Is sickness worst on Prednisone?

Hi All,
I have the worst cold EVER.. with the worst cough I've ever experienced. Many people a work have this cough but mine is 10xs worst and I am on an anti-biotic and cough medicine.

Is it the Prednisone making this cold so much worst? I've never been sick like this!

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I just had the same cough/cold/flu that everyone else around me had, however, mine was 20 times worse! Took 2 rounds of Antibiotics for 10days each to finally get rid of it! I am assuming it was so much worse because of the Prednisone/MTX. Hopefully you start feeling better soon!!! I know I was miserable, so hang in there it will get better!

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There is definitely a very good possibility that your cold is worse and may even take longer to get over b/c you are on prednisone. First of all, having sarcoidosis affects your immune system, and being on prednisone definitely affects your immune system. In the post by Cisco611 he/she mentions also being on MTX which is also an immune compromising drug so getting a cold will be worse and take longer to get rid of.
Since you have a weakened immune system it is more important than ever to stay away from people who are sick and to keep away from germs as much as possible. If you go into a store that offers wipes to use on shopping carts---use them. Keep a small container of waterless gell cleaner in your car and use it whenever you have touched money or anything else that can have germs. This might sound silly, but when you have a compromised immune system nothing is silly.

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Hi Cherylw203,

It is very likely the prednisone. I had prednisone over the Christmas New Year period for the first time in about 15 months. Within 20 hours of taking 75mg (the largest dose I had ever started on) I developed glands up in my neck, putrid pussy sinuses, a temperature and I was quite ill for over two weeks. My glands in my neck were so sore, I slept sitting up for 3 nights because it was unbearable to put my neck on the pillow. I had neurosarc symptoms as well. Yep, I was butcher's hook on the prednisone and couldn't get off it quick enough. I had to have two courses of antibiotic, the second course at double the dosage of the first to get rid of it. I have had my immunoglobulins go so low on prednisone, the doctor threatened me with an infusion.


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When I get "something" it usually hit me hard and I believe this to be the prednisone oppressing your immune system making the recovery process slower.

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Whenever I have a cold or the flu, prednisone generally helps me get better faster. I was on antibiotics for the flu a year ago and the doctor told me that it persisted because I wasn't taking the prednisone. It lasted for a month. Now, if I feel anything coming on, I take prednisone.

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yes, it does. Your doctors should have told you that. They say that you shouldn't wait to go to the drs if you have sarcoid, especially if you're on prednisone. I'm a veteran of sarcoid, have had it for over 12 years, and am still surprised at the things this horrible disease can do. But you should always try to stay away from anyone that has a cold or any other thing that could be contagious. I can't tell you the number of times I've had pneumonia. Good Luck, everyone on this site needs it.

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Dakan is right, your dr should have warned you that prednisone surpresses your immune system. Prednisone becomes your immune system. I have not seen my family in about 2 months because they all keep getting colds or viruses of some kind. My dr made it very clear, sick people, I must stay away from them. Even when off prednisone. She explained the sarc. was going to surpress my immune system and where I have pulm sarc she stressed even more that I need to do as much as I can to avoid getting sick.
Ihope you continue to feel better.

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