Human Growth Hormone ??


Just wondering if anyone has used Human Growth Hormones to increase there energy level while battling sarcoidosis ??


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Haven't used it, but doesn't sounds like a bad idea.

I use korean ginseng for blood flow.
A combo of ephedrine tablets and caffeine tablets (works like a thermogenic pill), works very well.
A combo of other workout supplements like tribulus (helps in production of testosterone) and ZMA (zinc monomethinine aspartate) helps sleep at night.

Combos uses separate from each other and cycled 4 weeks on, 3 weeks off to give body rest.

Good luck!

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I actually had mine checked with a 24 hour urine sample and I have next to NO human growth hormone. I know they need to do another sort of testing so my PCP is sending me to an endocrinologist for that, my appt isn't until the end of August though. Human growth hormones is VERY expensive and its difficult to get insurances to pay for it. And I am not sure what would happen if you took it and your levels are already normal?

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i am currently on hgh 1 iu.i have crohns disease and have used it to reduce my prednisone far it has been amazing!i feel completely revitalized.if u have any questions,let me know.

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