face swelling left side

anyone has a side of the face near the ear that swells, esipcally in the evenings? sometimes my throat feels swollen as well? did the doctor tell you what that is from?

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The left side of my face swells. The cheek area is from the neurosarc and the area around my ear and throat is from the inflamed lymph nodes. The area near the front of the chin but under it swells and that is from inflamed salivary glands. This is what the doctors told me. All are from sarc on me but I have found that if I drink lots of water the salivary glands will eventually go down. The rest just comes and goes. My meds are helping some but not all the time.

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Hi I think what you are having is Parotid gland swelling. I get that often, usually mine begins just below my earlobe then grows to the size of a golf ball. Swelling extends infront of my ear and underthe jaw. It comes and goes and is tender to touch. The ENT doc said massage and lemon drops but that doesnt work, since the parotids are not blocked.
good luck!!

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thank you delfam14,

I do have neurosarcoidosis in the brain and spine. Just had infusions to help stop it and thats when the swelling got so bad. I am sure your right about the Parotid gland swelling. Last night was the first night it seemed better! YEAH~ so there is hope its settling down. Thank you for your answering, its good to know that there are others who have the same problems!

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