lymph node removal

I'm currently suffering from left clavicle lymph node swelling. I also have prickly sensation and the feeling of choking when swollowing periodically. My specialist is sending me to see ENT for possible removal of the lymph node. Has anyone ever gone through the removal process? What was it like? What was the recovery time? I'm really nervous about this.

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I have been threw it. The make a small cut under your neck and remove the lymph node, it took me approx 2 -3 weeks because I also had to get my tonsils out, but it's not bad.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR REPLY. My appointment is at 9 this morining and I'm so nervous. I will be glad when this is over.

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Had one removed for biopsy under my arm in the chest wall in 2003. I mowed the grass that afternoon. It was painless! Good Luck

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Thanks guys. Went to my appointment this morning and will be scheduled for removal. It will be done as an in/out bases and was told the recovery will be about 1 week. Not so bad with that part. Now have to try to stay positive with all the rest of the symptoms I'm going through. I see my PCP this evening and will go from there.

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i also had this surgery how long was it until you had no more pain from the incision

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