Has Anyone Took Antibiotic for 3 Months?

Hello everyone,

I was told over 6 months ago that I had a UTI so I was treated with Avelox, Cipro, Batrim DS twice. Since it won't go away I was referred to a Urologist that has put me on PeeVeeK(Penicillin) low dose for 3 months in hopes that it will take care of it. This seems like a long time to be on an antibiotic but I know without it I will continue to have the UTI. I'm currently taking 20mg of Metho weekly which has a major drug interaction with the PeeVeeK but my Rheum. stated it would be okay to take both together. I'm also taking 10mg of Pred. daily.

Is anyone else taking an antibiotic long term, up to 3 months or longer? If so what side effects did occur? I have already been treated for thrush which I have never had before!

Any info would be helpful. Thanks for listening.
Take care,

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Hey Theresa, right at the time I was being diagnosed with sarc(02) I had basically had a 2 year bladder infection. My doc at the time started me on bactrim then when that didn't work, cipro. That helped for awhile and I used that as symptoms came and went. Then 3 years ago I ended up in a mess with 14 kidnsy stones and constant bladder infections. My uro then gave me macrobid which I took constantly for about a year. I had no side effects, it just helped. A little while later instead of macrobid, he put me on macrodantin(their both from the same family I think) and that is what I take now. If I get an infection I start taking it and can take it for months. Again with no side effects. It still works for me and I have no problem taking it for months. Earlier I had thought if the pills didn't get rid of the infection I was going to ask about IV anti-biotics, I was over it and ready to have a normal bladder. But luckily the meds kicked in.


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Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the info.

Even the pharmacy thought it was kind of strange for me to be on a antibiotic long term. I'm allergic to Macrobid so that ones out for me. Hopefully the PeeVeeK will do the trick since all the other meds did nothing but give me thrush.

You mentioned that you had kidney stones, I've had the same problem. I had one removed 5 years ago, then last Nov. I past a large one. It was so large that I kept it and took it to my Urologist. He said to never pass one that big again, I guess it can be dangerous.

Thanks again, sometimes you wonder if the Drs. know what they are doing. Especially when we have to see so many different ones.

Take care,

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It is not entirely uncommon for MDs to use long term antibiotics for smoldering unrelenting bacterial infections...think lung abscess, osteomyelitis, etc.... Sounds like your MD is a thinker. Yeast and diarrhea are the things to worry about, in addition to clostridium colitis.

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Hi Teresa K,

If people get a cough or heavy cold, UTI etc. They often are given an antibiotic from their doctor which lasts 5 days to a week. Occasionally, they supply a repeat if the infection doesn't clear. This is how most people experience antibiotics.

However, people with serious infections can be on antibiotic I.V. for up to a month, and may need to take oral antibiotics for a year or more.

People with TB, Leprosy or Syphilis often need to take antibiotics for six months to a year, or more.

People with bone or joint infections often have to take antibiotics for periods of up to two years. My aunt has had an infection in her hip joint and is on one antibiotic three times a day, and another twice a day for two years.

Teenagers are often given tetracyclines for periods of up to two years for acne.

I have been on an antibiotic since February and another since July. I am concurrently taking two antibiotics and have had no ill effects, not even thrush.


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Without asking others I had no idea that people were taking antibiotics for such long periods of time. I always thought that 2 to 4 weeks was the longest time to take them. Thanks so much for all the info.

I guess I'm just confused why I can't seem to kick this UTI even after switching antibiotics four times. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the PeeVeeK will do the trick!

Hope you have a great day.
Take care,

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