Legs are red and sore

I woke up this morning to get ready for work and looked down and noticed the lower half of my shins were beet red. So naturally, I ran my hand down my leg to find it was very warm and kind of painful to the touch. What the hell is that about? Also noticed a strange pulling feeling in my right eye. Sort of like a strained muscle. Can you strain your eye??

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Hi Denise,

If your legs are red & lumpy then it could be Erythema Nodusum, if it is without lumps it could be Cellulitis. I am not sure about the eyestrain however, but wish you a speedy recovery.


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Hi Denise -

what you are describing is EN, it is exactly how my legs started out that eventually lead to my sarc diagnosis.

You should see a sarc knowledgeable rheumy as soon as possible. I didn't when it happened to me (cause I did not know I had sarc, neither did my docs and no one could figure it out), and I ended up in pain and unable to walk for nearly 3 months - I hope this does not happen to you.

Also, see an opthalmologist FIRST - your legs can actually wait, the eyes are SO much more important. I have no idea what the pulling might be, but since these are happening together and you already know you have sarc, I would not wait.

If you do not have a sarc-knowledgeable optho, check here:


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Hi Denise...
The reddened shins were one of my first symptoms of Sarc, but my diagnosis was delayed because of my diabetes. I was diagnosed with Pyroderma and the GP ignored that the bumps that I now know are EN even when I got my diabetes under control again. I only got the Sarc diagnosis because my GP sent me to a rheumatologist who know what he was doing! I was suspected of having lupus when sent to the rheumy, but proven to have Sarc.
But just to be sure, are you diabetic? If not, get tested! The dark color and warmness can be diabetes related....it's called Pyroderma and it can even cause big painful blisters! Diabetes also affects the eyes, causing them to grow a sty or affecting vision. I'm new to Sarc, but an old hand at diabetes, and if you aren't dx'ed as a diabetic, I would get tested asap! Then you can be sure. Jill

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It could be EN. When I started tapering off MTX, I developed EN. It literally happened overnight. I took ibeprofun and put ice packs on them but it took about 4 weeks for it to clear up. It was very painful.

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Thanks to everyone for your replies. I'm not diabetic so I know it's not that. I also believed it to be EN right off the bat but there are no bumps, it's just red and sore. Kind of like a sunburn. It was still like that this morning when I woke. Also, my ankles and legs have been swelling more frequently lately :( . I have an appointment at the Sarcoid clinic at Boston medical center on the 16th so I can assure you I have all of these situations written down. I usually forget half the things I wanted to talk about when I get there lol.

Hope you're all feeling well. Try and have a laugh today!

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My EN never had bumps either, and even though I saw a rheumatologist about 2 months into it, even he did not figure out what it was despite what seemed like 1000 vials of blood draws (I guess because it did not present as the classic EN nodules). I was only confirmed with sarc a few months later (while still unable to walk due to this) due to coughing causing a different GP in my practice to take a chest xray and notice the swollen lymph nodes and she figured it out.

At the FSR conference I got my chance to ask the sarc specialist sitting at our lunch table about this when the subject of EN came up - I asked if reddish-purple, feverish lower legs is considered EN or not, and she said it absolutely IS considered to be EN as well.'

I too had the very swollen ankles, to the point where you could push your finger and it would make a big 'crater' because there was so much fluid in them. This is called "pitting edema" - strangely, the pushing in did not hurt, it was the fluid build-up itself that hurt so bad, as well as the very painful purple legs that really, really hurt.

What helped me tons with this was Nabumetone (also called Relafin) - that medicine REALLY helped a lot and got the pain and swelling to go away. Beware though, it also causes weight gain - 50lbs in 2 months when I had to go on it full time, so that part was not good at all.

I now use Ultram (Tramadol) due to chronic ankle pain, and it does not make me hungry.

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Thats deep//i had the EN and redness and warm to the touchMy hands were affected as well/pain,pain could not close them/early on in my Sarc in 2002/i pray it clears up for you.

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