Foot pain - WHY?

Ok, I know that I truly fit into this group. The more I read, the more I know that all my weird little (and not so little) aches and pains are sarc-related. But I'm really curious about this foot pain!

Since I have AVN in my feet/ankles I just figured the foot pain was from that but at this time the AVN is not active and shouldn't be causing pain. However, my feet hurt so much that I have to hang them off the pillows at night so they don't touch the bed. Should a foot wander off at night and end up on the bed my heel will feel like I have pebbles in it for almost a whole day.

IS this a Sarc symptom? If so - WHY? What makes this pain happen? Is there anything that makes it better? I've tried special insoles, tendon stretches, staying off my feet (that helps the most) but I can NEVER allow them to touch the bed at night.

I'm most interested in responses from those who aren't taking prednisone as I know from experience the drug can cause foot pain but I haven't been on steroids for 20+ years.



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Hello Michele,
I am not on prednisone and have foot pain. Its in my heel and it feels like its the bone. It aches and it doesn't matter if I'm on my feet or not it will just ache at any time. If I happen to be walking then that doesn't help the situation. I like you tried many things and believe it or not a hard shoe actually feels better. I have purposely avoided any kind of heel because my feet hurt too much. Earlier this month my oldest daughter graduated from high school and I wanted to dress up a bit. I wore these cork wedges and I was surprised at how much better my feet felt. They still ache but just walking seemed to be easier. I have no idea why but maybe this will work for you? I hope you feel better! I'm sorry I can't answer the question why.

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I have this pain in my left foot of and on. As well having arthritus in my toes. Had to walk on crutches at times. But yes sturdy shoes helped a lot I could not walk without shoes. The pain comes and goes. For the last year I have had very little problems what foot pain concerned but I also watch my diet and that seems to help a bit. No dairy products and certain green leafy vegatables like spinach, rubarb anything to acid.
Maybe this will help a bit.

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S.P. -

Ah yes, I actually prefer hard shoes too! It makes NO sense to me but whatever my poor feet want... if I ever get a few dollars ahead (yeh right) I'll buy a good pair of Birk's and hopefully that will help. I'm afraid of any heel (like the wedges) because my balance isn't good and my ankles need support but I'll keep that in mind should I need to dress up - thanks!


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Thanks Akasha, for the reminder that diet is so important. I'll give that a try.


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My rheum suggested this for my ailing ankles

You can get them on the net. They aren't cheap, but I'm going to try a pair. Maybe they also help with foot pain.

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GULP! Sheesh, $250 for shoes? Let me know how you like them. I know you're in horrible pain with the AVN. I hope they help. As for myself, I'm poorer than a churchmouse so I will have to be content with my on-sale New Balance. What a shame they don't actually HELP my balance HA. ;-)

Seriously, let us know if the MBT's help.

Thanks, Michele

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Your welcome:) I hope you feel better soon.

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Ellis do you have a pair of these? They look like they would make me wobble:) LOL

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Too bad you're not a weeble...

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Shhhhh....I am don't tell anybody! LOL LOL LOL

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Don't you rather FEEL like a weeble at times? Sometimes I start leaning so far when I'm walking that someone else will grab me and straighten me back up! LOL!

Ya just gotta laugh.

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Oh I forgot to mention that I was on prednisone at that time and when I got off the prednisone the pain disappeared . I am back on 5 mg daily on prednisone for the last couple of years and have had no foot pain any more. Although I broke my foot when I had a bad fall but I do not think that has anything to do with it.
I am also on vit B 6/12, magnesium [makes me also sleep better] Vit A [for my eyes] vit c, MSM Glucosamine Sulfate [ arthritis pain] I have a feeling all those supplements help me because if I do not take them I feel the pain coming back again. I do not know if this is just me or if other people have experienced this as well.
I hope this helps a bit for you. Akasha

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I haven't bought the weird shoes yet. You can write them off on your taxes, but I doubt if the insurance companies would cover them.... ;-(

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I wonder about those shoes, I think they would make me more unstable as well!! Please do let us know if you buy a pair and what you think!

I also have terrible foot pain (and hand pain, hip pain, yadda, yadda, yadda! LOL!) I have worn custom orthotics for over 30 years, since I was about 6 or so. My orthotics are always the hard kind as I wear through the soft ones in about 4 months and it gets to be too expensive. Recently the bottoms of my feet were hurting a lot more and I needed a pair of shoes for a wedding so I branched out a bit and tried something new. The shoes were so comfy, without my orthotics, that I went back and bought another pair in white, so I have the black and the white.;ES_JSESSIONID=Lp5vncvJ6ZN15820b31X8dFPnV1MH6yjM gqLLvX1X1

I now wear them to work everyday and my feet still do hurt but less! If I am going to clean or something an put my tennis shoes on, my feet hurt more! I think the slight wedge gives some relief to the achilles tendon and they really do support my ankles pretty well. I have never twisted my ankle in them and I can do that with tennis shoes! Don't know what it is about these shoes but my feet like them. I have a pair of custom made Birkenstocks, that have my orthotic built into the sole of them and even they aren't anywhere as comfortable as these. Don't know what I am going to do come winter time!!

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Oh drat! The page didn't show the shoe you were talking about!

Interesting, you are finding a wedge more comfortable also. I am going to have to try this I guess.

Can you try again with that link? Thanks!

Michele in FL

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