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Here a few links to choose a way to wear your medical records. They speak for you when you can't! Necklaces and Bracelets es se&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=GoogleUS&gclid=CKna7pX4oqo CFUJn5QodRmGTVQ

I've given these as gifts to family members. Entering your data is a good rainy day project !


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This IS a great idea! I combine an inexpensive pet tag with essential info and a flashdrive with more info, starting with the most important, and wear on a stainless steel necklace (worn inside clothes). $3.95 for mini dog tag (0.857 X 1.5", stainless steel) includes 6 lines of 20 characters each engraving and attachment D-ring
I bought two stainless steel necklaces for $2.50 (one for backup), and could thread it directly through the hole on the tag. -96814/ around $10 (inclu shipping) at Amazon
Also threads onto my necklace.

To make these immediately recognizable as medical info, I put a label on each with the medical symbol (caduceus) in red.

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Thanks I.


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Very inventive, WaveWolf!

I'm still working on becoming organized so the dog tag flash drives with pre installed medical record programs was perfect for prompting me. The programs are far more inclusive than I would have been. I tend leave the past in the past (or just plain forget after a couple of months) when I don't maintain my records for a while. What I really like about them is the ability to update them prn and add new catagories as time passes. I never have to rack my memory anymore when I see a new doc. One life research project was more than enough for this old sarkie.

How long did it take you to create and enter your medical info when you set up your first flash drive? My first one was comprised of my sarc templates created years ago. But I prefer the software in the medical drives because they look like formal document pages when they print out - my spread sheets don't. Even with these drives it took me a full wknd to input my data. But, I'm so glad I did it.

Be well my sarc friend,

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Great post Irene! As a medic I have worked on countless folks whom for whatever reason are unable to speak for themselves over the years. Many times I have pushed meds in folks praying to God they aren't allergic to the meds or have a medical condition that would cause an untoward effect. Excellent idea!


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I'm the queen of cheap! When looking at the pre-installed medical record programs, I gained some useful ideas but wanted to organize my information somewhat differently. Yes, it took this sarcee forever to get a basic version accomplished! It is a work in progress, because I can update very easily.

Some ERs will not use flash drives, for fear of introducing bugs into their systems. So I also wear the actual dog tag, with this info: my name-"MED ALERT", key meds (pred, mtx), my PCP's name and phone (she has access to all my info), "MED POA" + phone, "ICE/POA" + phone, "ICE" + phone. "ICE" is recognized by emergency personnel as "in case of emergency".

Before I made my flash drive, I asked ER personnel and my doctors what they thought I should include. This is what I have so far:
list of allergies
medical conditions
contact info for all my doctors
list of medications and supplements (which I keep current)
brief history of medical conditions
list of dates and where I had last MRIs

Note to self: BACK IT UP!!!! I even email the file to myself, since my computer hasn't always been reliable! Too much work to re-create...

Yours sounds like a more comprehensive medical history, which is great for going to doc appts! I will try to fill in more behind the critical stuff when I have time and energy. Mine is mainly for emergency purpose, or if I were not conscious and able to answer questions.

Wishing the best for us all!

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Great post WaveWolf,

This gives the rest of us more than a clue as what to include for ICE situations.


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Do you think medicos would take much notice of what was on these tags.

I told the doctor I was allergic to gadolinium contrast and she put a ? against it in her letter. The radiologist who I reported the allergy to, and who examined the rash and questioned my eating and exposure habits said he would re-report my CT with the allergy noted.

Doctors question everything all the time.


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We may not have control over what the doctors do with our info during an emergency, but hopefully they will err on the side of caution and read our physical tag, and maybe also use the electronic one. I was in emergency surgery in 1993 when my ear and part of scalp was torn off by a dog, and the ER docs did not read about my allergies. Because I was in shock when I arrived, I was only given a local anesthesia. Therefore I was able to refuse an injection for what I was told was to "calm my nerves" when it was really penecillin, to which I am deadly allergic. I have worn a medical ID necklace ever since. Sarc has just complicated the issues.

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I wonder if a tatoo on the forehead would be noticed by those docs - sheesh!

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Hahahahahahaha! Rhondavoos has a sarcee tattoo on her wrist! And when I went for knee surgery (pre-sarc), I wrote in magic marker on one knee "see other knee" and on the one to be operated on "fix this!"

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What a great idea! lol

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You can also purchase these at many local drug stores. I used mine when I was in an automobile accident last year.

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