Gulf War Syndrome

The government has raised some suspicion about themselves by openly denying documented facts about some important issues involved in the Gulf War syndrome. The only group to officially look into the Gulf War syndrome was a panel that was picked by the president. The government also authorized the use of experimental vaccines and ordered many soldiers to ignore the detection devices for harmful chemicals. There are also declassified documents that refer to depleted uranium and other chemical weapons which the government has been denying for many years. There are also unused chemical weapons that were found in Iraqi armories after they had been taken over. There are also reports of U.S. companies selling vital products to Iraq. With all of this evidence towards chemical weapons as the cause of the Gulf War syndrome, and the only people that think that stress was the cause, is a government that is a proven liar especially about this issue, how can we even debate the cause of all the diseases.

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Gulf War Veterans of 1990-91 Making a Difference
By Denise Nichols STAFF WRITER, Health Editor

Gulf War Veterans another Diagnosed Illness that we at VT have seen previously is Sarcoidosis. WE need to again step forward and make contact and tract our diagnosed illnesses, just like we have done in the pass with ALS, MS, Brain Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Sarcoidosis, Cardiac Illness, GI illnesses,Leischmanasis, Thyroid Dysfunctions, ME/CFS, Fibromylagia, Lyme Disease, and Diabetes to name a few. WE need to move forward and network again with national organizations to combine our strength and become more strong in numbers and find civilians that care! We need to combine with them and research the connections to exposures. WE need to access their researchers and they need us too, maybe what is found is common connecting etiological pathways or biomarkers that are different or alike! If they are different how are they different.

What treatments work on us in these illnesses that are alike and what is different! What diagnostic tools show the same as civilians with that illness and what is different! Are do we have disease/diagnosis like with significant differences. These are the clues that are needed for each and everyone of us.

We need to have the registries for diagnosed illnesses and the statistics of Gulf War Veterans 1990-91 or other exposed groups of veterans to compare and contrast. We need age of onset, age at diagnosis, location in theater, and unit served with in combat. WE need the death registry for Gulf War Veterans with the same information! Researchers and medical professionals need this type of information flow. The veterans need it as a rallying point to push for presumptive compensation diagnosis/diagnoses with VA ratings.

There are many pages already set up on Facebook. But again we need to set up seperate websites on the internet and set up mailing lists to service the veterans of the Gulf War 1990-91 with these particular diagnosed illnesses so the expertise grows and that there are subgroups identified.

Despite being ill we can make a difference to our fellow veterans and lead the changes that need to be made! Each of us have a lot of work to do!

It is up to each individual to stand and do their part in this chain of survivors and there is plenty to do for all. Thanks to Cally and Darby Nundahl for stepping forward and again taking the pen or the keyboard in their hands to share and speak up!!! I know of others with this diagnosis, in fact we had a veteran and his wife identified back in 1999 with this illness, the wife has since died. It is indeed strange to see a husband veteran and wife end up with the same diagnosis.

So I complement the wife that wrote the article, Cally, and for taking that step. Below is the article as written in their hometown paper. Like I said write the article send it to your local papers, television stations, radio stations, write an editorial too, then send copies to your elected representatives at local, state, national levels, send to the President and Secretary of the VA, send to each and every veterans organization from local post to districts, to state and national and encourage that they print it in their post newspapers or online, and dont’ forget your other church and social organizations. It is this way that we all network, not just on Facebook!

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I am a retired USAF MSgt, I served in the first Gulf War and in Somalia, I am blind in one eye, I have lympedema, and it is caused by the disease Sarcoidosis. About a 1/3 of the people in my unit have died or have some type of auto-immune disease. I have filed 5 claims with the VA for disability and have been rejected. I have written my Senators and the President...I am fed up! I was on SS disability and had to give that up because I didn't make enough to cover my mortgage and car note, soo now I work 2 part time jobs and I am really too sick to work...anyone out there familiar with a case like mine...I need help!

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I agree. The government is notorias about covering up incidents they want to hide.

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I suspect the vaccines and I don't expect the government or the medical community to step up and take the responsibility for it.

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Hi. I'm also a service-disabled veteran, and there is no doubt in my mind that the vaccines are responsible. I have all the 'classic' Gulf War Syndrome symptoms. I was vaccinated for deployment during the Gulf War, but didn't actually end up going (our unit was stood down before deploying). I was never sick before then, but since, have been diagnosed with sarcoidosis, cancer, and a host of other problems. But, because I wasn't actually deployed, I don't qualify as a GWS veteran. It's appalling. Shortly after the Guld War, England came out with study results that directly linked GWS to the vaccines. Unfortunately, I think it is far more likely that, rather than do the right thing, the government will continue to behave as they did with Agent Orange and Vietnam Vets (wait until most have died off before admitting the vaccines are responsible).

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