Lymph Nodes in Neck?

I have what I think are swollen glands, lymph nodes, something on the left side of my neck, right by my throat. It's been painful to swallow and swelled for 3 weeks. The doctor says it's a cold, but should I be more concerned with the sarc in play? Anyone else had this?

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Hi Stacy,

I have swollen cervical lymph nodes that have not reduced after 4 months of high dose Pred, my Sarc doc is a bit worried and if there is no reduction in size in 3 months I am been admitted to hospital for a full re assessment , his words were to have a closer look , it is a sure sign of an active disease ,

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Hi Stacy,
I had a swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck. I went to an ENT Dr. He set me up for surgery and removed the large lymph node and when the biopsy results came back it was Sarcoidosis. That was back in about 2000 - now April of this year I was diagnosed with neuro and pulmonary sarcoid. I knew nothing about Sarcoid back in 2000, was told nothing about the disease and surely didn't realize that it could come back. I am learning so much from this site. When I was first diagnosed I only had a constant headache on the left side of my head. I have been on prednisone since April - was given IV pred in the hospital, then was started on 60 mg a day and now down to 20 mg a day. I do have pain in many different areas. Fatigue is almost constant.
Don't let this go - be sure and get it checked out! Best Wishes To You!!!

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I have a very large "growing" lump right above the area of my collar bone (left side) and a smaller one that just started showing today on the right side. Both are hot to the touch, and the larger one while soft hurts a little. Called my Rheumatologist and was told to call my primary and have them scar/x-ray it. I hate this part of my treatment, when I don't know who to call about my symptoms.

I have Sarc of the lung and lymph node and I go for two scans tomorrow (1) of my skull to determine if the lystic lesion on my frontal lobe is Sarc and the other contrast CT Scan to determine if I need a biopsy of the lung.

Has anyone experience the swollen lymph nodes in this area?


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Thank you donna, I will definitely get it checked! I had my thyroid removed a few years ago before I was diagnosed. It had 30 tumors, but they didn't check for sarcoid at the time. Now my doctor says that's probably what it was.

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I haven't noticed anything around the collar bones. Let us know how your scans go! good luck!

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I had tumor under ear that ultrasound showed had metastised to lymph nodes. When they removed tumor and parotid gland they found sarcoidosis. That was four years ago. Now with spine sace and PET scans, scan shows I have involvement in my jugular vein, I'm guessing it's just lymph nodes.

Good luck, Trae

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