Glucose level rising on prednisone

In October my glucose was 94. In Dec. it was 115. Now it's 160! (None of these levels were fasting) I am really shocked. My doctor told me this could happen, but seeing the number is really disappointing. I'm now doing my best to eat a low carb, low sugar diet, but I'm wondering if I can turn this around just with diet and exercise. My dr says to come back in 3 months. 3 months!! Alot can happen in 3 months. Again, I'm thinking I need another PCP.

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Hi Kimlou
Firstly, next time you have a blood test make sure you don't have anything except water for 8 - 12 hours before the test. Longer than 12 hours will give incorrect readings so find the time and get it done.
Pred is a known trouble-maker to your sugar and energy levels. Eat 5 or 6 small meals through the day, no refined food, pasta, potatoes or white rice or bread. No biscuits,cakes sugar or sugar substitutes either, no fizzy drinks or alcohol nor fried food,dairy or soy products. Depending on what you normally eat you may feel frustrated for choice, you need to make fibre your friend:- porridge, wholegrain toast and fresh apple juice for breakfast ; veg and water for snacks; fish and salad with lemon juice dressing at lunch; and dinner, lean meat and hot veg(boiled or steamed). Use the Glycaemic Index for variety and your sugar levels should drop down to normal within a month. No more than 2 standard cups of coffee a day. Your energy levels should improve greatly too!!

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Hi Kimlou - I was diagnosed with diabetes last summer and felt lousy. I was then diagnosed with Sarcoid in November. I honestly believe the stress of having sarcoid for possibly years has put me into the world of diabetes. I am now off insulin and on oral meds through diet. But enough about me! :-)

Ozealan is correct about making fiber your friend. It is completely backwards to what we have been taught in keeping our carbs down. A low carb diet tends to keep sugars high. The American Diabetes Association has a great website with great recipes and lots of hints and tricks. As a reference my nutritionist has me at 45g of carbs for each breakfast, lunch and dinner and I have one snack at 25 carbs. As a general rule, I have cut out everything white in my diet. Good luck!

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I suffer from low sugar and if I go on, again, or stay on Prednisone I will permenately suffer from high sugar.
I will never ever take Prednisone again and some other steriods and trying to stay away from meds.
I have really cut down my med intake at the moment, which I can do now and again but never for long.

It is you putting the tablet in your mouth. If you don't want to take Prednisone don't but remember you have to wean off. And it will be you and your body that will remember what good effects it did for you. Weigh it all out and decide for yourself.

Best of luck to you,

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KimLou, from my sarcoid the prednisone treatment has made me a brittle diabetic, I am type 2, insulin shots four times a day, and I just took my insulin a little over a hour ago, it was 564, this morning I was a 172, I hate this disease sarcoid and all the other diseases that I have pertaining to sarcoid and prednisone, sometimes I wish was never born. I'm sorry , I shouldn't be venting on you. There is no one I can to talk too and these feelings don't go away.

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