Fluid sac behind retina

After dealing with floater and cloudy vision in my left eye for quite a while, I went to my eye doc. It turns out that I have a fluid sac developing behind my retina. When I asked if Sarcoid had anything to do with this, he paused and stated that he did not want to make the call on whether or not, that I may actually have two disease of the eye. I am meeting with his partner ( who is the retina expert) next Tuesday. He did indicate that they would be injecting a dye for better imaging.

Anyone ever had this problem?

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yes this is known as Cystoid macular Edema for which there are several causes, the most common would be related to inflammation with leakage from blood vessels of the eye. if possible I suggest you get to an Ocular immunologist/uveitis specialst for a consulation and treatment of your uveitis. a combination of therapies is required: stop the inflammation with specific medications and perhaps an avastin injection into the vitreous. topical Xibrom NSAID eyedrops can sometimes be used as well. the uveitis specialist can employ a corticosteroid sparing approach to treatment. this often requires the use of the antimetobolite drugs such as Methotrexate or cellcept alone or in combination with things such as cyclosporine or TNF A blocking drugs such as Remicade or Humira.
an Optica Coherence Tomography test, OCT scan, can image the area of edema and measure the thickness of the retina indicating amount of inflammation. the FA will show the leakage from the blood vessels causing the CME.
a list of specialists can be found at http://www.uveitis.org located in the PATIENT information section of the site.

I hope this helps,

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