Low Platelet count pain in pelvis lower legs

Over the past month I have had some bloating thing Ifelt it was from pain medication I used some fiber to help clear it up.
This was not successful I am no longer on methtrextate or prendisone all my other labs are with in normal limits but the platelets have been dropping gradually our lab normal is 150- 400 so I have hovered around 144 this weekend it has come back at 57 and again some other labs are slightly elevated.
Symptoms: Severe pelvis and lower leg pain (Femur) and left flank pain I first thought it was lack of fiber and this did not help the bloating has anyone else had these symptoms.
I have heard of Bone Marrow Sarc,Leukemia and splenic sequestration as possibilities but I hope not but seeing the other labs are normal I am doubtful and hoping they are not in play anyone having ideas please email me or post

Thank you and Happy Holidays
James Stewart

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Hi James,
Happy Holidays to you as well!
I cannot comment on the platelet count but perhaps you should see a hematologist.
In terms about the bloating, please try eliminating certain foods from your diet for a period of time, perhaps a couple of weeks. I did post an anti-inflammatory diet some time ago but I can tell you that the 'biggie' culprets are dairy (any and all) and wheat (any and all). While it is difficult to say good bye to them, I have found almond milk and a very nice rice bread (some are awful) with raisins takes care of my tea and toast fix in the mornings.
Good luck with all of this! No turkey stuffing for you!
I don't know where you live but where I am (Toronto) it is D@#$ cold here!
Keep warm....

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I eliminated dairy after being diagnosed with sarc and a hematologist would be the next practical step but we know how pratical the doctors can be.

I am in the States in Sacramento California and its raining here like crazy I am gald we live below the snow line.

I to changed my diet believing the bloating was related to pain medication I read an article and now know why my grand parents from Nova Scotia had there morning constitution (sp) that after 2 day you can have an added 9.3 lbs depending on your diet

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I went through a period of low platelet count that we (PCP and I) discovered via regularly scheduled (every six months) blood work. The count was 57,000 - I believe that protocols call for transfusions (whole blood or platelets???) at 50,000. The range (according to the lab that we use) is 142,000 to 424,000.

My PCP referred me to an hematologist for follow-up and to see if he (hematologist) could determine the cause. During the eight weeks of testing every two weeks, the platelet count finally climbed back into the normal range. There was no change in diet or in medication.

After eight weeks, we were unable to determine a cause so we wrote the low count off to sarcoidosis.

Then to make matters more interesting, we learned in October 2010 that I had blood clots around my lungs. Could this be the result of wildly variable platelet counts? Hey - with sarcoidosis anything is possible!!!!

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