, way too overwelmed,getting an autopsy and cremation so i can bring bear bear home, im in utter shock,and husband said hes so affraid on loosing me,also

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So sorry to hear about your cat, Im a cat lover and have three of them. My oldest is 17 and Im fearing that one day I will find her as you found yours. Hold his memory in your heart and he will always be with you.


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I am so sorry your cat died. I know how overwhelming that can be. I know you probably don't want to hear this but it will get easier as time goes by.

My black cat died about 5 years ago and I had so much guilt about it because I let her outside and my neighbors new dog killed her. I heard the commotion and didn't get up to see what it was and it was too late when I did.

My husband died with lung cancer and she never left him all the time he was dying. She slept on the foot of his bed, leaving only for eating and going to the litter box. I felt as if I had let him down, too.

But last year I was visiting my mother over in Tennessee and someone had thrown out a little kitten. It was so skinny and scared. I brought it home with me. She hasn't replaced the other but she does bring me joy.

Give yourself time to heal and in time it will be easier.

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I am so sorry your cat passed. I have a dog and I just could not imagine. Please try and stay strong and take care of yourself. God Bless you and I am truly sorry.

Laura7 E.

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This is John Laura7's husband. My wife was telling me about your loss and I am trully sorry for your loss. People and pets are put on earth to accomplish something and weather they are here for a short time or for longer they are given a goal from god to accomplish, and your cat accomplished it's goal by showing you love and compassion. I never understood this having lost a son in 1999. Please don't give up your husband and family needs you as do the rest of the people's lives you've touched in this forumn and throughout the world, be strong we all love you as we are all part of this family.

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I am so sorry about your kitty. I know what it is like. We love them so much but no matter how long they live (my last two died at at 17 and 18) it is never long enough.
Our misfortune is that humans have a long life span and we outlive our pets most of the time.
The bond between our pets and us is very special. It crosses all species bounds and transcends the understanding of loving something so outside and so different from ourselves.
I hope you will be able in time to make room for another furry soul who needs you. My latest kitty is a rescue who was in bad shape when I got her. As one who has suffered the slings and arrows of Sarcoid, I understood life dealing someone a bad hand so I figured I would help her out by giving her a home.
But now as I see her, seven years later, happy and healthy I think she is the one who "rescued" me.
Please console yourself with knowing you gave him a good kitty life and these things happen. As soon as you are able, please go find another to love and take care of; not to forget this one, but to keep his memory strong.

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i got autopsy results back, hemmrage in lungs, was the abnormal issue,he said possible stroke,or p.e., he said eltracution but thats almost impossible if you knew what we know, im so hurt ,i let my baby down,, could i have saved him,if he had a PE ??

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I am sooo sorry about your cat, too. My 86 yr. old mom just started dealing with animals. She raised a stray kitten who's mother got ran over by a car. She fed it back to health.. She took it to the vet for shots. She loved Mr. Cat. I fell in love with him, too. He got killed by a dog a few weeks ago. Mother was so hurt, and I was hurt for mother. She only had the kitten for maybe 6 month, but she became attached. She said that she wanted to cry but she didn't want to run her blood pressure up.

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all my pets are indoors,all netured,

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So sorry about your cat. Cats can get kidney issues and such things that are sometimes hard to pick up. We also had a cat who died middle aged, suddenly, just like your cat. That cat's mother lived to a very ripe old age, with the occasional night at the vet's to rehydrate her in extreme old age. If your cat had been in pain, you would have noticed, so I'm sure whatever happened was sudden. Take comfort in the knowledge that you provided your cat with a comfortable home and lots of love and will cherish his memory.

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So sorry to hear about your cat, I have a cat and two dogs one of my dogs is 13 years old and he's healthy but over the summer he was panting and laying on the floor I called the vet and he told me It was probably just old age, I couldn't sleep all night, I just laid on the floor with him, the next day he was better but the doctor gave him steroids and now he's acting like he's young again. Are pets somehow relate to us too because when I'm sick my dogs lay at my bed all day and my cat will come on the bed to see why I haven't been downstairs all day, they are very smart. Years ago when I first got sick, at the time we had to take my two year old out of day care, well I was on so much medicine I would try and feed her and then put Barney on well she got board with that and opened the back door and was playing outside by herself, I was sleep, well my dog kept running back and forth and barking then he jumped on the bed and woke me up, I got up and my dog ran down stairs, I was checking all the rooms for my daughter and when I came down stairs I saw my back door open and my daughter with a bathing suite on and red boots playing in the sandbox, I thanked God for my dog any thing could have happened to her. It's is very devistating loosing a pet it's also hard putting them down. I had to do that once and I still see her taking her last breath, try and get another cat because there are so many that need good homes and lots of love and you definately have love for animals, going to the pet shop or a shelter is like medicine to the soul and you'll see a beautiful kitten or cat that you will love forever, stay strong sister, this too shall pass in time...

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Didn't read all the replies before I wrote the first one. Hard as it is for you, perhaps the sudden death was kind for your cat. I've always had cats since the age of 6, so have lost several along the way. No, it never gets easier...I loved each of them very much. One cat, Clover, who was the most eccentric little cat, never left a few paces from the house if outside. I don't know how but a husky half-grown pup got in the garden and, I assume, tried to play with her. She got hurt and during the process of x-rays, a lung tumour was discovered. A few weeks later, a cut on her nose hadn't healed and revealed itself to be cancer. The medication for the lung tumour and the medication for the cancer were not compatible. She lived for almost a year and we had weekly vet visits. My local vet surgery was just brilliant. They didn't charge me for consultations for this cat, just the medications and I think their tissue bill doubled with me crying during that year. At the end, Clover was in pain, and I knew the most loving thing I could do was put her to sleep. I guess, if the husky pup hadn't hurt Clover, I would never have known about the lung tumour. Sometimes I wonder if it was cruel to keep her going for that extra year - did I do that more for me than her because I couldn't bear to say goodbye? We love them and we do the best we can. They know that.

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