Heart heaviness

Anybody out there able to give me any hints about what discomfort over the heart might be caused by?

I'm used to pleuritic type stabs through the heart during episodes of severe chest pain but the last few months my chest has been the least of my problems and relatively pain free compared to usual. I just have this constant heaviness over my heart area (I'd call it discomfort, not pain) and some slight tugging pains with some movements. Very tired, too, but this could be an accompaniment to other newer symptoms.

Funny, I don't worry about my heart when I have severe chest pain - just put it down to a side effect of inflammation. But now when the chest pain is absent and my heart is making its presence felt, it's playing on my mind. No palpitations, or anything, just a heavy, uncomfortable, ever-present ache. Anyone else have this?

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I had that feeling and felt that my heart was enlarged. I went to my primary and he did an ekg which showed abnormal. He sent me to a cardiologist who thought I had heart damage because the back side of my heart was not pumping and was pooling blood . A heart cath was done, during which I flat-lined. It turned out that I had an electrical block... left bundle branch block. I got a pacemaker at 39 years old. That was ten years ago. I was just diagnosed with scarcoid in Jan. 08 when my kidneys failed. This month I will be getting a defibulator/pacemaker because the scarcoid is is acitve in my heart again. You should go see your Dr. and get checked out.

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I have those feelings and this year was my first to be diagnosed with any heart problems even though I have had definite heart problems in the past. I have two leaky heart valves which the doctor says are minor and they don't need to worry very much about them. That is kind of a lackadaisical way with my heart since it does belong to me. I don't like this so I am going to have them checked out by another doctor before very long. I want to know exactly what is wrong with me so I can try to fix it, but that becomes a burden after a while.good luck to you and don't ignore your heart problems. Go see a doctor to check it out.

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I have this but it's on the right side. I keep telling my doctors, but they don't address. It is almost ever constant and it is painful. Good luck.

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Today is day 12? for my new "heart" pain that gets worse with each day. Did I pull something around the heart while sleeping and coughing all night? Should I be wearing some kind of brace. Although wearing a bra is bad. I did go to the ER because my new pulmonary is on vaca, of course. I saw my nero and explained that it was not the same heaviness I usually have between my chests but this one is behind the left chest deep inside and radiating to the left shoulder blade bone. It hurts my heart area and shoulder blade when I move my left arm and when I lean forwards or sideways. Driving is so bad and I can not sleep or lie down on that side and I sit cricked so now my spine is being affected. I told him this was different then the Fibromyalgia pain but I do have Fibro really bad in my shoulder blades and it is now being affected. He wasn't overly concerned but I finally received the ok to see a cardiologist, finally. I find out Monday when I go. I hope it is quick cause nothing is done quick. At the ER my EKG came out fine but whenever I dosed off my oxygen level dropped. My companion made a nice spegetti dinner, which is tabo here but I did need the carbs and I was holding it on the couch in my left hand and I was in so much pain from holding the plate it spilled all over my nice clothes, the furniture covers that I just washed, dryed and put on the furniture a 1/2 hour before, all over the carpet, my bed pillows and covers that I washed yesterday. Then I had to clean it all cause he was so tired from working. So I grabbed my laptop and dvd player and got some fresh air after I choked on my 2nd serving of dinner. I have a hard time swallowing often.

Hope you have a better weekend. I hope to rest. I was going to watch my friend's sons in their mini car races tonight but you see where I am.

Good luck to you,
Gone Natural

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Thanks, everyone.

Ilovethebluz, your story is a warning indeed! Now that you have been diagnosed with Sarc, are the earlier heart problems that led to the pacemaker a decade ago thought to be related? Best wishes for this month when you get the new defibulator/pacemaker - hope that gets the heart issues under control for you.

TeeGee, yes, I will bring my heavy heart to the doctor. I'm guilty of tending to pay most attention to the more in-your-face problems which constantly arise and letting others slide under the rug ignored. I guess ignoring an uncomfortable heart is just outright stupid of me and isn't going to make the issue go away. Thank you for the push toward the doctor!

Showme26, yep, your heart deserves more diligence on the part of your doctor! I'm glad you're getting another opinion!

Jgrover, I've had pain on the other side upon occasion but for me, that's more chest pain. I've tried comparing pains and feelings between my left and right sides and end up having ridiculous debates with myself! I should probably start listing that on my symptom list: propensity to have mental debates with self focussed on cataloguing pains and discomforts, trying to rationalise some of them away! Hope you get some answers soon - no pain is nice to have.

GoneNatural, have you ever had costochondritis? What you describe is similar to how I'd describe my costochondritis episodes - intense pain upon any movement/cough/sneeze/deep breath that angles from the centre of the chest, up past the heart, and over the shoulder and round to the shoulder blade...can feel like stabs through the heart. For me, during such episodes, the pains can be very sharp and literally take your breath away. Can't say I've ever had an episode last more than 6 days, though. Do you take anti-inflammatory medication? Maybe you could see if that might help you. Good luck!

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I too always have chest pain, but occaisonally it gets really severe, the first time this happened it was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack and went to the ER. I have a left bundle branch block also, I also had pericarditis (fluid around the heart) so they did an angiogram (stick a tube in the thigh and go up to your heart) and found that I have scar tissue on my heart from the sarcoid but all else is well, thank God!! I do however, keep having reoccurring bouts of the pericarditis. It has been 1 1/2 yrs since the first time, and I have gone to the ER about 6 times since then, with the same conclusion. Sometimes I am admitted, but frankly I can medicate myself better for the pain, at home. They never drain the fluid because they tell me that because of the sarcoid, it would only come back worse. When I have it, I can't lay flat and it feels better when I lean forward. As far as having scar tissue on my heart, Now I know it has started, and its really scary, I have been on every drug in the past 14 years, right now on prednisone again. I am seeing a new reumy on Wed. and hope he will let me try remicade. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I had chest pain from day one, that is how we knew something was the matter. But it has gotten progressivly worse over the years and now I am on heavy duty pain killers round the clock just to exist. (oxycontin, dilaudid, fetanyl patch etc) Thank God I have a pain Dr. who believes me and does whatever is necessary) I hope you all have a pain free day. tee

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Hi Teeteeme

Sounds like you have quite a problem with the Pericarditis. The thing that strikes me is how young those here with heart problems are, so many people in their 30s and 40s with various heart issues. Of course, over the years I've read about Pericarditis and Myocarditis, as those issues seem to arise with systemic inflammatory problems but how I feel the pain doesn't seem as clear cut as those describe to me, although I still have a mental question mark re Pericarditis. Do you find when you have your Pericarditis bouts that you get extremely tired?

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Since my sister and dad both have Scarc they looked for it back then, but didn't find it. My Dr.s are attriubting my heart block to Scarc now.

Last Thursday I was on the gurney, decked out in a lovely hospital gown, IV in place.....fully prepared for the OR. A nurse came into the room and notified me that my bloom'in white blood count was 14. Needless to say, the surgery was postphoned. I have no idea where those little buggers are doing combat in my body. When things calm down we will reschedule.


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Hi Sabrina

Interesting, that is, that 3 members of your immediate family have Sarc...that certainly heats up the genes versus environment debate!

How dreadful to have yourself mentally primed and geared up for surgery and then find it rescheduled like that for reasons beyond anyone's control. I hope those white "soldiers" calm quickly so that you can get the procedure behind you. The waiting is the worst part!

So you're another person that had a long decade between symptom onset and diagnosis. Goes to show that Sarc can be present but hiding when they didn't find it 10 years ago. Did you have other symptoms arise between the earlier heart issues and the more recent kidney failure?

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