Hard Nodules

Has anyone experience hard little nodules that you can feel? I keep finding them all over my body. Theres one on my calf, found one last night on my thigh, on my left forearm and on my back.

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it sounds like you may have skin sarcoidosis. a dermatologist or rheumatologist should take a look at this and tell you what it is. granulomas can form causing this for example. they can develop on your face too. sometimes a bacteria calle propriones acnes that causes acne for many people is over expressed in sarcoidosis patients. if the bacteria is the cause topical antibiotics might help to limit it. this bacteria can also get into the Gut and lungs and cause problems in sarcoidosis patients.

wish you the best,

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Wow, I have two of them also. One on my thigh that has been there for several years and one that is forming on my left calf muscle.

Hope that is not what it is. Off to call a dermatologist, I also have some sun damage that needs to be looked at.

Thanks for the info.

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Gee, I also have th em, I was Dx. w/ Sarcoid in 2008, shortly after that, I started to notice these small hard bumps, on my ankles. I have several now, on both left & right ankles. Do they hurt anyone??? Mine din't hurt their just very annoying, I also get real bad pain in my toes, both feet, Do you get spasms in your feet as well, I was told that most Sarcoid patients, have bad joint pain sometimes your joints will swell. When that happens I put warm compress's on my hands, and wrist. It seems to help. Good luck, Please let me know how U R feeling

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mine dont hurt they just itch sometimes. when they itch is when i find them. i also get realllllll bad joint pains all over. it seems its constantly in my toes and fingers. I get bad muscle spasms too. I see my pulmonogist today so i will have him take a look at my nodules. he is a really good doctor.

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They may be erythema nodosum. You can do a search on this site for that and also do a google search and you will find pictures. Are they red or purple and do they hurt?

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Hi epeterson!
I have them all over my legs and left arm, even one under my eye.
Three were biopsied last year, and all were consistant with sarc.
I usually find them like you do, it kind of itches, and you absently rub them, then realize there's something there.
Most of them had shrunk away with pred, but now that I've tapered down to 3mg daily, they have started to grow, and new ones are cropping up.
They don't really hurt, unless I put pressure on them. So the ones on the back of my thighs bother when I sit in a hard chair.
I also get foot cramps at times. Joints bother at times.
I hope your pulmonologist was helpful.
Have a great evening.
R.M. :)

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Hope all went well at the Dr's. today, what did he say about the nodules?? How is your joint pain?? This is easier to say than done, Try to stay calm. Don't let it get to you, beleive me the joint and muscle pain can be crippling. You don't want to move or anything. If you have medication take it, you don't have to suffer, at least thats what I was told. And it was good advise. Let me know. Hope your evening goes well, try to rest yourself. Be well, Mo

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Hi everyone....well my pulmonologist really wants to get a Gallium Scan done to see whats going on. He was gonna get it done just on my lungs but decided to get my whole body. to make sure stuff hasnt spread and junk. lol. so we shall see. And when my joint pains get real bad it seems to kick in my muscle spasms and muscle pain so thats when I get well "medicated". thank goodness for narcotics. Anyway thx for the feedback.

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Well, I've had lumps like you're saying for like 15 years. Have around 6,7 on the top of my left thigh. 4,5 on my right. 5,6 on my forearms. 3 or 4 on my head and behind my left ear. I've had 4 bigger ones on my back. I had 1 of those removed because it pushed against a nerve and hurt a LOT. Another removed because it caused an infection. 1 removed cause it was getting too big. All had sarcoidosis in them.

I know when I'm growing a new one cause they ache for 2-3 weeks while they grow. Then they stop hurting.

I don't worry about them. They aren't harmful unless they get in the way in some way.

They do make me feel like the Elephant Man sometimes. Maybe I'll write a book about My Life With Lumps.

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Good morning everyone, hope all is feeling better today. How big did they get?? Did you notice them before you were Dx. w/ Sarcoid.
The 1that was pushing on your nerve root, was it in your back?? The lumps have roots?? Do they attach to muscle, or tissue??. Gee I hope you feel OK. Do you get swelling around the areas, that's what I'm getting. Have you ever taken Prednisone?? Have you ever had one in your eye? I have like 3 in my right eye, they're not to big, but? They are starting to hurt. It's a good thing your Dr. Had them biopsied. Do you have scars from where they removed them?? Hope you don't mind me asking, it's just that this Sarcoid, is showing up every where I turn. I always thought it stayed local. But It has affected all of my organs. Im not a candidate for Methextrate, or Plaquenil. I have try these drugs, but I had severe reactions to both, which, landed me in the hospital, very sick. W/ severe kidney problems. Thank you for your reply, And NO your not the elephant man, And yes I would buy your book. Feel better wear wolf.
Thanks to everyone who helped me to try to understand this new problem. Let's all keep in touch.
Hope all have a nice 4th of July, Mo

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Two weeks ago I discovered a lump UNDER the skin next to my right ear and another one (or maybe two close to each other) on the jaw line under my left ear. They don't hurt. I wouldn't have known they are there unless I would put on face lotion or makeup. But they are new and I'm curious what this means... Are there the kind of lumps you guys have or do you have visible lumps OVER your skin?

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Hi Nava,
Mine are under the skin.
They range in size from peasize to palm of my hand size.
It's like a fatty tumor in appearance and consistency.
The three I had biopsied were sarc.

Let us know how your gallium scan goes epeterson! I hope you can have it soon and not have to wait.
R.M. :)

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Hi RoscoesMom, Thanks for letting me know about the lumps. Mine seems to "vary" - sometimes, when I touch them, they seem more "prominent", and sometimes they seems smaller. Weird stuff!
Does anyone know if there are lymph nodes that became "lumps"?

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I also started getting joint, muscle pain and muscle spasms like I've never felt before and this is my second round with Sarcoidosis. I still have nodules on my spleen from the last round, my spleen got up into where my lung should of been it was so large and that did cause pain even though it was enternal. Now The swelling is worse in my ankles, feet and legs and that includes pain unfortunately. I agree take your pain meds if you have them. The longer your in pain the harder it is to get out of pain alot of times. Do you have a hard time concentrating making decisions, trouble with memory, fatigue and balance any of thses things because I sure do. I've been on prednisone for about 4 and a half months, started with 40mgs down to 17 and a half now. I had a c/t on my lungs recently because my pulmonary test was a little abnormal, find results 6-12 next visit.
Take care of yourself

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I have little hard bumps on my back and stomach that sometimes itch, both times I was given a script for lotion for the itching. I don't know if there nodules. when my doctor looked he said that he saw some that were from the Sarcoidosis, whatever that means.
Take care of you

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all of them are peasize. hopefully dont get any bigger. Thank you. hopefully i wont have to wait to get it done either. they still have to find a place that does it.

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yes i have alot of trouble with memory, concentration and stuff. oh my gosh its sooooooo bad when i am in pain really bad. i have done off the wall stuff so much cus i cant focus and think right. And your right. if you wait to take the pain meds the longer and harder it is to get more comfortable and take the edge off. the pain is always there. just different degrees of it.

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something else my doctor said was that my ace levels were normal which was good. BUT that doesnt mean that the sarcoid is in remission. he said as long as the number arent outside the normal range because if they are then he would have to up my prednisone dosage. like 100 mg. I already had been on 80 mg. and gained almost 100 lbs with a moon face. was not pretty lol. i have lost 30 lbs. so if i had to take 100 mg i told my mom to wrap the frig in chains and put a padlock on it lol.

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Hi Mo...

I never noticed a lump before I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. But a lump on my back close to my left shoulder led to the diagnosis.

Back in 1993, I was having a horrible pain by the shoulder for 3,4 days. It wasn't getting better so I went to the ER. They took a chest X-ray to see if the pain may be related to my heart in some way.

My heart was fine, but they saw tons of lumps in my lungs. I saw the X-ray. It scared me. The ER dr said its TB. The X-ray tech said no, it's sarcoidosis. I didn't know what to think. Sarcoidosis?

They sent me to another dr to examine me further and look at my shoulder. She asked the CT Scan operator to do her a favor and fit me in the schedule that PM. As I was coming out of the scan the dr came over to me and said she and the scan operator never saw so many lumps in an abdomen, it's probably sarcoidosis, and she's gonna operate on me later that PM.

I thought I must be dying.

The operation was going thru my larynx down to my lungs to get a biopsy of a lump. It was sarcoidosis. That's how I knew for sure. A few days later she surgically removed the lump from my shoulder and told me it was pushing on a nerve as it grew and that caused the pain. That lump was sent for biopsy and it had sarcoidosis.

She prescribed the freakin prednisone. 80mg. I was on it for a year. I hated it.

I had no sarcoidosis symptoms for 12 years, but I'd notice a lump was growing every so often. They're all under the skin. They all vary from pea size to quarter coin size. Except ones on my back grow bigger. Maybe because there's more room to grow?

Around 7 years ago a lump on my back at around waist level kept growing. It was around 2" wide. I had it removed because it was uncomfortable under my belt. It had sarcoidosis.

Last year a lump grew to around 1 1/2" on my back by my right shoulder. It got infected so I had to have it removed. It had sarcoidosis. The surgeon said he got it all out, including the roots. But it's growing back. It's at least 1" big again now. It's not hurting so I ain't touching it. There's a nice scar there from when it was removed, as there are where the other 2 lumps were removed.

New lumps ache for 2-3 weeks while they grow, and there's slight swelling around the lumps while they grow, but the pain and swelling stop when they stop growing. Never had one in my eyes.

After 12 years seemingly in remission, in 2006 my sarcoidosis symptoms came back, and were/are much more intense. I was diagnosed with very aggressive prostate cancer and got heavy radiation doses plus radiation seeds surgically planted In my prostate.  Plus 2 1/2 years of hormone treatments.

Either the radiation, the hormone treatments, or stress caused my sarcoidosis to come out of remission in 2006. Since then, every day, I've had joint and muscle pain all day long, especially in my eyes and head.

I've had trouble concentrating too. Not being cognizant of what I'm doing. My reflexes are slower. Harder to drive on the freeway, especially at night.

I hope I've answered all your questions.

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Hi wear wolf,

Boy, have you had a tough go of things, how are you feeling now?? Here I'm totally confused about what's been happening to me, I thought it was tough to live with Lupus, then to have all these painful, dibilateing, problems along the way. May I ask, has all these issues you have had to deal with make you stronger??
Sarcoidosis has knocked me out, I couldn't figure out why I was so tried all the time, and in constant pain. But now that I am finally getting some answers, I'm more confused then ever. Did you have a lot of questions.? I have so many. When I was dx. W/ Cardiac Sarcoid, I was stunned, After a battery of tests all of which came back indicating The Sarcoid has infiltrated ALL of my organs and then some, I felt so alone. To bad the Drs. Can't really say where or how we contracted it. After taking methotrexate, Plaquenil, and a regime of Predsinone, The Sarcoid, is worse now then when I was first Dx. My heart is unstable, I 've had my gallbladder recently removed, my Kidney is failing, my Liver is swollen, my spinal canal and bones, now have tiny pin holes,. I have a heart implant. Oh boy I'm rambling, sorry, thank you, I have found some comfort. Please let me know how you are feeling,, Mo

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