Has Anyone Used ASEA/Redox Signaling Molecules?

I've recently come out of remission of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis and was approached by someone who promotes ASEA ... ASEA/Redox Signaling molecules. Is anyone familiar with this product? Have you used it with any results?

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http://www.professionalnetworkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22964&sid=5a188 09a163602a037c7ff15b8c5c837

another fad that might even cause harm in my lay opinion.


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Precisely what I was thinking about it possibly being a fad. Thanks for the link; some interesting info and comments there.

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Yes I have tried it and done research. This is amazing biochemistry and there are clinicals for review. There is hope outside of drugs. asea.net is where started. Then research redox signaling on the pubmed.gov website ...amazing research.

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I second what @CareGiver4u said. I'm generally young (under 35) and healthy, but I've had a condition for over 15 years (!) wherein I would get sick roughly once a month (hormonal cycle) sometimes bad enough to have me completely knocked out (pains, aches, nausea, fever, temperature flashes, passing out). I'm going into my 11th month now taking Asea and have had NONE of that in all that time. !! By month three, it was unreasonable to remain skeptical, and each passing month has been another happy month of "personal proof". I've personally experienced many other benefits also (better sleep, skin, mood--seriously, mental alertness, pain relief, energy, exercise recovery). I used to take good health for granted but now I know the difference between acceptable health and best possible health, and I will not go back. (I'm especially glad that my parents have it, it's been excellent for them too.)

@uveitisguy suggested it may cause harm and I agree that this is often true for most things, but not true for Asea -- Asea is not a foreign substance, it's not even like a blueberry which is all-natural but your body does not make blueberries --if you eat too many blueberries you will get sick. But your body makes these molecules; at your healthiest, your body makes plenty of these molecules on its own, but then if you're beyond the age of 10 (or have particular problems/imbalances) then no matter how healthy you attempt to be with diet/exercise/etc, you will still be losing significant amounts of these key molecules every year; natural aging process. They did extensive testing for LD50 and there is no LD50 with this; no toxicity. *Cannot* cause harm, can definitely help -- up to your body how it chooses to use these molecules to best maintain itself.

Longer post than I intended, but hope it's a useful gist.. Find out for yourself.

Cheers to great health!

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Thank you so much for sharing this information on your personal experience. Do you mind if I ask if it is expensive to do?

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Hi eatpray hike, very glad to hear you are in remission. That is great news. I joined this group as I saw your post about ASEA and wanted to comment as I've been taking it for the last 10 months and friends have been on it for up to 18 months. I have also been giving it to others so thought it might be useful to share. Full disclosure, I am passionate about health and used to be a health professional and also , yes I am a distributor for ASEA, just to get that out of the way. However, this has meant I have some experience of seeing it used with many different people including those with a range of serious health issues. Very few people understand the science of ASEA and are quick to judge it as it is out of their understanding. Those who have criticised ASEA are those who haven't tried it or have not used it for long enough or at the right dosage in my experience. Firstly ASEA is zero toxic, which is important, so it is not harmful per say. However, it can be that some people need to take ASEA in very small doses first as their body adjusts to it. What I have seen is that some people have taken it briefly, reacted to it and then come off it thinking it isn't working. However, in fact the opposite is the case. It is very common for people taking ASEA to have a detox, with worsening symptoms and sometimes fatigue. This is a sign the body is getting rid of toxins etc and beginning to heal, even though it may feel counter intuitive. If this happens, it's essential to reduce the dosage by half and in some cases, come off it completely until things settle down. Some conditions need a much higher dosage, e.g. cancer, but others such as chronic fatigue and depression, need to start very low. You might be interested to know that ASEA was originally known as MDI-P as was going to be targeted towards various conditions, including cystic fibrosis and asthma. I do know someone with breathing difficulties who has had good results with ASEA, and things did get worse for a couple of weeks (lots of coughing) before they improved for the better. What also might help with your condition is alkalising the body which you may be familiar with? I recommend Ph drops and a more alkaline diet. There are good resources on the internet for this - search for 'alkaline forming foods'. I am not a doctor but if you decide to try ASEA, given your condition I would suggest a very low dosage to start so a case could last you a couple of months. If there are no adverse effects you can up the dosage and if there are adverse effects that are difficult to manage, reduce immediately. The cost of ASEA is around US $130 for a case in the US for a monthly shipping which can be cancelled anytime. A case lasts the first month for an average person. Hope you make a good recovery.

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It is a neverending story of how people give their "lay opinion" about something they have no knowledge of. Some people seem to like to give their "two cents worth" just so they can be heard. I realize it is because there ARE so many fads that people are spending literally millions of dollars on each month. ASEA is not a fad!

ASEA is a supplement which contains redox signaling molecules that are native to the body and are identical to the signaling molecules that are made by the mytochondria in the cells. This is a fairly new science that is taking the world by storm. There are literally hundreds of studies being conducted each month on redox signaling at the molecular level. ASEA is proving itself over and over in several countries to help people with all kinds of health problems. There have been several millions of dollars spent on research on ASEA's redox signaling molecules and since it is not considered a drug and does not have to be proved by the FDA, ASEA cannot make specific health claims. People need to do their own research and find out that ASEA is being proven over and over.

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