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I have a high pulse. A lot lately it was 135 to140 yesterday and I was not doing any activity.wil sarc cause this?

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Hay Terry,
I also have the same thing, my pulse is always over 100, and not sure if its the Sarc or the Pred,, but trust me ur not the only one..

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I also have a heart rate problem. I had that problem before I started steriods. I was hospitalized because it reached 236 beats a min. I thought my chest was coming out of my mouth. I now take meds for that I take Toprol to keep my heart rate down . Its not healthy for your heart to stay so high. Its like your always running a race. It will also give u a tired feeling. GOOD LUCK TO U

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I was having a very high heart rate as well, and initially, the docs thought it was the Prednisone only. However, after further blood tests, it appears as if my thyroid is not working properly and I have Hyperthyroidism, which causes a high heart rate, among other things. The Hyperthyroidism CAN be caused by Prednisone, and they are thinking it may be that, but aren't sure, so further tests will have to be done.

Have them test your thyroid and know your TSH level, your T3 and T4 levels as well a TSO level. It is considered a 'negative feedback loop' from your hypothalamus to your pituitary to your thyroid. The TSH level, if LOW, means HYPERthyroidism and comes from your pituitary and is read by the thyroid. Basically, think of the TSH level as a breaking mechanism for the output of the T3 and T4 levels which are output from the thyroid. When there is too much T3 and T4, the pituitary puts out very little TSH to slow it down. If there is a problem with the thyroid, the T3 and T4 will continue to be put out, even though the breaks are being applied - and can cause an extremely high heart rate.

I've only begun to research this as it was an issue back in June, and they blew it off as Prednisone induced hyperthyroidism. But my TSH levels are now 1/2 of what they were back then and is not a good thing. So to be my own advocate, I need to educate myself on the issue - so that I may educate them I suppose.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. Hope you feel better.

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I have neuro sarc and it caused autonomic neuropathy. That is how I initially presented because I was out running my BP dropped low and heart rate went whacko. My heart rate would go from 70 sitting to 110 or greater just walking across the room. I am now on IVIG which has helped immensely. Prednisone was intolerable for me and made this problem even worse. Abnormal labs can cause that as well and if this is the only symptom there are meds that can treat the tachycardia. The cardiologist couldn't help me or chose not to because it was related to my neuropathy. It also made me get winded with any activity. There are ony a few places that can test the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. I was at Mayo trying to get a diagnosis.

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i have bradycardia (low pulse rate around) caused by the sarc.
my heart rate is around 50 to 60.

sarc can cause abnormal heart beats bardycardia, tachacardia or other arrhythmias

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Hi, my heart rate gets high very quickly upon exertion. When my lung capacity was at 52% I could walk up one flight of stairs and my heartrate would go from the 60's to 140's. But at rest my HR is normal. How bad are your lungs. I would call your doc about this!!

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Hi Terryblackburn76,
My husband has sarc -- neuro, ocular, cardiac, pulmo & muscular. He had bradycardia (very low heart rate/pulse - it was down in the 40's consistently), his cardio implanted a pacemaker Oct '09. Last Mar. '10, his heart rate was too fast - around 240 - 270, so he had to start a beta blocker. I would suggest you see a cardio & make sure he's familiar w/sarc (or make sure you tell him/her you have sarc).
I truly hope that you're able to get some help with this. Your heart is too important to ignore. So yes, sarc will definately cause heart/pulse rate problems.
Happy Holidays (I mean that sincerely) -- life is way too short, so please enjoy them.

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I have been tachycardic (rapid heart rate) the past 6 months - None of my doctors seem in the least bit concerned - Of course, when you have lots of other issues; sometimes the common problems take a back seat! I know mine is partly related to the prednisone - I am hyper from that med anyway. I also was found to have a growth on my thryroid - so it may be also related to that. It is just one more piece of our elaborate puzzles that we present to doctors! I was about to be fitted for a 'Holter Monitor" to check my heart function at home for a few days -when my work stopped paying my insurance ( I have been on disability for 3 months). I am covered under my husbands insurance - but not for the HMO doctors I was seeing - So I am hoping my heart keeps beating at 120+beats a minute until January - when I can see other doctors and not pay both 2010 and 2011 deductibles! I hope you have better luck and that we all get the care that we need whether it is our heart, our lungs, our skin, our eyes, or whatever! Prayers to all, Jo

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I too have been experiencing a high pulse rate. I was hospitalized, failed a stress test and then had a heart catheritization that was normal. The cardiologist wasn't alarmed by the high heart rate and sent me on my way. I see Dr. Culver at the Cleveland Clinic on Thursday and plan to mention it to him then. I'll let you know what he has to say.

In the meantime, you should contact your physician and get some answers to your issue if possible. Feel better!

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