Losing Weight While Taking Prednisone.

Moon face, camel hump, bloated belly, acne, increased appetite and other side effects associated with Prednisone. I'm here to tell all how to manage the side effects and reduce weight gain. The key to losing weight while on prednisone is to increase your fruit and vegetable intake and excercise. Stay away or limit sodas and/or fruit juices high in sugar. Stay away from packaged and processed foods because they contain the most sodium. If you can add jumping rope or brisk walking to your routine this will help with the weight gain and other side effects that may occur. Now controlling hunger from artificial hunger! Sounds funny right, LOL!! I know when I;m hungry and I need food for energy and I can tell when I hungry due to the prednisone. Now if you had a nice lunch and find yourself 10-20 mins later hungry again. It could be the medicine. If you have to tame the hunger pang, snack on some nuts or fruits. I usually aim for my trail mix and that gives me a great source of protein which helps me with those steroid induced hunger pangs. If anyone has had success with losing weight while taking steroids; please share! Thanks!

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I did get the moon face despite my best efforts but I also have not gained weight because I have been very careful of my intake. I have been a vegitarian for a long time which I think has been a big help. And increasing exercise has helped...although not being able to breath makes it hard....LOL!!!

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I wa very nervous about the weight gain and moon face when I started prednisone. I researched different diets and decided to limit my sodium, carbs and sugars and increase my potassium and natural foods. I have lost 10 lbs the first month on prednisone. I drink a minimum of 64 oz of water a day, no soda or juices. I also plan out my meals the night before and know pretty much what I am going to eat the next day. I then eat at frequent intervals and after eating if I still feel hungry I tell myself there is no possible way I am physically hungry, its just pred hunger. I am not saying its easy but I feel so much better about myself. I actually ran into my pulmonalogist at the hospital while I was visiting someone else and he thought I took myself off the prednisone because I looked so good. To make my life easier I precook a lot of my meals.. for example, on Sunday nights I make a pot of Irish (steel cut) oats which I then put into 4 indiviual serving bowls for the week. I also grill or bake all different kinds of veggies and store them all together in a bowl. I marianate Chicken breats in Mrs Dash no salt marinade a bake that, then slice into pieces and put into another bowl. This way I make it easier for myself to throw breakfast and lunch together during my work week.

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When I discovered I had sarcoid, I thought I better lose some weight in case I end up on the dreaded prednisone. I lost 17kg which is 17 x 2.2 lbs approx. You do the math as they say. Anyhow, I ended up on prednisone for a little while and put on 4kg. I came off it and my weight stabilized for a few months, but I ended up back on it and put on the other 13kg that I lost plus another 12kg. When I came off it again, I lost the 12kg fairly quickly but was only able to lose 4kg of the 13kg I put on with it. However, since then my doc discovered that my thyroid medicine wasn't working as well as it should and she put me onto pure T3 instead. This time, because I was on the T3 I only put on 5kg. I am still on prednisone but have lost 2kg of that 5 kg already. I tried to prevent weight gain by taking a meal replacement diet shake. It had added vitamin D. I was only on it for two weeks when I got a DVT and hypercalcemia. I knew then the diet shake was the culprit and that I am a D sensitive sarcoid patient. So then I changed to a pure protein shake which I take before meals but don't actually replace them. I lost my 2kg in a week and nearly ended up with a gall bladder attack from losing to quickly. So I had a rest from it this week, but will go back on it next week. Don't want a gall bladder attack while on warfarin. I had two gallbladder attacks when I lost 5 kg in two weeks previously.


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Thanks JuanitaRenee,
I had the same experience. For me, eliminating sodium (I really mean eliminating, not cutting down) and adding lots more raw fruit and vegetables plus yogurt, really helped manage the pred weight. Previous experience I was not as careful and gained 30 pounds in the blink of an eye.

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