Morning crud in eyes

Every morning I awake with crud in and around my eyes, anyone else have this problem?

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What kind of crud is it?
You should see your doctor. Are you urinating more frequently or feeling more thirsty than usual?


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It is a yellow/greenish dried curd.
Yes, I am urinating more, why?

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I blame it on my allergies or my male cat named Mike marking my face during the night. He thinks it is funny.

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Hi Ballet 55,

Are you also needing to drink more?
You need to see your doctor to make sure it isn't caused by a high level of blood calcium. I would think it would have a yellowish tinge. People with high blood calcium can have it come out in the eyes during the night. If you are peeing more - you need to have urine calcium levels checked. If you get weak and feel unwell, go to emergency.


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