Joints are stinging:(

Hi All,

I am not new to joint pain however my joints are really burning today. I can feel it in my elbows, hands, feet the most. I have never had my joints sting like this. Has anyone else had stinging burning pain in the joints?

Thank you,

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Are you having any swelling? See my recent discussion, Why not take my muscles? I was recently diagnosed with o. Arthritis. I don't understand how suddenly this can happen over night with no prior symptoms, but apparently it does. Sounds like arthitis maybe an issue you may want to investigate.

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Hi Woody2,
I think there is something with this fast heat we have in Lansing area right now. My joints are awful too. I can't even move my knee and my elbow is stinging. I was thinking I need to call the doctor but I will wait it out a few days. It is supposed to cool off Thursday. If I still hurt then I will check it out.

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Also ask your doc if it could by sarcoid arthropaty, sarcoid synovitis, or sarcoid in the muscles/tendons, or sarcoid affecting nerves, as all of those are possible.

The hard part is, its not always easy to prove any of these with objective tests.

My ankles hurt all the time (though not stinging) - more feels like rats gnawing on the bones.

Sorry to hear you are in pain in so many areas. I will keep you in my thoughts & hope for you to find relief soon from the pain.

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I often describe my joint and muscel pain to my dr. and husband as a burning pain along with extreme stiffness. I think your discription of stinging is a good term to use also. It is miserable and I am currently experiencing it myself right now. I have been trying to reduce my prednisone (currently at 12.5 mg daily) and introduce immurane for the last 4 weeks and things have just steadily gone down hill. It seems like everytime I try to reduce the pred. this happens. I am frustrated. I don't have an appointment with my dr. until the end of June and I was trying to tough it out but that's not working for me, I am gonna call tomorrow and try and get in sooner. I too was amazed how it just seemed to happen over night but that's exactly what happened to me. It's how my Sarcoid decided to reappear in my life about 2 years ago. It sucks. I feel like an old lady hobbling around (I am 38 for crying out loud) and by the end of most of my days I can hardly walk around my darn ankles and feet are kliing me so much. I too have pain in my wrists and elbows. It sucks, don't know what else to say, except I am feeling for you...LITERALLY!! I live for my heating pad...

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Thank you everyone for your replies.

mvaughn1018 I do not have swelling or redness but they are tender to the touch.

Yes, Bunkie you may be right the heat does seem to correlate.

MadMaxLes, thank you I will ask the rheum when I see her in June about that. Geez rats gnawing huh? I think that sounds worse than the stinging. I'm sorry to hear that you hurt so much too.

chawkes, I know what you mean about feeling like an old lady hobbling around. I'm only 33 and feel about 80 sometimes. I also live for my heating pad as well as the thermocare wraps:)

I see Dr. Beals my rheumie in the next couple of weeks so hopefully I can hold out til then. I saw her a couple of weeks ago and she put me on Vitamin D supplement and carnitine supplement because my bloodwork showed I was low on both. I'm a little concerned about the vitamin D based on what I have read in the literature as well as on this site. I spoke with Dr. Beals and Dr. White about the vitamin D supplement and they didn't seem concerned. Luckily because I'm on Imuran I have to have blood work done once a month and they do measure calcium levels during that time as well so we'll see if the calcium levels go up. Dr. Beals also took some xrays and is going to talk to me about everything when I see her in June.

Hope everyone can stay pain free.


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I'm scheduled for an MRI tomorrow. My ct scan showed o arthritis. I was placed on a dose of prednisone, muscle relaxers anti inflammatories and pain pills. They haven't done much for me; thus the MRI. My Hip has a lot of swelling, my left knee wouldn't bend. The knee has improved but the hip hasn't. I couldn't sit, lay or stand. I now am sitting on a pillow. I look very professional carrying around a pillow to sit on. It came on over night. My son found me leaning over my bed in tears with my whole body trembling. He was calling 911 when he got my attention. I hadn't pulled a muscle. It feels like it's on fire. I know we are prone to arthritis but overnight with no previous symptoms is alittle much...I'm 38 and a previous athlete and my muscles was the only thing I had left. I will let you know if what they tell me in the next few days. You may want to consider stretching or an anti-inflammatory such as ibruprofen if you don't have acid reflux issues.

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I have pulmonary sarc, but have also had some joint issues in the past. Try researching Bromelain which is a supplement that can be purchased at a health food store. Bromelain is derived from pineapple and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Check with your doctor(s) if this might be something to try. I've had some success with pineapple and/or taking a daily supplement.

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mvaughn1018, geez that sounds awful:( I hope they can figure out how to help alleviate the pain and get rid of the sarc. Keep us posted on what the MRI turns up. I've been taking ibuprophen and aleve and that seems to help.

Chatch, thank you for your reply. I'll have to give it a try. I've been taking cactus juice and elations.

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