high neutrophil and low lymphocyte percentage

Does anyone else have high neutrophil percentage and low lymphocyte percentage?

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Do you know the abbrev on the blood test forms? I've got last months results and waiting for this months.

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Yes, for the differential WBC it has Neut% at 81 and Lymph% at 12

Everything else seems to be within normal range. The normal range for Neut% is between 40 and 78. The normal range for Lymph% is 20 to 40 so I'm not too far out of range. From what I've read the prednisone that I'm on can increase the neutrophils and I imagine the Imuran is decreasing my lymphocytes.

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I have had high neutrophils for a year until tapering Pred the last few months.

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My neutrophils are at 80% and lymphocytes are at 14 and I am not taking any medication. My doctor said it is called a "left shift" and indicates that there is an infection or active inflammation going on in the body.
I have been relatively symptom free since 2007 and suddenly started feeling horrible 3 months ago.
I wonder if the increase in neutrophils is sarcoid related. I haven't come across any mention of neutrophil levels and sarcoidosis in anything I have read or researched about sarcoidosis.

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I have had these levels out of whack for year. Initially I was on prednisone and was always told it was because of the meds. After being off the pred for almost two years, levels remained the same. Primary care sent me to a hematologist. She heard I had sarc and just told me that was probably my new normal. Accept that or demand a lumbar puncture which she didn't think was necessary. It remains a mystery.

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Lymphopenia is very, very, very common with sarcoidosis. If you have chronic sarcoid, you will have lymphopenia. This is a low lymphocyte percentage. This is because lymphocytes ring sarcoid granuloma. Most of these granuloma occur in body tissues. This means lymphocytes leave the peripheral blood and migrate into tissue to form granuloma. THis is what causes the decrease in number in the blood stream. I have had lymphopenia for the past 5 years despite a myriade of different drugs.

Increase in neutrophils or neutrophilia is not related directly to sarcoidosis. High neutrophils can be caused by prednisone or also by infection. What NHNIck says is correct.

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Thank you everyone for your responses.

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I'll 2nd priscurls info.... it matches my historical labs


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