Left Side of Chest Sore to the Touch and Shortness of Breath

Hi All

For the past few weeks a small, specific area on my chest, just left of the sternum, has been sore. It's not severe though; I only feel it if I lie down on my stomach, or if I touch the area. It feels exactly like a bruise would, except it isn't one.

Coincidentally, a few days ago I have been experiencing shortness of breath for the first time ever. It feels like I'm just not getting enough air... I've never experienced it before, but would imagine that this is what asthma or emphysema feels like. It's making me very nervous (also for the first time).

And no, I haven't been for a check-up recently; I was diagnosed whilst in Korea 8 months ago, but came back home to South Africa 2 months ago. I'm yet to contact the Sarcoidosis specialist in Cape Town. To be honest, I haven't been feeling too hot lately (I really thought I was going into remission about 4 months back. Even the korean specialist thought so. Granted, I had been following a much healthier and active lifestyle at that stage). This beast seems to have life of it's own, my symptoms seem to be mutating. Oh, I have also been experiencing what I can only describe as 'general organ pain/discomfort' - not the lungs as before, but organs below the chest.

Advice anyone?

PS I'm not on prednisone because I have refused to take it up until now.

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You probably need to get an albuterol inhaler for emergency rescue when you feel like you are having an asthma attack.

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Sounds like swelling, of sternon or liver. it happens and u are sore when u lay down or sometimes cough. yes a inhaler would help. good luck.

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Hi Anton! Welcome home. I do not have advice for you
Re breathlesness. I am having majot problems
Myself. Could be lung issues. Could be heart issues.
Who are you going to see in Cape Town? Have you
Found someone? I know specialists are rather
Scarce here in sunny SA.

Hope you find answers soon!
Keep in touch.

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Hi Anton

Welcome back to SA, i wish i had a choice not to take prednisone but i was in hospital and very week. now i hate all the side effects that comes with pred. I was diagnosed in Jully 2011 and Im currently experiencing a lot of numbness on my feet and arms, chest pains, light headed and SOB. I feet very lost on Johannesburg with this illness that no one knows. Im even thinking of getting a second opinion. My dr. recomend that i also see a neurologist and yes Caroldee, specialist who knows sarcoidosis are very scarce here in SA.

indeed this is a beast. looking good and healthy but very ill does not add-up.

wish you all the best and someone will give you a good advise.

warm regards

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Good morning Anton you should go and sort that stuff out...
A good pulmonologist is dr plekker at kuils river medi clinic.
I recently saw dr Saayman who is a cardiologist and he is also very clued up on sarcoid.
Then there is the lady at Groote Schuur hosp.

Good luck

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OK, so I am hiding in london and also have the wonderful pains under the right side of my rib cage near the sternum (feels like a cramp and yes sore to th touch too- No answers from the docs here either!!!) However a few years back when I first got Sarc, I managed to correspond with Professor Ainslie at Groote Schuur, even though she does not see private patients anymore and only does research... erm I though we were the research!!!... she was helpful and perhaps she could advise you.

Prof Gill Ainslie
E16 Respiratory Clinic, Groote Schuur Hospital, Observatory 7925
or Univ of Cape Town Lung Institute, George St, Mowbray 7700
PO Box 34560, Groote Schuur 7937

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