It was not Sarc...but it was due to the MOLD in her home.

I am looking at The Learning Channel - Mystery Diagnosis and the lady has all the symptoms of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis. It reminds me of the same thing that happened to me when I first got sick. I wonder if it is Sarc. It is so amazing how the diseases that are out there are so much alike. And how you are so sick and in so much pain and it is hard to get people to believe you, even the doctors. Okay they have finally decided to do the lung biopsy-thanks to her mom making her go to another doctor and getting a second opinion. Same experience with me, after 3 months of feeling near death, coughing nonstop...severe chest and stomach body and joint pain till I can not get out of bed and the vomiting that is so horrible because I can not eat let alone keep it down, finally was admitted to hospital based on second opinion. Okay it is the mold in her home they have figured out and she leaves to stay in a trailor while her home is cleaned. She gets better finally. They wonder why other family members are not as sick as she. They mention some people are more sensitive than others. This all lets me know that Sarc may be more related to molds than the medical community knows and how some are affected versus some not being affected. I pray that one day someone or some organization will really step up and research this disease to the very core and find out the cause and the cure. I feel that it is so close and so simple, but someone just has to do it that has the money it will take.

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I saw that episode too. By the symptoms she had I kept saying to myself, its sarc. I was waiting, and waiting for them to say sarc, but that didn't happen. You are right that there are so many diseases that mimic each other. I still wonder myself how they get the diag. right. Even though I was diag. with a muscle biopsy that showed granulomas I still bring in paper work with different diseases that seem to be related to my symptoms. I'm sure the Dr. feels like I'm questioning his profession(even though he's nice enough to not act like it.) It is possible to have more that one auto immune disease at the same time.

Hope your on the path to recovery.
Take care,

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I've often wondered about the mold and if it caused it! I know as a child we lived in moldy homes at times. My parents raised us the best they knew how but sometimes you do what you have to. I'm glad she is better and on her way to recovery. Take care of yourself and continue to feel better.

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I have extensive black mold in the office I work in and have often thought it is at least a contributing factor in my illness. I wish there was a way to medically link the sarc to the mold. The landlord refuses to clean it up properly and I can't find any other jobs in this economy.

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Wow! Is there not someone you can call and have that checked on. That is such a health hazard even outside of the Sarc relation. Are there any others in your office that keep symptoms like the common cold, coughing, sneezing and congestion. Mold is dangerous to the lungs.

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This can also go under the theory that I believe. We have the pre-disposition for auto-immune illness via a genetic link which may never be triggered. Exposure to pollutants, and in this case mould could be a trigger.

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I work in a small office, just me and my boss. But, its in a strip mall and the office next door has their entire back wall covered in mold that they just wipe it down occasionally. The office next to that was a chiropractor who actually moved out because the mold was so bad in his office.

The dilemma is that if I call the health department or whoever to report it, they will probably shut down our office until our slum lord is ordered to clean it up and if its determined that because its INSIDE the building the we are responsible to clean it up, my boss would probably just close this office and I would be out of a job.

I have been looking for a new job but there is nothing available. Even if there was, I am not sure if I am mentally and physically capable of doing a new job. Its just a no win situation.

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I was exposed to toxic mold over a period of 7 to 10 years. Last year when i suspected mold, I contacted a specialist, Dr Ritchie Shoemaker in Maryland. He has treated thousands of patients for toxic mold and Lyme disease. I was diagnosed with sarcoid of the lungs 8 years ago and treated with steroids, as are most. In his book he states that treating toxic mold disease with steroids is like putting gasoline on a fire. a huge no, no. His studies show that 1 in 5 of us is genetically predispositioned to have health problems with mold that become cronic. Where most people pass these toxins thru their bodies daily and thus only have some allergy to the mold, others like myself store the toxins in fat cells so it never leaves the body. this why someone who works next to you or lives in your house may only think they have some mild airborne allergies and you are having major health issues like myself. This is why many never suspect their office because it doesn't affect 80% of the workers. I was misdiagnosed by 7 doctors. My assistant, when she started, began having headaces every afternoon. she went to many different doctors and none helped her. a year later had to quit work. 3 weeks later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Another 25 year old we hired fell asleep everyday at his desk. he was misdiagnosed as having cronic fatique syndrome. Another employee had sever black circles around his eyesand was always tired. he had to give up piloting his private plane. one woman was hired and she became so sick in the first 4 hours that she went home and vowed never to return until we found another location to work from. Some see quick improvement when they are removed from the building. if you are leasing space and a testing company can determine that toxic mold is a problem, your business might be able to bust their lease. I know of a large company that did exactly this. while workers comp in your state my not be great, it may be a solution. your symptoms may get worse the longer you are exposed ,as mine did, and the longer the toxins stay in your body the harder they are to get out. I have permanent brain damage as a result and can no longer perform work of any type. i believe that many have sarcoid as a result of exposure to environmental toxins.

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Hi All,

Many different answers here.

I think it was just meant for me to be sick and to deal with it.

Best of hugs to all,
Gone Natural

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I live in Florida and my home is directly on the intracoastal - Indian River. We have been here for six years and I was diagnosed with pulmonary sarc in Feb. of this year. I also wondered if mold was the contributing factor due to the many sinus infections and being sick I endured over the last few years.

I also grew up in Dayton, Ohio where my pulmonary doctor says is an area where people are more prone to this crazy disease then others due to the climate.

How can we pull all of our information together and see if there is any logical conclusions?

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I worked in a produce dept. at a major store and we had to pull moldy friut and veggies everyday. never did i wear gloves. so i say this could be a factor in this.

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I was also exposed to mold in an apt. I lived in for 2 years. I was 20 years old and my eyes swelled closed and I had areas above my ears and under my eyes that would swell that were the size of a dime or quarter. This continued off and on until we moved out. Didn't realize until later that it must have been something in the apt. that was causing it. Pat-y

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I moved into my home about a year and a half ago from an apartment that I think made me sick. I had a neighbor right next door that moved in a couple of months before me and she became sick to. She did not develope Sarc... but she has coughing and congestion and flu like symptoms off and on to this day because we are still the best of friends. She moved months before me. She started talking about the apartment was the blame for her being sick when they had to replace the wall connecting our apartments on the top floor due to storm damage and water and she noticed mold. I never saw mold but I do know the apartments were old and ugly before they remodeled the outside with cosmetic paneling to make them look better. But they were still the old buildings. I then became sick. I see now how some of us have a pre-disposition to certian disease. I wish I had the money to have the necessary investigation done into the mold in those apartments and how it could have affected me and started me down this road of sickness and pain called Sarcoidosis.

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I cleaned houses for a few years before I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. One of the houses that I cleaned, I believe had black mold in it. The lady of the house was constantly sick. I told her several times she needed to get her house tested for black mold. It would be coming out of the a/c vents. The shower in her bedroom had mold in it every week when I went to clean. I have often wondered if this is where I got it.

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Back in 1996, we had a bad tropical type storm. A few weeks later, I noticed that the upstairs ceiling had water marks. We called a roofer and he told us to call our Name brand insurance company as it looked like hail damage with loose shingles. (roof was only 2 years old) Insurance company sent out a female (no pun intended) with 3" heels. She got on the roof. (would of won the top prize for America's funniest video's) She did not spot anything wrong. Called roofer and he replaced some of the shingles. Long story short. Subsequent storms would most often produce leaks again. Roofer out again. Pails placed in attic. This went on for 5 years. Little did we know that mold was growing in between the walls in the master bedroom, master closets and master bath trap and huge hall closet. It was aspirgilious and penicillias type mold. I called the same insurance company and they sent an inspector. He said the roof had OLD and new hail damage and the mold was coming from that. Well a stitch in time could of saved this insurance company a lot of money had Ms. Heels looked more carefully. We had to evaucate for 3 weeks while 50,000.00 of tear outs were taking place.
Yes, hubby and I were exposed to all of this for 5 years. My lungs are scarred and I have not been able to breathe well since. Hubby either. I do not think many pulmonologists realize the damage mold can do to the lungs. We do not live there now and the new owners were well versed on the mold clean-up and wanted the home anyway.

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I worked at ground zero for a year. I never had a doctor prior to 2002

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Can anyone suggest how we get our home inspected for mold? Who would we call to do that? I wouldn't expect this, except that my husband has developed issues that seem neurological...could be coincidence, but worth looking into.



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I have toxic mold disease. You could contact an allergists and they could recommend someone. Also google mold and you can find articles and books about it. It is important to test your air in a couple of different rooms. The EPA has now issued what they consider a safe level so it is easier to compare now than it was a couple of years ago.

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