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I have been feeling relatively good the last week. Tired as usual! Today I was trying to pick up around the house, but everytime I bend over to grab something, I feel like I am losing my breath. I don't FEEL too inflamed today, so I don't know why I would be feeling this way. Does this happen to anyone else? I REALLY need to clean my house! Besides the mess from my own family, I have been helping my husband's cousin with his 3 kids (their mom is in the hospital). I got up this morning and their clothes, shoes, etc were all over the livingroom, mind you my house is a mess anyways, but more junk makes it even worse and if I have a hard time right now keeping up with my own family's mess (when I get too tired from the sarcoid, I just quit and ususally it seems to be the housework that suffers!) is hard enough, but the mess of another family is not helping! (Sorry went on a venting mode!)

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Vent all you want. I know if makes me feel better to do that. Sometimes bending over gets me winded. In fact, most everything of any kind of exertion I do usually gets me winded. Granted, I have good days where I can get stuff done with little or no problems. But usually I just have to take things very slowly in order to keep going. Yesterday I went outside to water my plants and I got heart palpitations and shortness of breath - ugh!

Stress definitely does me in. I hope you can find a way to work on both houses without getting stressed out. My recommendation is to take things very slowly as you work, both with your body and your thoughts. Good luck, I know you have your work cut out for you.


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Yes, I sometimes get winded bending over tying my shoes! It's strange, I can take a walk and not get winded but tying my shoes can be difficult.

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This happens to me, too. You are not alone! I have days when I think "okay, I feel pretty good.." until I start to bend over or move around and then I can't catch my breath. If I could find a job where I got paid to be a bump on a log, I'd have it made! :) Hang in there!

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This happens to me too. I feel good somedays and walking is Ok. I get winded making my bed and bending to tie my shoes. Amma

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I lose my breath when I am lying in a certain way, the other day I dozed off in the chair and my chin was down I woke up with a horrible choking feeling in my throat. Bending over affects my tummy, I have a bit of reflux, which also affect my breathing so I had to get a standy up hoover and I always try to lower my self rather than bend down. If I am in the garden I won't lean over to pull out weeds, I got a pair of knee pads, and I always go down to ground level rather than leaning over. I also found those extension grabby things very good for picking things up from a standing position when I feel this way. i have no problem walking once I don't over do it, or once my energy levels are up.


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I felt fine this morning. Went to do my usual exerise routine which I hadn't been able to completely do for the past couple weeks. An hour later, yuck. Couldn't breathe. Thought I was going to suffocate. Now, I can sit here and get my breath back but as soon as I have to walk around, I lose it again. Is it normal to come and go like that?

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Jmaze, I am thinking tht unfortunatly yeah it might be normal, at least for us sarcies.. I have been getting that way alot lately!I just stay thankful that I do have those times of good breathing inbetween those times of feeling like I am suffocating! Hope you feel better!

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This is how I first discovered my Sarcoid. Every time I bent over to pick something up, I got short of breath. Went to doctor and after months of tests and them thinking I had lymphoma, they finally found the Sarcoidosis. That was 4 years ago. I think I was short of breath partly because my spleen was enlarged and the enlarged lymph nodes in my chest. I only had a few in my lungs. I've been in remission for a couple of years, but I feel like it's back. Gotta go see the doctor.

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I was first diagnosed with Sarcoidosis about 10 years ago. Being a smoker for over 20 years i felt it was time to give up with a family commencing. I went to the doctors and had a physical done and the results was that I was low in iron so i was then given iron injections in the arm, and I gave up the smokes. Not long after, out first daughter was stillborn. I got sick with stress and the arm I had the iron injections swelled up like a giant balloon. Eventually a chest xray revealed the sarcoid. Learning more about this disease, i read that smoking can supress the condition so I reverted back to the smokes, six months later the sarcoid seemed to go away and life went on. Now I have an 8yo girl and a 6yo boy nagging me to give up the smokes, so I have again. Its been 4 months since I did and for the last 3 months have reverted back to breathing difficulties when bending over. Like many of you, I cannot tie up my shoes, when I try I have immense pressure on my tummy, I feel like i get insant reflux and I really feel a lot of pressure in the face, just as you would if you emptied your lungs then held your breath.

I would be interested to hear if anyone seemed to get sarcoidosis also after quitting smoking. I am really proud that I have quit smoking, but am concidering smoking for 1 month to see if my symtoms change. If they dont, its easy to give up again, but if they do....

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I just discovered this forum by Googling "I can't breathe when I bend over". I didn't think I would find people who feel exactly the same as I do. Most of my adult life, I am 27, I have been called lazy, slow, & usually overweight. I was never very athletic nor did I have much stamina to physically exert myself unless it was necessary. I do now remember sometimes feeling a racing heartbeat or palpitations from small, normal, athletic activities.

I started smoking with friends at 12 & by 18 I was smoking a 1 & 1/2 packs a day (Newport). In 2004, I got pregnant and cut down, but did not quit :( While I was pregnant the racing heartbeat/ palpitations were at their worst and happening many times every day. The cardiologist said that the pregnancy caused more blood flow and that I had an extra heart valve opening (?IDK) that was causing more irregular heartbeats and the palpitations. In January 2005, after my son was born I had a catheridization ablation procedure to close the extra valve, and most palpitations had gone away after that. Up until then I was a pretty good house keeper and Mother. In Feb 2006, I quit smoking, after that my health has seem to deteriorate slowly.

I gained more weight on top of pregnancy weight & became lazier and less motivated than ever to even do simple everyday chores. In 2007 I was fatigued all of the time from being a full-time bachelor student, working part-time, & being a wife and a mom to a toddler. Everyone said it was natural to be tired, but I was so exhausted that some days I thought my body would just break down for good.

Back to the doctors I went, in 2007, the DR told me my blood work showed a hypo(underactive) thyroid. She said this was like my body's 'energizer bunny' and that is where the fatigue was from. Then she told me my tonsils were huge & that I most likely had sleep apnea. Then she upped my Cymbalta & my thyroid med. The sleep apnea [untreated] got so bad that I began noticing not only was I waking up a lot at night but I woke up gagging, choking & not breathing. I got the CPAP machine, Provigil (mild CNS stimulant), increased cymbalta & synthroid and guess what....still tired!!!!

So now that I am treating everything else why can't I even clean my house for more then 10-15 mins without feeling like I am suffocating from bending over and why is this causing me to always be exhausted? So I googled 'I can't breathe when I bend over' and I read all of your stories. I am going to my DRs this week!

Can everyone let me know other symptoms they are experiencing and advice on what I should tell my DR? Also I notice that I sometimes stop or forget to breathe when I am sitting, anyone else have this?

Bat, I wanted to reply specifically to your statement because as I think back I do not remember noticing such trouble breathing when bending over until after I quit smoking 2 &1/2 yrs ago. Anyone have questions or advice let me know!

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Wow, I feel like I might have found something. I have been suffering from being out of breath for 4 months. Every time I bend I cannot breathe. I agree with the lady about that I feel like I sometimes forget to breathe???? The doctors have ran blood tests, breathing test, and EKG tests and they all came back fine.....but I know I am not fine. I am a runner and I can run OK but its sitting in my car, playing with my kids, doing the dishes that just aggravates my breathing. I also have tachycardias and so this not being able to breathe really aggravates my heart. Please help if there is anything you can tell me to help me. Does this sound like Sarcoidosis to you that have it. Thanks for your imput. I think the doctors are starting to think I am just stressed. But for being a runner I should have all kinds of energy but I have none?

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Yes, me too. I seem to get winded to the point where I am no longer breathing. Standing back up usually involves light headedness and gasping.

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